Police Checkpoint on Friday Night

8:00 PM, location undisclosed. They get overtime, we get our papers checked.

If you’ve never been through a DUI/License checkpoint, here’s how they work:

DUI checkpoint, Tustin, CA.
Color commentary by Krist Byrne.

18 Replies to “Police Checkpoint on Friday Night”

  1. M.A.D.D. is out of control. Their goal is to install breathalyzers on every single car in America. “Freedom” is not in their vocabulary.

  2. If your concerned about the long term costs of those Officers working overtime, at least be thankful that not a one of them looked over 48.

  3. Overtime my ass!

    These cops can work straight time. Geez.

    Why are the taxpayers end up getting screwed again?

    McKinley would be one of their own if he reaches the dais….NOT!

  4. The city or the police department can’t do anything without Travis the wonderdog and the rest of you going into a tizzy.

    The overtime isn’t paid by the city, it’s paid by the state or federal government.

    1. Oh, it comes from the state so we’re free to waste it however we please? Did that money manifest out of thin air or was it taken from taxpayers?

  5. Looking at IP addresses again, Tony? Could it be that multiple people could use the same way of masking IP addresses so your supposed claim of “anonymity” is bullshit, just like all of your other claims?

  6. Hey Tony, I’m over here not there. Why do you keep confusing me with other people? If you’re going to check IP addresses and do your little spying, why don’t you at least get your info right? You’re not going to hire Bill Hunt’s firm to spy on me are you?

    Oh by the way who is the this fine investigative reporter named Krist Byrne? I was actuallyl embarrassed for you all in posting that to your fine website. But then again, I laughed my ass off and that is what I come here for.

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