Meanies Hit Thompson with Tiny Signs

Over the weekend these little signs began appearing on a few intersections in Fullerton.

The print is so small that you’ll have to pull over and get out of your car to read it. This one warns of Chris Thompson’s endorsement by U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, which is pretty funny considering it’s the same message that Thompson is trying to get out himself. I’m sure he appreciates the help, but next time please make them big enough to actually read.

Other equally odd versions of the sign say “bad for our children, bad for our teachers” and “Bushala puppet.” Thompson is an advocate for promoting good teachers and identifying underperforming ones, which I guess would make him “bad for BAD teachers,” but arguably good for children.

So if Thompson is good for good teachers and bad for bad teachers, who do you think would put up this sign?

20 Replies to “Meanies Hit Thompson with Tiny Signs”

  1. Well, they are pretty pathetic signs, but I have to ask why so many candidates like Thompson, Norby, Nelson, Whitaker, and other favorites of FFFF feel the need to go sucking up to Ed Royce for his endorsement.

    This site has been rightfully critical of Royce and his RINO machine. Royce routinely endorses Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and everything else wrong with this city’s politics. Maybe if Thompson and others left the embarrassingly ineffective zit of a congressman out of their campaigns they wouldn’t invite the comparisons.

    1. A most excellent point. remember, too that the Horrible Hilda Sugarman, union lackey and useless RINO boohoo is an Ed Royce endorsee.

      Oozing irony.

  2. Bushala Puppet? Now that’s funny.

    BTW, Travis what is that sign in the background. Looks like somebody puking!

      1. I don’t get it. Folks in Fullerton don’t care about food poisoners. Or bankrupts. Whitaker is doomed.

  3. That’s hilarious. Somebody thinks Royce the RINO-backer gives a rat’s ass about the Fullerton School District!

    It can’t be by a public school teacher. All the words are spelled right.

  4. what you and Tony can put all kinds of untrue signs out there but as soon as someone does one to Tony’s puppet you get your panties all tight. The funny thing is that nobody except a few want to have Tony’s puppet/Bloggers in any position of power knowing what a boys club you have going here in Fullerton. Some of these guys may be decent but the fact of their relationship with Tony/Travis?Nelson turns people off of them. You’ll see what I mean in a few short weeks. CANDIDATES HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN AND DON’T LET THIS SITE RUN YOUR CAMPAIGN IT WILL FAIL

    1. Miranda,

      You want us to be bent out of shape. Listen for a change. We think it is good humor. Put more of these signs up!

      1. Hey Hollis, If I had them I would put them up. I don’t want to see any of these arrogant Bushala puppets get anything.

  5. Let’s see what type of people Bushala backs. His friends. Thompson is a puppet and blogger on this site although he took his name off the blogger list, hmmm. Sebourn is a clone of the liar attorney who we just got rid of. Sebourn’s idea are the worst and he tries to play it off as he’s so in tune with Fire and police department policies. he couldn’t get hired that’s why he is against them. Whitaker is a puppet of Bushala who plays at his Clubhouse with Norby, Nelson, Sebourn and Thompson. I’m rooting against any and all bloggers or those supported by self serving Bushala. they are ego-driven and are all self-serving zealots.

    1. Miranda, Big Mac aint gonna win. Everyone is tired of ex-cops parking their “disabled” ass on the dais just to suck up more public employee pension dollars.
      BTW, you forgot to mention Tony’s other “puppet”, Barry Levinson.

  6. Oh Miranda…maybe you should meet and speak with all of the above mentioned candidates…I think you might be surprised to find that while they know Tony, Travis and the rest, they are all pretty independent where were you on Friday night? Doubt that you were at the Fullerton Airport to see for yourself.

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