Red Going Mauve

Right on cue, Cynthia Ward AKA “Colony Rabble” the newest blogger at the Purpling County blog tossed a bouquet to her soul mate whom she “just loves to death,” Democrat Tom Daly.

FFFF has previously noted here and here that Ms. Ward’s presence on a supposedly conservative blog was merely to promote the candidacy of Daly – which can’t be done out in the open by Matthew Cunningham, the blog’s editor, who has been indirectly promoting the Daly candidacy on behalf of his boss John Lewis for almost a year. Repuglicanism at its very worst.

Her post is nothing but a big, sloppy wet kiss for Daly – for his supposedly sparkling performance at the 4th Supervisorial District candidate’s forum held in Fullerton last night. Apart from the fact that Daly is a Democrat who proudly announced his pride in accepting union contributions, his perfomance at the forum was anything but superlative.

And that’s the snag in the script. Daly was truly awful. I was there taping the event. He actually seemed like he was underwater. His performance was not engaging and just seemed “phoned in.” He really did appear like somebody just going through the motions, and keeping his employment options open.

He even waffled hard on the High Speed Rail project, Ward’s pet project du jour. But it hardly matters. Her screenplay is already written.

It will be interesting to see whether Red County blog boss Chip Hanlon goes along with this nonsense. Only last week he was reacting enthusiastically to the Scott Baugh Manifesto, that not only denounced public union money but excoriated Democrats.

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  1. True. Daly’s peformance was not good. To cheerlead for that is really sad and sort of desperate.

  2. Went to the Red County site. A guy named Alan Bartlet called out Cunningham and point blank asked him if he is endorsing Daly over a Republican.

    After a bunch of dodging he just ignored the question. And I guess that pretty much clinches it. Good call there.

    Of yeah, and he threw in a free insult at FFFF admin Bushala even as he bobbed and weaved.

  3. Funny, I saw that too. Matt throws out an opening statement of “let me give you a straight answer”, and then does just the opposite. What a sack of crap.

  4. Keep the pressure on Cunningham Mr. Administrator. By the way,” isn’t hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent,” such as Cunningham?

  5. I think he gets paid by politicians and or political consultants to write stuff, but that’s a question he will never answer, in fact he really never answers any questions from what I’ve read.

    1. He pitches himself as a “wordsmith.” People who need wordsmithing are generally semi-literate politicians.

      Suncal paid him to write nasty blog posts against Disneyland and the anti-Suncal crowd.

      Doesn’t seem like much of a living.

  6. Oh come on. Nobody with a brain larger than a walnut thinks Baugh’s speech was anything but cheap rabble-rousing – forgotten by the time he pulled into his garage later that night.

  7. In fairness to the tools at Mauve County, why dont we check Tom Daly’s credentials by merely looking at how he has managed his department in the current fiscal environment?

    A fair and objective review would consider what creative efforts he has made to improve efficiency, how he has managed reducing his workforce as the workload has drastically dwindled and what if anything he has done to shed the non essential staff positions.

    If Tom is a legit manager his credentials will be undeniable. If, on the other hand, his department has made no changes to address the crisis we can assume he is either not capable of leading or not interested in dealing with the reality of the times. The facts are the facts and they are available to the public.

  8. Got another call from Norby asking for support from Shawn. He is really doing some heavy phone lifting for him. It’s about time!!!

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