Uh Oh. Is the DA’s Investigation in the Hands of the Chief’s Good Buddy?

We may have figured out why it took the District Attorney investigators three weeks to start talking to witnesses on the Kelly Thomas police beating case…

According to this unsigned note that just came in to our website, Chief Sellers is a close personal friend of DA investigator Stan Berry, who was immediately assigned to the high-profile Fullerton case:

I suggest you check into the connection between Investigator Berry and FPD Chief Sellers. Sellers hired Berry when he was the Chief at Seal Beach PD. Sellers and his wife Rita Fraser-Sellers, are close personal friends with Berry and his wife, Kristen Berry, the Dispatch Supervisor in Seal Beach. They socialize together, vacation together and entertain each other in their respective homes.

Of all the DA investigators, why choose Berry, other than he will help cover for his friend.

Presumably that case assignment was a decision made by the DA Tony Rackauckas. I have confirmed that Berry worked as an investigator under Chief Sellers for the Seal Beach Police Department.

As for as the familial socializing, entertaining and vacationing together…maybe the Chief can clear that one up for us.

If our informant is correct, this would be a huge conflict of interest in a very high-profile investigation.

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151 thoughts on “Uh Oh. Is the DA’s Investigation in the Hands of the Chief’s Good Buddy?

  1. Interesting points on KFI yesterday:

    Both patrol cars seemed deliberately pointed AWAY from the altercation to not allow their onboard video cameras to record it.

    Thomas’ father took the face pictures (nine of them he said), not the PD or the Coroner. Good for him as the bet would be the government would have never let loose of them.

    Thomas also pointed out that Tony Rack has NEVER prosecuted a police officer (or for that matter, any high local official).

  2. OUTRAGEOUS! Time to get out the pitchforks and demand change on the Council.

    Also, Pat Mc Kinley needs to resign and step down IMMEDIATELY!

    1. Here it is Aug 9, in today’s LATimes we have this people:D.A. sees no signs of ‘intentional killing’ by Fullerton police
      Prosecutors are still probing whether officers used excessive force against a schizophrenic homeless man. The man’s father says he suffered brain injuries from blunt force trauma and lack of oxygen.

      Brian Blackman arranges candles at the memorial for Kelly Thomas, 37, a homeless schizophrenic man who was killed during an altercation with Fullerton police on July 5 at a bus depot off South Pomona Avenue. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times / August 3, 2011)

      Photos: Homeless man dies after run-in with Fullerton police

      Seeking answers in Fullerton

      Police abuse claims may be hard to prove in Fullerton

      Hundreds in Fullerton protest death of man in police altercation

      Steve Lopez: Fullerton police must explain homeless man’s death

      Fullerton police draw fire for silence
      See more stories »

      By Richard Winton and Abby Sewell, Los Angeles Times
      August 9, 2011
      Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas on Monday said that he’s seen no evidence so far suggesting Fullerton police officers intentionally tried to kill homeless man Kelly Thomas, but that his office is still trying to determine whether the officers used excessive force in his death.
      Rackauckas, speaking about it publicly for the first time, said the investigation is in its early stages and his office has yet to get a cause-of-death determination from the Orange County coroner’s office.
      “As far as intentional killing … I have not seen any evidence of that in this case,” Rackauckas said.
      Thomas, 37, died several days after he was confronted by six Fullerton officers at the local bus depot last month. As they tried to search the schizophrenic homeless man, a violent altercation ensued that left him in a coma. Witnesses have described officers repeatedly striking him and shocking him with a stun gun.
      Rackauckas’ comments come as Thomas’ father revealed new details about his son’s injuries. Ron Thomas said MRI and X-ray results from the hospital that treated his son show he had two forms of severe brain injury: one caused by a lack of oxygen and the other by blunt force trauma. Bones in his face had also been broken, said the father, who previously released a photo of Thomas’ bloody, swollen, barely recognizable face.
      Ron Thomas has labeled his son’s death a murder and said he wants the six officers involved to go to prison.
      The D.A. said he did not want to speculate on possible criminal charges — whether they be manslaughter or excessive force — until “all the evidence is in.”
      Rackauckas said he has made the investigation a priority for his prosecutors and investigators, and is devoting extensive resources to the case. “I am reviewing everything that is being done,” he said.
      The top prosecutor said he had seen a security video of the incident. Prosecutors and police have refused to make the video public, and Rackauckas said he cannot discuss its content.
      “It is a tragedy this happened,” he said when asked to characterize the video’s images. “My heart goes out to Mr. Thomas and [his] family members.”
      He said his office is expediting the case by assigning extra investigators, but that it takes time to transcribe dozens of interviews and gather relevant documents.
      The incident, which prompted large protests at the bus depot in the usually conservative community, is also under investigation by the FBI.
      Two Fullerton council members have called for the police chief to resign, and rallies have drawn hundreds of protesters.
      Six officers have been placed on leave.
      The Police Department has released few details about what happened that night, other than to say that Thomas was stopped by officers investigating a report of an attempted car burglary and became combative.
      On Monday, Fullerton’s city manager proposed bringing the head of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s watchdog body to examine the July 5 incident and related policies and procedures, according to sources.
      Michael Gennaco, head of L.A. County’s Office of Independent Review, has been brought in before to examine the Orange County jails after the death of an inmate.

