Let’s Put The Ackermans’ Selfishness in a Fullerton Context

We have been making  fun of Mrs. Ackerman’s carpetbagging run for the 72nd Assembly seat – up for grabs in November after the Ackerman’s pal Mike Duvall got caught with his pants down and his microphone open.

We're really not as close to the Duvalls as we used to be...
We're really not as close to the Duvalls as we used to be...

We have recounted Mrs. Ackerman’s bogus Hawaiian vacation “non-profit” corporation, noted the out-of-town fundraising attempt with Sacto lobbyists; and of course we have had some fun with the phony residency – in which they want people to believe they are moving in with another Fullerton family.

What all this really adds up to is a breathtaking arrogance, a sense of self-entitlement that the rest of us have trouble grasping. Just how these OC Repuglican stalwarts grab hold of and hang on to government power to promote and enrich themselves is something that most regular people just can’t quite fathom. Who in the 72nd Assembly District asked Mrs. Ackerman (who has lived in Irvine for ten years) to represent them? Nobody, that’s who! It was the Ackermans’ idea.  


And so, ever helpful, we have decided to put the inherent selfishness of these people into a local perspective, personified by our old pal, Fullerton Councilman Dick Jones. Over the years Jones has remained on the City Council with the staunch support of the Ackermans, who endorse this loud-mouthed, ignorant blowhard term after repugnant term. Why? It can’t be because they care about good government in Fullerton. No, it is because Jones fills their bill just perfectly.

But Dick told me I gotta run again...
But Dick told me I gotta run again...

First, Jones is getting on in years and has no political ambition; second, he mostly does what he is told by the people who put him in office – when they deign to care about something in Fullerton at all, that is. At this point his assignment is principally to stay in office – to avoid a Godless Democrat from getting in, a Democrat whose voting record would be essentially the same as Jones, but who might pose a threat to the Repuglican elite. So what if Jones is really just a RINO? So what if he shoots his mouth off with incoherent tirades? So what if he knows nothing about what he’s blathering about? His job is to keep the seat warm until the next cipher with more ambition than brains can be unearthed, and to avoid soiling himself in public. 

What? That guy's nuts!
What? That guy's nuts!

And so you see, the Ackermans get the prize they like to gloat over – political control – and we get – well you’ve seen the video clips. You know what we get.

3 Replies to “Let’s Put The Ackermans’ Selfishness in a Fullerton Context”

  1. Hackermans are despicable, moving into our district for money, power and greed, “heads on a stick”.

  2. mommy blogger :
    “heads on a stick”.

    I’m with ya mommy blogger, where there’s smoke there’s a gun. The Ackermans have been pulling strings of the spineless tools long enough.

    The Mrs. voted for a retroactive pension spike while sitting on the MET board, she goes along to get along. Exactly the reason why our State is in the TANK. I agree, “heads on a stick”!!!

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