Fullerton Collaborative Website Vanishes Into E-mist

Gone. Poof.

For the past six weeks I have been visiting the Fullerton Collaborative website periodically to determine when, if ever, the Collabricorns were actually going to put any activities on their calendar. It was a complete blank. For the whole year. And that was interesting because the blurb above the calendar ever so earnestly solicited public participation in the many upcoming Collaborative events.

Mick said to paint it black...

I couldn’t figure it out. The Collaborative has a well-remunerated Executive Director, Pam Keller, and surely that type of administrative chore would fall under her job responsibilities. Having no calendar of events didn’t look too good. Was Keller just too darn busy? Too lazy? Does the Collaborative really not care much about public participation?  Or was there just really not much going on?

Now we may never know. On my visit to the website – www.fullertoncollaborative.org – yesterday, I was immediately shuffled off the the Collaborative’s “Facebook” page. Now that looks pretty bush league for a non-profit to suddenly take its website offline.

Will it be back? I sure hope so because I want to keep the dark calendar meter running – 35 days and counting.

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  1. The absolute fact of the matter is that the website was shut down because they didn’t want to give Travis the gratification of responding to his observations.

    An impressive list of website guiding principles for a non-profit which is so large…so effective that it merits having a 13,000+child, 19 campus school district act as the employment agency for its director.

    Fullerton Collaborative Guiding Principles:

    1. Avoid responding to critics at all cost.

    2. When under attack, do nothing.

    3. If attacks persist, shut down website.

    4. If website must be shut down, switch primary web presence to Facebook.

    5. Post many fun pictures to Facebook site of all of the Directo….we mean the Collaborative’s supporters.

    6. Maximize the value of web presence to community (as long as it is politically effective for the Direc….shoot…have to stop doing that….the Collaborative.

        1. Hilarious. Collabricorn: The Official Creature of the Fullerton Collaborative.

          Looks a bit like the famed Jackalope.

  2. I just like the fact you all have embraced being identified with a character whose persona was psychotic.

    My work here is done.

  3. Note – I did receive this recent email….

    From: Pam Keller
    Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 5:52 AM
    To: Fullerton Collaborative List Members
    Subject: Fullerton Collaborative Meeting

    Fullerton Collaborative Meeting
    Tuesday February 9, 2009

    Hunt Branch Library
    201 S. Basque Avenue
    Fullerton, CA 92833

    Spotlight Speakers:

    Hear lessons learned from the OC Funders Roundtable.

    Learn what is happening in the Arts in Fullerton:
    Lauralyn Eschner- All the Arts For All the Kids (FSD)
    Zoot Velasco- Muckenthaler
    Aimee Aul/ Ashley Glass-Fullerton Museum

  4. devlopmentally, Pam Keller, can’t grasp the concept of object permanence. If you hide something from sight, then Pam believes it is gone. If pam hides her incompetence and crooked fullerton collaborative then her critics will think it has just gone away and people will stop saying mean things about her .

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