High Culture At Last Comes to Downtown Fullerton

Brains and ambition...
Brains and ambition. The current events quiz approaches.

As the interim FFFF Life and Times Editor, I have been remiss. I guess I missed the event yesterday, but apparently a KROQ radio show turned up at the Slidebar in DTF to put on their regular Miss Double D-cember program, an uplifting show that gives its participants an opportunity to display their manifest talent(s), and the spectators (seemingly of both sexes) a chance to inspect those talents. The program also featured a Gene Simmons look-alike, a dwarf, and a bunch of Marines in dress uniform. I’m pretty sure this event was not subsidized by the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency.

Here’s a link to the thought provoking¬†(OC Weekly, naturally) photo montage.

For me, one question remains. Why are Marines so short?

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  1. I heard that Dr. Dick Jones was presented the Irving Thalbag Life Achievement Award by the Academy.

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