Dinner Reservations Cancelled

On January 20th, the Fullerton Elementary School District voted on a consulting contract of up to $100,000 which would assess the “viability” of implementing a parcel tax on every property owner in Fullerton.  This tax was ostensibly being considered in order to bridge the currently projected $17 million, 3 year FSD budget gap created by the state’s financial crisis.

For those who are blind to the perpetual folly, the ever-present elephant in the room that is the ridiculous manner in which public education is financed as a result the mafia-like tactics of our child-hating teacher’s unions, I will not attempt to educate here.  Suffice it to say that we owe a debt of gratitude to current FSD Board Vice President, Beverly Berryman for her singular sage leadership in saving Fullerton citizens from an unbelievable attempt to raise our taxes…especially the taxes of parents struggling to save their homes for their children in these painful economic times.

Any manner of idiocy is pursued under the banner of FOR OUR CHILDREN which ultimately hurts children by destroying the future of public education with unsustainable financial foolishness.  The Grand Dame of the Fullerton School District, Hilda “have you met my husband the doctor?” Sugarman actually argued that the board needed the “courage” to risk negative public reaction in order to continue to support her wasteful spending.  Laptops for all is Hilda’s favorite cry.  She is particularly fond of her unbelievably expensive International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program(me) which flushed thousands of dollars down a Geneva, Switzerland toilet.

In all fairness, I must give Lynn Thornley her due props on opposing this contract.  Very surprised I was, but Lynn has surprised before on the side of reasonable decision making.  And, finally, dear, sweet Minard Duncan.  Once again too frightened, too kind, too very, very sweet to take a position which might hurt somebody’s feelings.  Take heed my young liberal students of politics.  Minard knows the path to garnering the many votes.  Stand for children.  What does that mean you ask?  Weren’t you listening dummy? Stand for children.  You need not know how to stand for them…just stand for them.  Unbelievable.

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  1. It’s easy for Hilda to foist extra taxes on the rest of us – by my calculations, she only pays property taxes on about 1/8th of the actual value of her home. A $300 tax increase for the rest of us would only cost her $35 a year.

    This is not a knock on Prop 13. I’m just offering some insight into the motivations of a tax-happy bureaucrat.

  2. An interesting vote. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that is is over. Once the boohoos and bureacrats start leaning on their buddy Minard Duncan that vote will go the other way. But maybe they’ll spare us the charade of hiring a “consultant” to tell them what they want to hear.

    BTW, Duncan is obviously a total coward; the other two are despicable tax and spenders. All three are brought to us courtesy of the teacher’s union.


  3. The FSD has long flown under the general community radar because nobody pays much attention to the elections that are dominated by the unions. Too bad.

    I would like to know why the GOP Central Committee endorsed Hilda Sugarman in 2008. And why do the Ackermans and Royces keep supporting RINOs on local school boards. It’s almost as if they expect school trustees to be taxaholic liberals.

  4. I am a mother of two children who attend schools here in Fullerton. I must agree with Joe, an abstention is a cowardly thing to do. Minard is either for it or against it, he should have stepped up to the plate like the ladies did, that’s what we elect people to do.

  5. the financial crisis was in large part caused by public entities like FSD spending our money on frivolous agendas. Mrs.doc sugarman has no right to expect us to subsidize her grandiose ideas. My child attended FSD schools and I only have praise for the teachers but the school board and educational leadership of FSD needs to make public all its expenditures and programs before demanding more money from us.

  6. I’m so appreciative that Beverly Berryman has the courage to stand for what is right in the face of unbelievable pressure from FETA and militant teachers. Lynn has my appreciation on this as well.

    A conservative but cowardly Fullerton Teacher

  7. How dare you call Minard a coward, he stood up for the people who stand for nothing, why that’s not cowardly that’s just a person who doesn’t believe in much (zero) and there is a difference.

  8. Who’s in charge of this website, I demand to know. Minard Duncan is my friend, just because he put his tail between his legs is none of your business, or is it… Fullerton’s Future?

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