Insights into A Mauve Worldview

That's not the cable company, Einstein.

Those rascals in the white van have been hard at work lately. Or a least that’s what they keep telling us; and we keep providing them with vicodin tablets and Everclear.

Our narcotic investment seems to have paid off the other day for the boys have provided us with the the transcript of a conversation between members of the Tom Day for Supervisor campaign and a blogger from what used to be known as “Red County.” The conversation here seems to be about how the latter can help the former. Believe it or not.

John Lewis: Okay. Chris are you with us?

Chris Jones: Yeah I’m here.

JL: Okay, good. Raining up there? Aw, who the hell cares. Okay. Matt Cunningham is, um, here too.

CJ: Yeah. Hi Matt.

Matthew Cunningham: inaudible, high pitched squeak.

JL: Okay. Let’s get to it. We need some blog presence to go after Nelson, right?

CJ: Yeah. I’ve been trying for almost a year, you know, anonymous comments here and there. No traction, you know.

MC: And you got busted for that.

CJ: So did you, Jerbal.

JL: Forget it.¬† Cut it out. We’re supposed to be working together. You both screwed up. Okay. What we need is a real person to start hitting Nelson on Red County.

MC: We’ve gotta be careful, not too obvious. Chip might pull the plug. He’s not too smart, but I think he’s starting to get, you know, um, suspicious.

CJ: Yeah, but it’s gotta be a real person. Then we’ll start commenting under different names.

MC: I can’t do it. What about Gordon?

JL: Gordon? Who the hell is that?

MC: Some dummy that used to blog for Pedroza. From Santa Ana. Doesn’t know his ass from from a pothole on 5th Street. He doesn’t know anything about the 4th District.

CJ: Perfect. Can he write?

MC: No. Well, sort of. You’ll have to write it for him.

JL: He may not want to attack a Republican. Will he want something?

MC: Dunno. He’s not too bright but he’ll probably want something. We can tell him he’s getting even with Pedroza for something. That’ll work. If he wants something you can offer him a, um

CJ: A banana?

(general chuckles)

JL: Okay. Jones writes the thing up then stupid puts his name over it. Great. Good. Okay. Then Jones and you can add to the threads anonymously. You’ve both had practice with that. If, er, whats’ his name?

MC: Gordon?

JL: Yeah, Gordon. If he wants something we’ll tell him Daly’s gonna give him a job if he gets in.

MC: Hey wait a minute. What about, you know, Laura? How many jobs is Daly offering around?

JL: Oh hell don’t worry about it for chrissake. Nobody’s gonna hire…

MC: Gordon?

JL: Right. Gordon. He’s just a plausible…you know…

CJ: Stooge?

(more general chuckles)

JL: Okay. Lets get, um, him on the phone.

MC: Gordon?

JL: Yeah, him. Hmm, looks like the cable company’s working outside the office again. Okay let’s make the call…

At this point transmission was disrupted by interference, rendering the balance of the transmission inaudible.

6 Replies to “Insights into A Mauve Worldview”

  1. Just over the transom (Jerbie’s favorite trite statement), rumor going around here is that our favorite Latina advocate of Proposition 8, Laura Cunningham, was being promoted for an executive position with the County of Orange. Her area of responsibility would involve the Orange County Parks.

    The problem is the apparent conflict of interest. Her hubby, Matt “Jerbie” Cunninghamhock, is a commissioner for District 3 having been appointed by Bill Campbell. Brian Probolsky is a commissioner for District 5 (brother of Adam Probolsky-the noted Orange County pollster for hire?).

    If she were to assume an executive position (irrespective of her lack of qualifications) with the Couty, our dear Jerbie would need to decide whether his apparent lust for power and decision-making (after all he is a non-elected commissioner of the parks district), overrides his lust for pension benefits as the defacto head of the squad of jerbal park docents. What complicates this mess is that both Adam Probolsky and Jonny “Fleshman” Fleischman both want to be junior park rangers within the OC park system. The problem is the fitment of the junior park ranger uniforms. They dont have any of the appropriate sizing for Jonny Boy and Adam Ant.

    So its a real dilemma for Laura. She is tutoring her jerbalito so that he can improve his spanish-afterall she does all the translation for him when spanish is spoken around him. Unfortunately, she cannot be around him as he trolls the parks at night.

  2. Maybe it is time for the white van to start monitoring the meetings of the OC Parks Commission?

    Who knows what we will find out about the further trolling of Los Tres Caballeros (Cunninghamhock, Probolsky, and Jonny Boy the Flashman)

  3. NewsFlash—
    Jerbie Cunninghamhock is flacking for Daly. The reason for this is that a deal has been cut with Daly that should he get elected, laurita will be hired by Daly. After all, she does have gofer experience having been a field representative for Dick Ackermann. Those Jerbal Cave (underneath the Pacific Strategies building in Orange) monthly mortgage payments must be a killer hence the deal for the employment. When is the last time anyone has heard that Pacific Strategies had an active client?

  4. What I find interesting is once again Red County is described as a right wing blog. Only Cunningham seems to think the right of center category applies to the blog. Maybe this is because he is a stooge for the Daly camp and since Daly is no conservative, he is at least trying to fit under the “right of center” column.

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