The CRA Endorses Sidhu. Oh Really?

Let me tell you. That was then.

The other day the OC branch of the  California Republican Assembly voted to endorse Harry Sidhu in his carpetbagging quest to be our next County supervisor. Good heavens, now that’s a switcheroo! Just look what the CRA had to say about our buddy Sidhu less than two years ago – when the office-hungry politician ran for another job he wasn’t qualified for:

P.S. Thanks to the Mauve County for access to their invaluable historical archives.

12 Replies to “The CRA Endorses Sidhu. Oh Really?”

  1. Not sure where the CRA came up with that, but it is amazing that a man who is a demon one year can be their hero another year. Where are their principles…?

  2. CRA supports Siduh, oh wow! Those redevelopment folks sure are well known. I just read that the RDA supports Galloway! or was it the or the RDRC, or……. Let me think about that…

  3. Greg hit it on the head…they have no principles…they just like the power they think they have..average voters are you listening?

  4. It’s hard to say what’s more shameless and worthless – the group that would send out a piece like that, then back the guy; or an assclown who would ever want the endorsement of those SOBs.

  5. Love to see some hit pieces on this guy about his several elections over the last few years.

    Mimi beat his ass two years ago. Bet he runs for that Sen seat again once he looses this one now that she is running for CA STATE Treasurer


  6. CRA voted for Harry Sidhu because everyone knows he is a hardworking, decent guy, and he has been exceptionally innovative with his ideas and solutions for Anaheim.

    We all hope Shawn Nelson takes a higher stance and condemns the disgusting rhetoric in these posts.

    The stuff highlighted here were a complete pack of lies in 2008, and remain the same – everyone knows this. Voters are much more well informed than they were a few years ago, and we all know what’s manufactured, why and by whom. You guys should be completely ashamed of yourselves.

    Grow up. This state has serious problems, and they will not be solved like this.

    1. Pardon me Pam, the mailer was sent from the CRA itself. There is no spinning this one. You have to call the very group Sidhu now claims to be insightful a pack of liars all in the same sentence.

      The CRA has never denounced their prior mailer that I can find. Does Sidhu expect a retraction? You say this was manufactured? Do you realize what an idiotic statement this is? Sidhu is touting an endorsement from them. Now they are all malicious liars?

      We all know hyporcisy when we see it. What are the odds Sidhu condemned the CRA after spreading their views two years ago only to embrace them now? Whats changed?

      Finally, for Shawn Nelson to condemn the post he would have to condemn the CRA itself. Why doesn’t Sidhu come out and condemn the CRA for being two faced?

    2. “…a hardworking, decent guy, and he has been exceptionally innovative with his ideas and solutions…” He campaigns often, that would be the hardworking part. I don’t know him on a personal level but I would think that a “decent” guy would run for offices in his district rather than moving when another office opens up. I would have to agree that Sidhu is innovative with his idea to move into the 4th district. Most carpetbaggers don’t actually move, they just set up a rental as their residence. So, kudos to Sidhu for packing his family and his carpetbag to move…
      If Sidhu is serious, he will continue to live in the 4th even after he looses the election. If he packs up and moves back to his comfy mansion, he is a dirty, lying, carpetbagger who should be ran out of office and out of town. But I will give Sidhu the benefit of my doubt until after the election.

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