Sheriff Hutchens and District Attorney Rackauckas Endorse Shawn Nelson

This just came over the transom:

FULLERTON, CA – – Supervisor Shawn Nelson has garnered the support of Orange County’s top law enforcement leaders – Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

“Supervisor Nelson understands the vital public safety issues facing Orange County,” said Sheriff Hutchens. “He is working diligently to make sure safe homes, schools and neighborhoods are a priority of Orange County government.”

Shawn Nelson was elected in June to finish the term of former Supervisor Chris Norby. He is on the November ballot for a four year term. His opponent is the second place finisher from the June ballot.

Nelson easily won in June in spite of a record-breaking $1.4 million campaign from public employee unions promoting his opponents. He is a former Fullerton City Councilman and a youth sports coach. Shawn and his family reside in Fullerton.

31 Replies to “Sheriff Hutchens and District Attorney Rackauckas Endorse Shawn Nelson”

  1. Who cares if Hutchens and Rackauckas supports Nelson. In June you couldn’t stand either one and encouraged everyone to vote for Hunt over Hutchens and not vote for Rackauckas.

    1. Exactly Gilligan. The 4F bloggers are hoping their readership have short memories.

      You point out they supported Hunt. Not only did Hutchens beat Hunt countywide, she crushed him in the 4th SD. Meaning the 4F’ers have zero influence despite their chest beating to the contrary.

    2. Ah, Gilligan is back. Just like Peter Rabbit you keep saying you’re through with FFFF – and yet you keep coming back!

      This post simply states the truth. There is no editorializing. Can’t handle truth?

    1. Ratkarkass is a worthless sack of sh!t but I don’t mind Hutchens because I’m not a teabagger gun nut, but if the choice is the moderately loathsome Nelson and the vapid, utterly loathsome Siduh, I’ll take the guy who sucks less every time.

  2. “Who cares if Hutchens and Rackauckas supports Nelson.”

    Hah! Compared to Santa Claus and the loony “tax fighter” Richard Faher? Game long since over!

  3. So….this is good? FFFF backed Hutchin’s opponent Hunt and the DA did jack about Sidhu’s fake addresses?

  4. Gilligan is right on the money there. Let’s see all the mental gymnastics that this crowd does to upsell this endorsement.

    You hated Hutchens, you backed nut-job Hunt to the point that all 6 or 8 of you on this site marched on the Yorba Linda – 57 overpass to show it. And now you celebrate her endorsement of Nelson?

    Baaa haaa haaa

  5. Did he seek these endorsements or were they thrust upon him?

    Obviously it is very difficult to turn down an endorsement, but honestly, I would have turned down BOTH Hutchens and Rackauckas.

    Actually I will do my very best this year to vote against every incumbent candidate.

  6. God damn Gilligan, you are a smart man. You’ve finally grew up from your time on the Minow. I thought 4F’s even hired Hunt”s PI firm to spy on Sidhu. Well that whole sheriff thing back fired on both camps. Get ready for backfire #2 when Nelson is exposed for the ethically challenged whore that he really is. Keep drinking that kool aid Nelson lovers.

  7. I’m voting for Sidhu. Nelson lost my vote and respect when he opted for the enhanced pension. He truly showed what a craven hypocrite he really is. Shawn Nelson is a first-class douchebag.

  8. WTF? Re-running a Nelson press release. Isn’t this the sort of shilling you guys beat up Red County and LibOC for? And what will Bill Hunt say?

      1. You posted this because he’s your boy and you thought it would help him with the endorsements of two people you couldn’t stand a few months ago.

      2. OMG admin…you are so blind to your own hypocrisy!!! What are you doing to do when Nelson loses in November and is no longer in your back pocket….I hear a whammmbulance coming

        1. Nelson lose in November? That’s a good one. Assclown Sidhu couldn’t beat Forrest Gump let alone an incumbent Supervisor.

          BTW, if you’re confident about that incredible claim I sure would like to make a wager with you. And Hell, I’ll even give you 10-1 odds.

  9. Why would anyone want these endorsements? Does this mean that Nelson is in support of the sheriffs policies on CCW permits? These guys need to check who the allow to endorse before they endorse!

  10. Jo-Jo. you should that term “incumbent” very loosely. He’s been in office now for about 2 months and has accomplished about as much as Forrest Gump would have. Everything that he’s done has been negative. I know you like to compare Nelson as the second coming of President John Adams but my guess you should compare him to Obama since that cocksucker hasn’t done anything either since he’s been in office and I don’t expect him too. Nelson is a whore. You are his pimp.

    1. Getting a little testy aren’t you, Flatfoot, (and RealJohnAdams, and all your other sad nom de plumes).

      Nelson’s ballot title will read “Orange County Supervisor.” And that him 20,000 votes.

      But your boy Sidhu has the endorsement of tax-fighter Richard Faher. And that should be good for about…

      Read ’em and weep, little law dog.

  11. Jo-Jo, I don’t get any more testy then you do my little friend. Your articles and posting are all negative and spew out vileness towards whoever is the flavor of the moment to hate.

    You see, I can’t lose in this election. My beautifull City of Fullerton has rid itself of the man whore you guys have come to love and cherish.

    Lets fantasize for a minute and say he does win, so fucking what. I guess the County workers are all fucked, assuming that Nelson and Moorlach can get Pat to vote with them. I won’t see him on the dais here and that’s ok with me. He can whore himself out to the county people.

    Ok back to reality. He’ll lose and you guys are scared and that’s why you write or should I say repost all the same articles on Hairball Harry.

    What flavor is being served up tonight?

  12. Mental and political gymnastics jo jo and admin and the other sycophantic friends.

    The most hilarious thing about all of this is the religious fervor you seem to possess. If you called a spade a spade, and were honest, you might maintain a shred of credibility. But since you blindly excuse Nelson’s many many MANY flaws, you are nothing but a shill for him.

    Not that you had much credibility to begin with, and now even less as you can’t even keep your own word.

    Maybe you guys could hold a Bushala family picnic, I mean, protest march of something.

    1. Oh no, Science Dude and fremontjoe.

      But really all these characters are starting to sound an awful lot alike. I think we only have two trolls under our bridge!

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