And So It Begins. We Called It

Well, we called it all right. Matthew J. Cunningham had just invited one Cynthia Ward, AKA “Colony Rabble” to blog on the quickly purpling Red County Blog. He caught a lot of flack from us and one of his own bloggers, Allan Bartlett, for bringing in an obvious RINO into his herd.

the rare white rhino
the rare white rhino

It was clear to everybody that Ms. Ward’s sole function was to promote the Supervisorial campaign of Democrat Tom Daly. To his own bloggers he claimed that Ward was there to provide Anaheim coverage. Mr. Cunningham actually had the nerve to show up on our blog to claim that we couldn’t prove anything, and that he was a model of toleration and open mindedness, and, that in any case he could only think of one thing he disagreed with Ward about – the Suncal project.

wait, I'm still thinking...
wait, I'm still thinking...

He obviously wasn’t thinking about it very hard, and fortunately Colony herself immediately provided the example of Proposition 8 that she opposed, as a point of disagreement – a real watershed issue if ever there was one. Now there’s a shot to the shorts in the credibility department.

But we digress. Sorry about that.  The following sparkling comment made by Ms. Ward on her new blog was just forwarded to us by a observant Friend:

Sidhu and Galloway will both be shocked that they cannot buy their way into this seat. But I am as appalled as you that they both just begged to be put back into Council seats they clearly do not respect or value. A recall could be interesting, but there are bigger fish to fry in the coming months. Not the hill I want to die on. At least not right this minute. I might be pursuaded later. For now, go find a good candidate (like Daly) to back and give that your energy. Defeating them with a good Supe would be the ultimate revenge. Go get ’em.

Unholy Duet

A good candidate like Daly?Hmm. Well we did call it: dish dirt on Sidhu and Galloway to help clear the Anaheim field for John Lewises Democratic candidate Tom Daly. Yup. Pretty transparent.

17 Replies to “And So It Begins. We Called It”

  1. Get it right guys. I have been bagging on Galloway and Sidhu for a while now. In fact, I was one of the members of the No On Galloway campaign. So my opposition to her is nothing new, and certainly not manufactured for the Daly campaign. But then if you did your homework and reported actual news instead of just ranting from your own opinion pools, you would know that.

    1. Are you that goddam stupid, woman? Of course you’ve been “bagging” on Sidhu and Galloway for a while. And that’s the only reason Cunningham let you onto his lame scum suck blog. Now you’re doing what he and Lewis knew you would.

      Don’t you get it? Jesus, you’re dumb.

      1. It seems to me that your the one that doesn’t get it Sippy. You failed to mention that that comment was one that was in response to one of my one. There’s something wrong with candidates, when liberal and conservative community members like myself and Colony Rabble both have serious ethical concerns about local politicians. You draw lines and make connection to things that aren’t there and they do nothing but make you appear incredibly foolish and bitter. You probably are, no forget that “make you appear part”. DO you really have nothing better to do then to write blogs about comments? Your a rude, obnoxious fool and I won’t spend anymore of my time commenting or reading your crap.

        1. Oh no! The LiberalOC and the Brown Clowtiers have their panties in a twist!. Go on home now Stevie. Mom’s making macaroni and cheese!

  2. The picture of Lewis….is he on the phone to Jerbie in the JerbieCave???? Or maybe giving directives to Jerbie the Rodent???/

  3. Y’all spend an awful lot of time sniping about folks you deem irrelevant. I’m just a dumb, stupid puppet of political operatives I have never met. Why would my views, posted to a lame scum suck blog, even be worthy of your attention? Is this all the ammo you have to defend your candidate? Attacking those who support the opposition? Doesn’t say much for your man. But have it, I have thick skin. (some say even thicker than my stubborn skull)…..

    1. I never deemed you irrelevant per se. Simply pointing out your usefulness to a political operatives you’ve never met. Like a screwdriver is useful.

      Defending my man? No just pointing out the hypocrisy of some the OC Repuglicans – a group of which you are obviously not a member.

    2. CR, why is so hard for you to get what we’re saying? We really don’t care much about you at all. Your admittance to what is supposed to be an arch Republican blog struck us as highly suspicious given the fact that Cunningham has been studiously avoiding the Lewis Endorses a Democrat issue since last winter.

      Our blog has just fought (and helped win) a two-month battle with another set of lying, carpetbagging, stand-for-nothing, sayanything Repuglicans and now we’ve got another one.

    1. Respect needs to be earned, junior. I don’t just hand it out like a party favor. And I have no patience for the class of quasi-political cretins who can’t tell their sphincters from a gopher hole.

      Didn’t Red Vixen kick you off the Orange Juice blog?

  4. I think you will find me much more right wing than expected, my heart is as red as it gets. The difference is that I refuse to play the Party game, I think partisan politics is destroying local races. That is where you see the rebellion in me. But think as you wish, I will sit over here in my corner and await further instructions, as the “tool” of The Man. Have an amusing day.

    1. “I think partisan politics is destroying local races.”

      Lewis and Cunningham must agree since they support Daly, too.

    2. Ah sweetums, you are not a tool of “The Man.” You are the tool of Cunningham who is the tool of Lewis. That makes you the tool of a tool.

      And it is very amusing.

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