City of Orange Votes to Kills HSR; Wake Up Fullerton City Council, NOW!

Jon Dumitru request public hearing on HSR!

On Tuesday night, the Orange City Council, led by Councilman Denis Bilodeau (left) and Jon Dumitru, took a bold first step supporting Dianne Harkey’s AB2121 bill here that would put a screeching halt on the high speed rail (HSR). The HSR is perhaps the biggest boondoggle in the making in the history of the United States.

On a 2 – 1 – 1 vote the Orange Council supported AB2121 with Mayor Carolyn Cavecche abstaining. Apparently, Cavecche the former Chair of OCTA said she needed more information, sure she does.

The HSR as currently planned would cut a swath through southern California wiping out untold numbers of homes and businesses, and will leave us and our descendants a massive debt. With our state on the verge of bankruptcy we cannot afford the damage or the cost, especially when the promoters of this scheme like Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle don’t even have a business plan.

Well, Pringle has his own private business plan, as usual – income  from consulting contracts, no doubt. Just in case you don’t know what Curt Pringle does with his time, then you should read this, this and this post.

When will Fullerton citizens and business owners get our chance to provide input into this HSR boondoggle, when it’s too late? Probably never. Remember this is Fullerton where good manners dictate that you sit down and shut up.

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  1. 2-1-1?

    That doesn’t look like a majority to me. When does the 5th guy come back.

    Cavecche is a tool, of course.

  2. I’d be happy if they just took a stand against having HSR pass through Fullerton. With a major overhaul of our Transportation Center in the works we could use some clear direction on what train lines are expected to use it.

  3. I don’t think anyone on Fullerton Council really sucks Pringle’s d$*k as much as the rest of the county. I know Shawn, Pam and Sharon don’t.

    I really hope they are paying attention this one…

      1. I can’t speak to Pam’s commitment to Pringle, but I can tell you that when I was boarding a flight next to Pringle a few months ago, he jumped right into a speech about how great Pam Keller was for jumping on an idea of his that Nelson rejected.

  4. AB 2121 is set for hearing before the Assembly Transportation Committee on April 19. While the hearing is scheduled, this legislation is dead. It will not get out of committee at this point in time

  5. I fear anon may be correct, or at least opposition will outnumber support. The unions are going to show up in massive numbers, because leaders have conned them into believing they will have jobs on the HSR. Reality check, those jobs will go to overseas businesses that build these things, most likely the Chinese who has also offered to fund it,so we will owe them even more money! If you have not contacted Norby yet, please do so, he is the latest member of the Transportation Committee.

  6. Pragmatically speaking, Harkey really has a lackluster legislative record in Sacramento. Remember, Rabble, she came in under a cloud given her previous tenure in dana point. Her husband’s business problems did not help. My previous comments about the bill HSR.are indicative of her failure to accept how we fund California state government (she understands it) through the bond market (both at the state and county level). Sorry to deflate the perception that foreign businesses will build HSR. Given the global economy, the reality is that anyone/any business/any government can purchase HSR bonds. The big dig in Boston or our own freeway construction here in California are examples of said financing. The same can be said of the construction of said projects. To say that foreign countries or companies will build HSR, with respect to Rabbles opinion, indicates a lack of understanding about how projects such as CalTrans’ freeways and highways, public hospitals (see UCLA’s Reagan Hospital), the MetroLink, SFBart, OC Airport as designed and built. Such perceptions about foreign companies building such projects are not borne out by the facts….I am sure that Bechtle will disagree with you and will be a big player in this project

  7. Further,the old adage of DC and Sacramento holds true in this regard: You can be seated at the table or be served on the table. The fact that Norby is a member of Assembly Trans has absolutely no bearing here. Why? Several reasons: Term Limits-Norby will be gone by the time that HSR is built. Project Magnitude-this project is a state-wide project: it crisscrossess many of the 120 Assembly and Senate Districts (not all) and translates into costruction jobs in many of those districts. The reality is that Norby is one voice in the Assembly but that the majority of Assembly and Senate members will, ultimately, vote for this project.

  8. Denis Bilodeau is up for re-election. I wonder if people still remember the malicious act Denis committed against a fellow opponent. If Denis Bilodeau is so desperate, and empty of an individual to commit such an act, I wonder what he would do with tax payers money when no ones looking?. Denis is just another crooked politician out for the money!!

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