NUFF Forum Comes, Goes. A Little Learned, But Not Much

If avoiding specifics, dodging straight answers, and putting ignorance on public display were virtues, then the crop of 4th District supervisorial candidates at the NUFF forum were virtuous in the extreme.

An hour and half of questioning produced almost nothing in the way of inspired leadership and mostly cliched responses to pretty specific questions directed by the Register’s Jennifer Muir. They all agreed that north County was getting screwed on park funds (or lack of same), that yacht owners should pay something toward patrolling Newport Harbor, and that there was going to have to be a multi-tiered pension system in the future. Well, that’s just stating the obvious.

Here’s a brief and summation of the candidates and how they comported themselves.

He may be slow getting warmed up...

1. Richard Faher. Incapable of constructing a concise, intelligent answer. If someone really wanted an excuse to get drunk they could do a Richard Faher Drinking Game and take a shot every time he starts a sentence with the word “okay.” Faher did provide the amusing highlight of the evening when he thanked “Friends for Fullerton” for putting on the event. Gee, you’re welcome, Richard!

Wait, let me go collaborate with my city manager...

2. Rose Espinosa. Despite the attempts by the Local Left to paint her as some sort of credible politician, she came across as, well, just plain dumb. And by dumb I mean a sack of door knobs kind of dumb. And ignorant. She appeared perfectly clueless about County issues and kept deferring to what others had said. She spoke in the lamest sort of generalities about every single question put to her. She repeatedly referred to getting her information from her city manager, and that’s bad. She talked about “collaboration” several times. Ouch.

Speak with confidence and they'll follow you anywhere...

3. Shawn Nelson. Came across as pretty articulate and knowledgeable about the ongoing harbor patrol budget scandal. His statements about getting County government smaller and less intrusive was cliched stuff right out of the GOP playbook, but his comments about why the Clerk/Recorder performs marriage ceremonies was right on. He also may have surprised some by his observation that the County’s current lawsuit against the Deputy Sheriff’s retroactive pension spike was a sure loser, and that he would share information on-line about all meetings with lobbyists. But he dodged answering the specific question about supporting regulating those lobbyists.

Nelson also took credit for courage in supporting Sharon Quirk to be mayor of Fullerton. That elicited snickers from many of the NUFFsters and maybe even from Pam Keller who was sitting toward the back of the room.

Knowing the County ropes can get you tangled up in blue...

4. Tom Daly. He appeared to have popped too many quaaludes before the program, but maybe that’s just his style. He talked a lot about all that he got done as mayor of Anaheim, perhaps hoping that the NUFFsters were unaware that the Anaheim mayor is simply one of five votes. He appeared to be the the most knowledgeable about the way the County government is actually constituted, but that sort of familiarity comes with a price tag: career politician; and it did not produce any inspired ideas of reform, restructuring or right-sizing. 

Daly took some oblique shots at Chris Norby for failing to deliver park funds which was fun because Norby was hovering in the back of the room like the amiable chorus in an Aristophanes comedy. Whether Norby was even paying attention is unknown, though unlikely.

At the end Daly rolled out his big guns. 1) He was opening his satellite office in Fullerton on Sunday, Feb. 14 to perform bureaucrat weddings (no mention about paying employees overtime to do it); 2) he had worked out a deal with the Lincoln Library to host a road show of Old Abe memorabilia. This produced some chuckles later in the FFFF editorial room as we recalled our post on Daly and another dead Republican.

Harry and Lorri ponder the perplexing crossing of the 91 Freeway

5 & 6. Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway both took a powder. They were not missed. Their presence would no doubt have simply added another half an hour to an already pretty depressing evening. Still, credit to the NUFFsters for putting the event together, and shame on Sidhu and Galloway for blowing it off. Were they afraid of having to deal with the carpetbagging issue, or just their inability to talk cogently about bedeviling County problems? They needn’t have worried.

42 Replies to “NUFF Forum Comes, Goes. A Little Learned, But Not Much”

  1. I can’t believe that Daly closed with the “open on Valentines Day” crapola. There’s some insight into the empty mind of a career bureaucrat.

  2. Daly waffled on almost every question. The worst was the High Speed Train issue. he just couldn’t get himself to denounce the massive boondoggle.

