Another Republican Cuddles Up to the Union Machine

The other day Fullerton school board candidate and self-described “fiscal conservative” Janny Meyer joyfully announced her acceptance of the Fullerton teachers’ union endorsement.

Well, it's kind of a gray area.

This registered Republican must not be interested in GOP support, since that party has forbidden candidates from taking any union money.

But more importantly, Janny’s campaign is now backed by the very same teachers’ union that has repeatedly sacrificed your child’s education at the alter of paycheck protection. The result? Furlough days and increased class sizes, not good education.

It’s also the same union leadership that fights to protect bad teachers at all costs while refusing to allow schools to reward good teachers. They will boycott anyone who attempts to help parents evaluate teacher performance. They’ve instituted a system which puts young, energetic teachers up on the chopping block while coddling tenured teachers without any regard for job performance.

It makes my head hurt.

Of course, the union would love to pass a new property tax in Fullerton next year so they can keep shoveling money into this flawed system. Any idea how that conflict would churn in the head of a self-styled conservative who is also beholden to the union?

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  1. Her dad was the biggest freakin’ RINO in the history of the Republican party and got recalled for imposing the unnecessary utility tax!

    And of course her husband id the dreary, grossly overpaid, unaccountable, and soon-to-be-ex City Manager, Chris Meyer.

    What the Hell is wrong with this city?!

    1. You recollection is right. This woman would be another Ballard – a complete disaster. Just watch Ed Royce, Dick Ackerman, Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, et al pile into this little RINO clown car.

  2. Who would have thought that a TEACHER of all people would have the slightest idea how to administer a school district.

    Madness, I tell you, madness!!

    1. Yes, it’s brilliant. We elect teachers to negotiate with their own union. It’s been working out so well.

  3. She must want to win. If she wanted to lose, she’d be cuddling up to you guys.

    Your track record isn’t so good.

      1. Meaning what exactly? Daly won his race and Keller isn’t running.

        You must not have gotten the news.

        You’re behind in current events.

        Try to keep up.

        1. I’ll spell it out for you Peter Rabbit: Daly was driven from the District race by the revelation of his misdeeds by FFFF; ditto Keller. These miscreant Dems suffered from dropsy and heart failure: we dropped ’em on their asses and they didn’t have the heart to get up.

          1. No, Joe, Daly just wanted to go home and play catch with his 6 year old boy, you know, the Golden Years!

          2. Funny stuff. Daly opted for the job that pays more. I’m sure that wasn’t a motivation.

            And given how Daly destroyed his competition in the 4th District it’s obvious your claim is complete nonsense.

            I’ve yet to see any proof other than the blabbering on this board to support your claims.

            Your delusions continue.

            As far Keller is concerned, she never stated she was going to run for a second term anywhere that I can find. One term might have been her motivation all along.

            Could you please stick to facts and not your fact free opinions? It might actually give you the credility you believe you possess.

  4. Well, it would appear that Beverly Berryman has also received the union’s endorsement, and will take PAC money. So, we have another RINO, who you have failed to mention here shilling for the union. Tony, Travis get own up to your responsibility to tell the whole story, and tell the truth–alien concept I know, but you need to do it to maintain any credibility at all. Other wise you just be a turd, or turds, plural.

  5. Yikes, did you say C R E D I B I L I T Y in regards to ffff? Well, we all know that there is none of that here. They have no credibility, expect others to keep promises that they themselves can’t keep, and twist themselves into pretzels to justify their positions and candidates.

    They are as bad (worse?) than the Democrat talking heads that justify Obama and company

    1. Are you saying the FFFF report of the DA and Sheriff endorsing Nelson is not credible, that somehow it didn’t happen?

      Man, you are one hell of an idiot.

