More Evidence of Sidhu’s Perjury

I left the toaster oven at the Elegant Yorba Estate

Wow, that Harry Sidhu sure is a frugal guy. Or a perjurer.

A useful utility bill shows that the Sidhu’s apartment generated a $7.04 electricity bill in January 2010 – the month that he claimed to have lived at the Calabria Apartments on two voter registration forms.

84 kilowatt hours might be enough to run a 100 watt light bulb for a month. Or maybe he sat there in the dark and listened to the radio.

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  1. The clock on the microwave oven for a month? Obviously we know Sidhu never even went there so this is clearly an appliance or a light that activated when the power was turned on.

    Maybe when Billy Bui’s real neighbor and the last people to actually live there left they forgot to turn off the fan in the restroom. When Sidhu activated the power it kicked back on.

    1. Probably so. The guy delivered it then came to pick it up. Some guy who called himself “Harry” but wasn’t Sidhu. Now what are the odds of that?

      What a slime sucker.

      1. Actually, I hear Harish is a common Indian name with “Harry” being a popular Americanized version. Uh oh, here come the claims of racism for even uttering the name Harish…

        1. Greg, you racist!

          How dare you call the man by his given first name Harish.

          You are supposed to be fooled like everyone else that he is just an ordinary American Joe named Harry.

          You need to report in for reprogramming!

  2. Has this been sent to the DA’s office? Not that T Rack is going to pursue a rich, connected Republican…how about the Register? La Times?

  3. Considering the DA’s never gone after real crooks and scoundrels like Larry Agran, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Besides, he’s too busy shaking down Toyota.

  4. T-Rak will not do anything to a politician unless they are found in bed with a underage girl and a dead alter boy in the closet.

    Calling Dave Lopez and getting a camera shoved in Harry’s face is the only way that the fucked up Wiscol’s and Muir’s, OC Register et. al. will begin to write about this.

    When those who vote hear about Harry’s predeliction to lie about his residency, they overwhelmingly turn against him.

    Roll out the play book that was used against Ackerwoman and Harry will go down hard. Wait for T-Rak to file and Harry may win this thing.

    Most voters don’t read blogs and have no idea about the insider baseball spoken here.

  5. So when most voters do not read blogs,but we know that they jump ship on Harry when they find out about his disinclination to tell the truth, how do we get the truth to the public? If there is an IE mailing going out, I will contribute, someone get a hold of me and take my check. And when the Supe race is over, the people of Anaheim need to recall Sidhu from his Council seat as well. Oh, Heck, why wait until this is over? Maybe I should just file the recall papers now. Is there enough muscle to recall Harry and fight him off that Supe seat at the same time? Hmm….something for me to look into.

  6. Might want to recall Galloway while you are at it. I heard a high-ranking manager within the City of Anaheim complaining that a public works crew was sent out in response to Galloway’s internal request for the city crew to clean up some graffiti on one of her campaign signs that was on a Taormina property at Sycamore and Anaheim Blvd. It seems someone drew a goatee and horns on her smiling mug! It looks like the cleanup didn’t work out so well and the sign was replaced. Nice of Galloway to use public employees and public funds to clean up a campaign problem. I wonder what else she is spending public funds on…

  7. I am not trying to hijack the thread, but the most interesting thing about this was the electric bill. The highest rate for the highest usage in Anaheim is apparently .146/KWH. 14.6 cents/KWH.

    In SCE territory, you can easily pay 28 cents. Twice the highest rate Anaheim Utilities charges anyone.

    I have found out that it’s likely the LADWP has a top rate of just over 12 cents per KWH.

    Again, in SCE, I am paying 28 cents. Most of you are too.

    And we have that initiative going around sponsored by PG&E to change the vote requirement to 2/3 for any city to establish their own public utility.

    It seems to me from a consumers perspective the city utilitys have done a much better job on the rates than SCE and likely PG&E.

    This may warrant it’s own thread. What do you think?

  8. LADWP is a well run agency and I was lucky to be living in their service area during the electricity deregulation fiasco. However, LADWP has been around for a long time and like public transport (light rail anyone?) it may be that if you don’t already have it, it’s prohibitively expensive to implement it. Imagine how much your typical crooked + incompetent local ‘officials’ would F-up such a project. Hell, Pringles alone could skim off untold riches with lobbying and ‘consulting’ fees and still nothing would ever come of it.

    Jesus, I’m starting to sound like a teabagger.


    And screech, Anaheim’s rates are low because we have had our own public utility since Victorian times, an outcome of the old ditches that brought water to the grape vines, we just put it in pipes and added electricity in 1895. To ramp up a utility from scratch would not give you the same outcome.

  10. Colony Rabble :
    And screech, Anaheim’s rates are low because we have had our own public utility since Victorian times, an outcome of the old ditches that brought water to the grape vines, we just put it in pipes and added electricity in 1895. To ramp up a utility from scratch would not give you the same outcome.

    And I didn’t say it would, or that we should try to put a municipal utility in place now. But now that we know that LADWP is about 12.6 cents/KWH and Anaheim is about the same, it’s pretty hard to figure out why SCE is justified charging us a top rate of 28 dents/KWH.

    Something to keep in mind. Ripoffs.

    We should ask Anaheim to annex us in Fullerton into their utility district and send SCE away. We own the infrastructure, that was all paid for by the SCE ratepayers, after all.

  11. Yep, Anaheim spoilsus rotten with those lowrates. At one point a lobbyist (who is now our Mayor) was reportedly trying to get us to sell out to a utility company. Not a chance.

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