Norby Endorses Bill Hunt for Sheriff

State Assemblyman Chris Norby just told me that he is endorsing Bill Hunt for Orange County Sheriff.

Apparently Norby was impressed with Hunt’s no-nonsense position on the failed “War on Drugs”. Earlier we noted an interview with Bill Hunt in which he acknowledged that it is wrong for local law enforcement agencies to collaborate with the federal government in arresting lawful users of medical marijuana. Clearly Hunt respects California voters’ assertion that medical marijuana is a state’s rights issue.

Norby also pointed out that Hunt is the only candidate who has ever received more than 3 votes. “That’s all Hutchens ever got, and 2 of those surely regret it now” he said, referring to the current Sheriff’s appointment to the position after Mike Carona was forced to resign in 2008.

Chris also gives Hunt credit for challenging Carona in ’06, back when most of the political establishment (including Norby) still endorsed Sheriff Mike.

Chris decided to make the endorsement after he and his wife met with Bill and Debbie Hunt recently at the Twisted Vine and Continental Room in Downtown Fullerton. “They are such nice people,” he said.

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  1. I think it’s relevant on the basis of name recognition county wide. Nobody has ever voted for Hutchens or Hunter before where as Hunt received about 100K votes in his last go round with Carona. I like the states right stuff. I just got a email that DeVore and Hunt are speaking at the Tea Party in Laguna Hills Saturday. Makes sense.

  2. Bill Hunt is the only candidate who seems to understand the issues at hand and who has a clear vission of how to fix a mismanaged sheriff’s office.

  3. Great news… It also looks like Hunt is holding a Money Bomb for his campaign tomorrow on Feb 13. If you are down for the reefer madness we need this guy. It’s time we light up his thermometer 🙂

  4. I think Hunt demonstrated every good instinct and professional ability through his years of service in OC and his gutsy election fight against Corrona (who was lousey every minute from his first campaign throughout his terms in office).

    That the County Supervisors appointed Ms. Hutchens when Hunt was the most obviously better qualified and legitimately (nearly) elected by the people of OC in his own right, was an outrage, which fortunately Mr. Norby did not participate in.

    I hope Hunt wins election and I hope Norby keeps his wits about him in his new job (your comments about Norby supporting Corona previously, and commenter #3 suggesting that Norby has supported Maldanado, is REALLY distressing and worrisome).

  5. The “failed War on Drugs” statement implies that drugs are winning. In fact, drug use has declined over the past 10 years. The important point is that drug use is down not beacuse of legal crackdowns but the free choices people are making. Persuation is preferable to compulsion, not to mention a lot cheaper.

    I supported Maldonado as the Governor’s appointee. I supported McClintock for Gov., but it was Arnold who was elected and has the power to make such appointments. It is reasonable to expect him to appoint those that reflect his views.

    Ratification is not an election, but a screening process to keep out those obviously unqualified. Since the Lieutenant Governor does so little, the qualification standard is pretty low.

    For those who opposed Maldonado, you have Speaker-elect Perez and the Assembly Democrats to thank for blocking him.

  6. Gutsy move by Norby to endorse Hunt. That is the unique thing about Norby; his uncanny ability to know where the electorate is going while the rest of his elected contemporaries are once again, behind the power curve.

    I have heard Hunt speak on numerous occasions and he is dead on about a constitutional Sheriff. He has also pissed off the Corona-ites that have flocked to either Hutchens or Hunter, based on their personal thirst for power or their hatred for Hunt’s perceived outing of Corona during their last election.

    It would be funny if it were not so damn pathetic, the machinations that most of these political insiders have to go through trying to explain why they support Hutchens or Hunter.

    Take Supervisor Moorlach. He is so heavily vested in his decision to support Hutchens that he has painted himself into a political box. All because of his ego that has no room for contradictions to his opinion, albeit fueled by his previous chief of staff, Mario Manero. Now that’s a name that will unite all 2nd Amendment types – Hey Mario, ol John M. still letting you “phone it in part time” from your Chapman Univ. Prof. office? I wonder if he is still being paid full salary for that gig?

    So kudos to Chris Norby, one never to shy to stand up for what is right and best of luck to our soon to be elected Sheriff, Bill Hunt.

  7. #10. You nailed it. Hunter is the offspring of that character Block and Carona apologist Schroeder. I can almost hear Hunt telling the both of them that they would not be allowed unfettered access to the sheriff’s department as they had under Carona. Being the ego maniacs they are that was more than they could handle. Enter Hunter.

    Moorlach and his libtard side lick (typo) Mario are another matter. Moorlach teamed up with the South County ladies of CWLA to cast the deciding vote for 10 year registered Dem Hutchens. The CWLA members include Bates and Ngyuen. That there was the majority vote. The CWLA would draft Babs Boxer given the chance. So there you have it. It’s time to lose the RINO establishment deadwood. John Wayne would probably roll over in his grave if he knew what has happened to his beloved county. (and Country for that matter)

  8. Mr. Norby defends his own vote to support Mr. Maldonado as though there is no reason for him to even have a vote on this matter, i.e. that the Governor essentially “owns” the office of Lt Governor (rather than the citizens).

    It looks like Mr. Norby would go along with (i.e. vote for) actions by the Governor which are contrary to both Norby’s own beliefs and the wishes-beliefs of the folks who voted Norby into office.

    I’m very surprised and disappointed by this action by Mr. Norby. Mr. Maldonado is quite the opposite of what anyone would have thought Norby would support for a major public office.

    Norby probably believes that it is much more important to support and favor a phony like our Governor than to be concerned about the opinion of voters like me.

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