Fullerton School Board to Discuss New Parcel Tax

This Tuesday evening at 5:30, the Fullerton School Board is expected to hire a consultant to do a feasibility study to determine the viability of a special school parcel tax in Fullerton. Any time I read “feasibility study” in a staff report, it’s code for “see even the consultant thinks we need to…”. When was the last time you looked on your property tax bill and noticed the long list of special tax’s to do this, that and the other thing? Isn’t it time that we learn how to survive in these tough economic times without a new tax.

12 Replies to “Fullerton School Board to Discuss New Parcel Tax”

  1. Ha! Some things never change. A recession rolls around and what’s the first resort of government agencies? Raise taxes on private citizens. Why? BECAUSE THEY CAN!

    School districts are the worst offenders. Chock full of overpaid administrators administering this, that or the other thing, some administering other administrators!

    What they ought to do is thin out the ranks of their deadwood administration by 50% and lo and behold they’ll find their “gap.”

    In Fullerton the worst kind of staff stooges get elected to the school boards with the support of fake conservative like Ackerman and Royce – just because they are registered Republicans. But they get elected by the unions and it’s all boohoo and raise taxes from then on. And look what those bozos are going to do – hire a “consultant” who will try to provide cover for a decision that’s already decided. Disgraceful.

  2. Joe, the teachers are wonderful, they are so nice, we need this tax to keep the administrators from teaching our kids.

  3. Thank goodness we’ve illegally created an entire staff of 11 year old web designers whose services I am secretly selling to New York marketing firms. I plan to donate 5% of the gross profits to the FSD. Incidentally, this is being written from my palacial Palm Desert pad…wish you were here….you dumbass parents who supported my every move. How’s your job going?

  4. First, cut out the car allowance,the meal money, then the travel expense account for the top executive. Cut from the top instead of the bottom.

  5. School districts are flush with money. If the public ever got wind of the ways districts squander their money on conferences, speakers, etc. there would be another recall in Fullerton. Ditto for the JC!

    The worst part is these cowards are forever putting kids up on the slave auction block in their quest for ever more tax revenue.

    Here’s an idea: put all those deadweight administrators and phoney “doctors’ back in the classroom and let them actually work for a living!

  6. Hey Ghost, don’r blame the dumbass parents. Blame the dumbass Trustees who are nothing more than lackeys for the Superintendant.

    Then again, I guess the dumbass parents voted for the Trustees, didn’t they?

  7. bipo, you are right about “PhD,” because these idiots don’t have PhDs. They have EdDs from diploma mills. Wouldn’t you just love to read those dissertations? “The Role of the Coffee Break in the Professional Development of the Educator”; “Successful School Bond Campaigns in California”; “Various Methods Used to Get Teacher Unions In Line Before You Screw Them.”

    They just love calling each other “Doctor.” “Doctor this” and “Doctor that.” What a joke.

  8. Why don’t we get rid of all public schools. Why is it our responsibility to pick up the tab for others kids. The schools could be all run privately. Those who don’t want to attend private schools can home school.

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