  6. Tom Daly wanted a for sure thing but after FFFF exposed his ass he wasn’t sure he could win. A little research into his reasons for getting scared and you can understand the wuz. He owes about $780,000 on his home. Its all public record go to his office and look for yourself. If he lost his election for supervisor and wasn’t the clerk-recorder anymore we would confirm what we already know. That he lives off the tax payers and isn’t employable in the private sector and he would be unemployed and homeless. Ironically he would have won the supervisor race gotten a raise and would be able to pay off his crazy loan faster. No guts no glory.

    1. And how do you know that is reason he decided to pull out? Did he tell you? Did he send you a memo?

      Maybe he changed his mind. My explanation is just as reasonable since I can’t prove it either.

      And judging by how many votes he got from the 4th District the supposed exposes’ of this blog had zero impact. Or maybe you believe the 4F bloggers had an impact because he would have gotten 80% of the vote.

      But if you want to believe the folks from the 4th that supported for Clerk wouldn’t have supported him for Supervisor because of what is written here so be it.

      No one is saying you have no right to your own fantasy.

      1. Daly pussied out “to play catch with his son” so the newpaper said. It’s that same lame old “family first” drivel all hack politicians use when they get busted.

        True, nobody cared who the Clerk was. But we had an obligation to tell the truth about Daly even after he dropped out. And the truth hurt. Daly dropped out of the Supes race and in November Keller will be nothing but a rancid memory.

        And fortunately fiora all of us (you, too) Daly will be making no County budget decisions; all of his expenditures past and future will now be scrutinized, including 433 West Civic Center.

        Well, gotta run now. I smell roasted rabbit on the fire.

        1. Scrutinized by who? And who will be reading? The seventeen folks on this blog?

          All your claims didn’t matter one wit in his re-election. If you were effective you would have affected that race as well.

          You didn’t. Now run along. Your mommy is calling.

          Did I mention that Clerk pays more than being a Supe?

          And your hand picked boy just played you for a sucker now that he chose the pension system he claimed was such a burden to the taxpayer.

          Will you be scrutinizing his actions now that you look like a fool?

          Can’t wait to read your commentary.

    1. Meaning what exactly? The sheriff being touted on another thread just had a fundraiser. The union was one of the sponsors.

      So what will you do to make sure she gets her turn?

      1. Not that she cares. The fun part is the 4F supported candidate was supported by the union.

        Not trying to bring up any inconsistencies in your support and beliefs.

        It’s funny stuff.

    2. And Nelson has taken support from unions during his time on the Fullerton city council…but since he never promised he would take that during the campaign, it’s all OK.

  7. Hey looks like Daly has his sights on Solorio’s seat. He even implanted his wife into the office. Guess that loan is too much for all that money he makes as Clerk Recorder. will be interesting if Daly announces for Solorio’s office, raises some money and then quits again. Scamming all his supporters for a third time.

  8. The truth is that Daly couldn’t take away union support from Galloway. Once he saw that gone he figured he would lose a sup race and stayed put. He opted for job security instead of risking being out of work. Smart move but he can kiss any chance of being a supervisor good bye. This was his sedcond run and no cigar. I doubt he’ll go for a third run for sup.

    1. The skeletons were falling out of daly’s closet so fast he needed a pick-up truck to haul them away. If he runs fon anything except re-election as Clerk he’s finished.

  9. Oh no Chris! Are you asking for another restraining order against you? What a bully. What are you going to do if you get elected to the school board? Beat up those other members who won’t vote your way?

    1. Chris– what is he talking about? Do you have a restraining order against you? And you’re running for office? Is this true?

      1. Restraining order on Chris wow I am parent in the Fullerton School District. I defanetly do not want him on our board. I fear for all of our children in Fullerton he might beat them up.

          1. So. He is running for school board we have the right to know. I am just a parent protecting my children from someone who is very anger at the world.

  10. The public school Teachers Union would not even meet or speak with an actual conservative candidate for any office, let alone entertain the notion of campaign contribution support for any conservative.

    It is VERY helpful for your readers (at least the ones like me) to learn about who and what (union) entity provides financial support to the various candidates’ election campaigns.

    The “clever” RINO Republicans, of the Ed Royce ilk will hopefully all lose their election contests.

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