      TIME to RECALL T-RACK too!

  3. You can’t make this stuff up!!

    @Curious, the murder of Kelly Thomas is outrageous. If the anonymous author is correct, it is very telling of the LE code of silence.

    The FBI needs to take this over. They aren’t afraid to take on well connected law enforcement like our own Mike Carona which the DA failed to go after.

    Did Stan Berry help out on the murder investigation at the Montage Resort (LBPD kill husband & wife) which occurred while Sellers was Chief of Laguna Beach PD?

    Regardless, bring in the feds and shake out ALL of the OC bad apples.

  4. This is outrageous and really needs to have the FBI called in to investigate the savage beating and killing of Kelly Thomas by the FPD. How can a ‘close personal’ friend of the Chief of Police of Fullerton do an unbiased investigation into this tragedy. This is a travesty!

  5. “They socialize together, vacation together …”. Well, that explains it. They’ve just all been on vacation together. They’ll get right on it when the cruise is over.

  6. Travis if this is true our system is corrupt. But I’m not suprised because just like Tom Mauk protected and cover up for Tom Daly with that bogus memo to the Board of Supervisors for the purchase of the piece of shit building for 2.1 million dollars taxpayers money (12D funds). The DA will do the same to protect his friends.

  7. It doesn’t matter if these two are good friends because there is enough video/proof to show Thomas was beaten to death by FPD officers. How will Sellers and Berry hide this fact from public scrutiny. I’m, sure it is not coincidence Sellers and Berry are friends, but their nefarious strategy wont work against the backdrop of this beating caught on video.

  8. This might be a good time to contact Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office. She, too, is a union goon, but it couldn’t hurt at this point. I’d be shocked if Rackauckas did anything at all without being pressured from above.

  9. if this is allowed and there is no public outrage- there will be no justice for Kelly Thomas….People of Fullerton, take your city back….One death like Kellys is one too many….speak up, speak out and do not allow this gentle soul to have died in vain…….


  10. There should be some sort of independent state agency made up of people who have never been in any type of law enforcement position before who investigate stuff like this.

      1. But, there are many people that do know about LE and are disgusted with this crap that would make great review board members. The board would really have to be independent though with no ties to the DA or city!

  11. The FBI will not get involved because he is not a protected class. Just a white guy beat to death and they don’t care about that!

  12. we all know cops are uneducated idiots. but the city better file a murder lawsuit, not just settlement. how nervous is the arse kissing da, and the chief, the bar may need to revoke his license.

  13. Only ONE witness has come forward?! (Who viewed it as murder) & he stated there were at least 25 other people who witnessed this. WHERE are all these other people?! In the name of God & your own conscience, speak up, come forward!!

      1. We know you’re one of ‘them’ narrow minded cops who probably are corrupt. I worked for fpd (yes, lowercase letters for a reason) and that dept. IS corrupt! Has been for decades!

        1. Are you that dumb cop’s wife that called John and Ken today? I love when the cop’s dingbats call in. They always have these shrill, nails down a chalkboard voices that make me want to shove sharp pencils in my ears. No wonder the cops go around savaging the public if that’s what they put up with at home.

          Or maybe you’re a cop on here trolling around because you can’t excuse the inexcusable.

          The PEOPLE WILL TURN ON YOU. Keep it up.

          1. Not all cop wives are loud and shrill! Mind your manners! If we are loud and shrill we would have plenty of reason to be!

  14. I typically support law enforcement but this is outrageous. It’s not possible for the local police or government to investigate this police involved murder. If the chief announces that no officer involved crime was commited, he should be put on trial for the cover-up along with the officers.

  15. the John & Ken show in KFI rightfully praise FFFF for its civic efforts to stop another incident of FPD police brutality and for exposing the cronyism that permeates our city’s government

  16. @wiley post… the fpd patrol vehicles do not have dash cams…. although they really should. so not defending what happened, so vehicle placement would not have mattered. however the fullerton depot should have cameras that would have caught the incident.

  17. These cops that work for fullerton, long beach and riverside have to be the most arrogant pieces of crap that work for our tax dollars. You have long beach shoot and kill a passed out drunk holding a spray nozzle then you have a macho cop run into a dark park and get killed then the police cheif makes fun of the people of riverside that sit home eating cheetos, and then these bastards who are still on the beat working as we talk. Does anybody have the names of any of the cops that were involved so the public can start taking action, you know find out where they live so we can protest in front of there house,paremts house and there childrens house, why are they still working?