    He needs to stay in his current job. Set for life, no work, and he can keep Jean Pasco employed, too. Say how does she qualify to be an “archivist.” Only at the County where who you know is all that really counts.

  3. Faher repeatedly demonstrated his ability to read newspaper articles out loud. As stupid as that sounds, it put him three steps ahead of Rose Espinoza, who apparently gets all of her news from the city manager.

      1. Oh bullshit. “articulate and knowledgeable” “right on” etc. While the other come across as “incapable,” “kind of dumb.”
        Me thinks Shadow is the cheerleader for Nelson, spreading her damned legs pretty wide.

        1. If Shadow isn’t willing to take a critical look at Nelson, she’s going to be pretty damned upset if he gets into office and doesn’t do what she thought he stood for.

          1. Let’s see: he dodged a question; he used cliched stuff out of GOP playbook; he tried to take credit for courage of supporting Quirk for mayor.

            Hardly a ringing endorsement. The fact remains that Nelson was the superior candidate there (which isn’t saying much). Espinosa and Fahey were just jokes. Daly could indeed have phoned it in.

            BTW, I was there, were you?

  4. Daly IS the epitome of an entrenched bureaucrat. His department had 99 employees during the refi and sales boom of three years ago and now with the work load cut by more than half he has 98 employees and the same expenditure level.

    This guy is what is wrong with government.

    Oh, he also had two people from the clerk recorders office (Pasco and Lowe) in attendance that he hired to create fluff in his department.

      1. Just got the tip “Lowe” is the wife of Chris Lowe. Evidently she too has a made up job at the clerk recorder.

  5. Daly has represented taxpayers by serving in local elected office for 20 years? So has Chris Norby and it didn’t hurt one iota in his campaign for State Assembly. By contrast, Mr. Nelson represents criminals and sues businesses for a living. Daly wins this one!

    1. Serving for twenty years? The last seven were in a nothing job run by the permanent employees. Daly get a lot of money doing nothing excpet featherbedding for people like Phil Tsunoda and Jean Pasco.


    2. Daly is toast. Nobody remembers what he did (if anything) ten years ago as mayor of Anaheim.

      Tom is going to have trouble winning the Anaheim vote from Lorri Galloway. Even Sidhu is going to hurt him.

      Time for a face-saving exit!

      1. Daly was mayor during the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim contract deal with Moreno, wasn’t he? nice job Tom!

      2. Of course, it’s not as if anyone can name anything that Galloway’s ever done for Anaheim, either (other than showing up to union protests to get her picture taken and showing an outsize enthusiasm for spending Other Peoples’ Money), so it’s pretty much a wash.

    3. “Lawman” Nice job Chris Jones. Nelson must scare the hell out of you if you are posting on our blog trying to smear an opponent.

  6. Lawman,

    Chris Norby was a history teacher before becoming a supervisor. Whether that does or does not impress you, he is hardly a career politician.

    Tom Daly, on the other hand, has never held a job since college that wasn’t part of government or lobbying government. The distinction does not matter to you but it does to some of us. I have no interest in promoting a career bureaucrat to higher office.

    As for the comment re: Nelson, isnt that what lawyers do?

  7. The Fahrer pic is classic, he looks like he stoned off his ass. Your commentary on him was perfect I had a good laugh.

    I am surprised Norby didn’t endorse him.

  8. Hint to Richrd Faher, sit on your left hand next time as it seems to have a life of it’s own and umm learn how to pronounce Moorlach..pleaseeeeeee. At least you can read and tried to have some facts but reading your opening statement and all replies to the questions gets old really fast. It also seems like the first few questions were from plants in the audience..hummm..??? What I saw was a “used car salesman” instead of a statesman.
    Rosie Rosie need to stay out of County politics as it was obvious that you know none of the issues at hand. Looking to someone else for the answers is not going to get votes. You seem like a nice lady but politically is a blend of Cynthia Coad and Julie Sa…no thanks. Go back to the Garage. Next in line was Shawn Nelson. Shawn has done his homework and understands the laws and some of the problems with “big government”. I wasn’t totally clear on the harbor issue other than we are paying for the Sheriffs department to do a lot of duties they should not be involved in, like weighing anchors on the boats in the slips..ummm yeah that’s what I want from my tax dollars.
    And lastly..Mr. Daly..if you want a friend to stab you in the back..he’s your man….I am sure that Mr. Norby is thinking that as I type.
    But besides thinking that the 91 freeway needs a comes the redevelopment agencys monolopy money…he was way too laid back..reminding me of someone who cannot be trusted ie: political player. And what was up with the squinting and pained look while the other candidates were talking?..need a Tums? Remember Tom, a friend stabs you in the front!

