Ex-Chief Lines Up With Ackerman Clan

Friends, we just received this entertaining e-mail from a devoted reader: 

So there I am in my kitchen, washing dishes on a quiet Sunday night when my phone rings. Who is is? The last person on Earth I would ever expect. Fullerton’s former Chief of Police, Pat McKinley. The guy who wasted untold hours “designing” a dumb police “vest” that, upon retirement he could sell back to the people of Fullerton. The zombie who let all his pals in downtown Fullerton create havoc and stick US with the bill. Oh yeah, that wonderful public servant.

How'd you like to buy my vest? Again.
How'd you like to buy my vest? Again.

 Well, actually, it’s a robocall, and this slacker starts peddling Linda Ackerman for Assembly!  Well I guess they all have it wired the same way.

If I needed any more encouragement to oppose the carpetbagging woman from Irvine, this was it: a guy who milked his job in Fullerton for over 15 years as the City went to the dogs as he worked on his lame-ass vest that the City bought with their Obama stimulus dollars! 

Thanks for the e-mail, Friend. This is really sad news for Fullerton. What it means is that McKinley has cut a deal to peddle his backside with Ackerman and Royce to run for our City Council himself next year – with the support of the Usual Suspects. Well, that cat’s out of the bag!

Just what we need. Another ex-public employee negotiating with the public employees! Some Republican!

4 Replies to “Ex-Chief Lines Up With Ackerman Clan”

  1. Yup. You gotta wonder how people like Roscoe’s and Florentines were getting free passes under Kojak’s regime.

    Murders in downtown Fullerton! And this guy was fiddling.

  2. i get it, create the “wild west” and you get more calls for more police. meanwhile the rest of the city goes to sh*t. great!

  3. The way I hear it, most of the cops hate McKinley’s vest. They sit in the locker room, unused. Nice scam on us taxpayers, McKinley.

  4. Yup, Grover, you hit the nail on the head. Word has been going around for sometime that the Royce crowd was promoting this ninnie onece he retired.

    McKinley fits the Royce/Ackerman profile to a tee:

    1) superannuated
    2) no higher politcal ambition
    3) likely staff stooge
    4) retired public employee

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