Just Like We Thought

Oh no, not again.

One of our Friends has alerted us that over at the Mauve County, blog where the atmosphere is getting bluer every day, Matthew J. Cunningham has scribbled out one of his tedious Excedrin-not-included posts, this time attacking an excellent post written on our blog by John Seiler, right here.

This was Seiler’s post that described the attempted smear on Shawn Nelson by somebody called Thomas Anthony Gordon – a semi-literate goon from Santa Ana, on the Mauve blog. We previously had some fun with goof-ball Gordo and his Mauve County playmates, here, and here.

Too many big words...

What’s really funny is that Gordon is apparently incapable of addressing Seiler’s post himself – too much subtlety of thought going on, no doubt – so into the breach leaps Mr. Wordsmith to counterattack – a pretty good indicator that that Cunningham was the one who helped set up Gordon for all this nonsense in the first place, just like we thought.

What’s really funny, or pathetic, depending on your point of view, is that John Seiler is a strong libertarian conservative – the very traits that should be applauded on a “right-of-center” blog. But no. According to Cunningham, Seiler, whose keyboard Jerb couldn’t carry, is just another Ron Paul nut. Apparently Seiler’s concept of limited government is way out of fashion at Mauve Central where self-interest has always trumped principle.

Well, Jerb has one thing going for him. We know he reads our blog regularly. And even though he has stopped posting comments here under multiple aliases, we’re pretty sure that his ongoing contact with a citizen’s blog that promotes responsible government will do him some good.

15 Replies to “Just Like We Thought”

  1. Gordon needed a real “word smith” on this one. Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham was just the guy for the job. After all, he got Gordon in to this mess in the first place.

    I hope Gordon has aspirations to run for office, it will give FFFF a fun reason to start covering central Orange County.

  2. Yep. Giving that Gordon guy the task of writing anything more complicated than his name on the back of his hand is just asking for trouble.

    Wonder if Gordo and Jerb are now on the Sidhu payroll.

  3. Funny how Matt Cunningham bashes FFFF, but as soon as you leave a comment against his views, it awaits moderation, then VANISHES. Never gets posted at all.

    He still won’t admit that Harry is a carpetbagger. Harry is Matt / John Lewis new best friend. Watch for the new spin at the Red County Blog…now that they are done with Daly.

  4. Matt says “And there’s nothing wrong with taking a picture of Harry’s house, posting it online and razzing him for carpetbagging.” So, since Matt says it’s ok, let’s keep razzing…

  5. The people have short memory: One day prior to the 2004 Santa Ana Mayoral debate, I have posted on Pedroza’s OJ a message to my opponent Gordon, a.k.a. dark horse candidate, “tomorrow I will kick your fucking ass” referring to my debating skills. Obviously the Mexican puritan Pedroza, did not post the the comment but forwarded it to Gordon who alerted Santa Ana Police which dispatched two homicide detectives to my home alleging that I want to beat-up Gordon during the debate with an intend to kill.

    So Pedroza and Gordon, including Mill, are same moron mongoloids – IMO.

    FYI it was Pedroza who in last minute forced Gordon to run against Pulido and me.

    Nice melancholic idiot that Pedroza…… Huh?

    1. Fiala, I’m sure all this obscure Santa Ana B.S. means something to you ut step back and survey the earth for a moment. You are talking like a lunatic. Who the hell cares about Art Pedroza? What has this post got to do with whatever crazy nonsense you are babbling about?

  6. Aha?….. and who are you Colony Drivell?
    You must come from relay functional family, naming you “Drivell”.

    FYI, Drivell a subject of the comment is protagonist Gordon. The antagonists are Pedroza and Mill who commented above see #2.

    Drivell, force your brain to do some triangulation and clean your drooling on your chin.

  7. I just wanted to take a moment and note the anonymous insults – that you allow to be displayed on your blog.

    It is indeed ironic that Red County er Meg County deletes comments they don’t like. This means yours truly got to see anon insults on almost all of my posts.

    I have had people on the GOP inside thank me for setting Meg County and Matthew Cunningham on fire. As a statewide officer in the CRA – I can tell you with some authority that most in the CRA are indeed about fighting fraud.

    Unfortunately, in the last few years, consultants have gotten some hooks in to the CRA and have mucked some of the endorsement porcesses. Please note – I am not criticizing the Sidhu or the Van Tran endorsements – I am simply pointing out that with CRA membership numbers lower overall, it makes consultant tampering easier to do.

    There will be a seed change in CRA leadership – and hopefully a better endorsement process. That being said, Matthew Cunningham has not been a part of the CRA since I can remember.

    Finally, it is interesting to note the grammatical and punctuation errors in Cunningham’s posts and Chip Hanlon’s total silence about the ethical issues of Meg County. This should tell you all you need to know.

    I am posting here a link to more evidence about the moral compromise on Red County – in case you missed it when I posted it on the OJ blog.


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