    1. Yes Chris Jones, Tom Daly’s campaign manager aka “Lawman” and some folks (you) are dumb enough to write on our blog acting like they support Daly when they are his paid staff. You are busted and a disgrace to your client. What an amateur.

  9. #12 i wonder if you would think that way when you get accused of beating up a suspect and need – a defense lawyer. Most thoughtful (and innocent) people can place themselves in this scenario.

    Lots of jobs are necessary that may be unpleasant. People charged with crime deserve legal representation. It is a right. That defense casts no moral disapprobation on the defense attorney – except perhaps in tiny little minds like yours.

    Let’s see who else bites.

    In the meantime you keep on going with Hide-and-seek Harry: out of town for the debate but there at the County Hall of Admin early this morning at the Norby send off.

  10. Pretty lame response Shadow Man. Your argument is “we should elect a criminal defense lawyer” because his “job is necessary”. We’ll see how the voters react when Nelson’s pro-criminal activities are revealed.

    1. First, I’m not a man.

      Second, nobody said you “should” elect anybody. read it again, genius.

      What I wrote is that the job is necessary – as you may some day find out.

      It seems clear that Hide-and-Seek Harry and Deadbeat Daly supporters may try to use that “evil defense attorney schtick.” And yes we will indeed see how the voters respond.

    2. Say “Lawman” aka Chris Jones, you are Daly’s campaign manager. Why the fake name? Are you ashamed of your candidate? Maybe you should be.

      Or did your boss Lewis just tell you to attack Nelson anonymously?

      Tony Bushala

  11. U know i really dont understand why people are so upset with the carpetbagging thing, especially with people gettin down on Sidhu.

    First, sidhu has lived in Anaheim for a very long time and Anaheim has almost half the districts voters who he already represents as Mayor Pro T, so to acuse him of not being in touch is totally unaccurate.

    Second, he has a bona fide home in the district, not some shill address



  12. because that district isnt open obviously, and he knows hes the best person to serve the 4th especially since he already serves almost half of them, thats way more then nelson. Harry is the most experienced by far, again lets drop the ignorance of u have to have a house at a certain corner to understand how to govern effectively. Harry serves more people in the district then any other candidate, and has more experience with people in the district then any one else

    1. You mean CURT PRINGLE “serves more people in the district then any other candidate…” It’s his council, Harry just goes along with what Curt Decides. I think that is what UR meant?

      Oh sorry for the CAPS thing…

    2. Oh, I get it now. So long as your actual district isnt “open” you can run for any district. Harry wont get 4th place in this race and I am predicting Richard the Nutball Faher beats Harry.

      By your logic a gynocologist can use the womens restroom because he knows alot about women. There are districts fool even though they pose an inconvenience to Harry.

  13. #34 please don’t use illiteracies such as “ur” anymore. Or we’ll get the idea that Harry’s “friend” is flippin’ burgers in his day job.

  14. haha “ur” an idiot, again u guys just break the issue down to something as petty as that, and in no way argue why harry wouldnt “understand” the needs of the 4th.

    1. Okay. How’s this. Harry lives in an “elegant estate” on top of a hill in Anaheim Hills. Rather than actually move into the 4th to consummate his carpetgaggery he claims an address an apartment number in a stucco tenement behind a bowling alley (probably owned by another rich hilltopper) in the flatlands.

      The fact that he thinks this won’t insult the Hell out of us in the 4th is proof that he is cluesless.

      See, in Hide-and-Seek Harry’s world it’s all about Harry and his apparently bottomless political ambition.


  15. again that in no way states why that makes him any less qualified. im still looking for a sane answer thats not based on this fake idea that the guy has to live next door to you to serve ur interest best.

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