        1. Stg. Goodlick is what he was called amongst other names. He’s a pussy cop who would run & hide from a ‘shots fired’ call. Taxpayer dollars hard at work folks!

    1. What?
      The guy in Long Beach was drunk off his azz! A nozzle looks like a weapon. You’d expect a cop to shoot over this, but not a cell phone?

  18. This needs to go to the California Attorney General, if not the FBI as a Federal matter since it stinks of corruption.

  19. Pat Mckinley (city council member) is the Police Cheif who retired in 2009, He is the one responsible for there actions. He teachesPolice Tatics and Self defense at Fullerton College and also a member of the Fullerton Rotary Club, it is nice to know that he teaches cops how to kill and get away with it if thats the tatics he teaches, I bet his wife Barbara is really proud of this pigshit bastard

  20. There is no justification for the extreme brutality inflicted on this man. These 6 cops are as dangerous to the public as any other violent criminal walking the streets. Is there anyone in Fullerton City govt. who has a concience? Who is not part of this cover-up? You cannot sweep this under the rug anymore! It’s not going to go away now. God Bless the witness who had the decency and courage to speak out against this terrible crime.

  21. Council Member, and retired Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley worked for LAPD prior to becoming chief in Fullerton. He worked at LAPD with a retired captain named Paul Coble. Paul Coble is an attorney for the Law Firm of Jones & Mayer located in Fullerton, CA. Jones & Mayer’s primary practice is defending police administration’s from lawsuits. Paul Coble is also the go-to attorney for police chief’s that want to retaliate against police employee Whistle blowers that attempt to come forward and expose police corruption. McKinley has been sending his attorney friend Paul Coble business for years, at taxpayers expense and has encouraged chief’s and sheriff’s throughout California to do likewise. You will see Attorney Paul Coble spinning this case as only he can do.

  22. The Fullerton Police Chief is a slick politician. Nobody gets to be the Chief of a city’s police department any other way. As such, he cannot be trusted, now or ever. Having the investigation be left in the hands of one of the Chief’s pals is just foolishness.

    Given the opportunity, he will finesse this and it try to make it disappear. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!

  23. Take a look at the police chief picture on the Fullerton PD website. Typical overweight union thug with the mandatory Stalin mustache. Call the FBI, not; Obamus will get them off. The Cal AG, not, also union thug; Fullerton attorney, not, also union puke.
    Agree. Get the pitchforks out.

  24. Bet the chief right this minute is in touch with both his accountant and lawyer, working hard on his retirement papers to see how much he can walk away with and then hide in banks before he is forced to retire and gets his sorry butt sued. Hope that fancy house in San Clemente (San Clemente? Wait! I thought he was protecting the people of Fullerton) is worth a bundle so this poor man’s family can have some peace.

      1. 309 Holliston pasadena,ca. I think is where the Black Beast, Kenton Hampton the cop that was really responsible for this murder lives

  25. This needs to be pursued, non-stop until these officers are brought to justice. According to a guy just on John and Ken, 5 or the 6 are still out on the job! This is beyond disgusting and a TOTAL outrage! The chief and mayor need to speak up here or it shows a complete lack of leadership, and frankly, leads me to believe they’re covering it up (shocking, I know). This whole thing is a total travesty for Kelly Thomas, and destroys any faith in our police. I feel less safe here in Fullerton with these involved cops still on the street. Get with it mayor and get the truth out!

  26. One of the law firms that the accused officer’s will use is Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler, & Levine from Santa Monica, CA. Since there are multiple officer’s involved, not all of the officer’s can be represented by the same law firm, so some will have to conflict out to other law firms. Silver’s law office claims to be a rank-and-file law firm, but they also represent some police management unions, so basically they play both sides. PORAC which is the Peace Officer’s Research Association of California is the state police union to which officer’s from the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association are members of. PORAC, via its President Ron Cottingham will decide which officer’s receive the best representation, and from which law firms. Pres. Cottingham is a lieutenant with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and is actually pro-police management. He is friends with attorney’s from Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine as well any conflict attorney’s from PORAC that are assigned as conflict attorney’s. PORAC, via the attorney’s, including Paul Coble from Jones & Mayer will decide which involved Fullerton PD officer(s) they hate the most, and throw them under the bus as being most culpable. Any Fullerton officer that blows the whistle on which officer(s) were out of control will be the first ones fired. Any of those officers that are one of the chief’s “Good Old Boys” will be protected. Especially if they are on the department’s SWAT team, as they are the chief’s hand-picked favorites. It’s a complicated web, and it’s not as simple as police union vs. management vs. D.A.’s office. Speaking of web, the Law Firm of Silver, Hadden, Silver, Wexler & Levine is the same firm that represented Deputy Ivory Webb in San Bernardino County where he shot a male lying on the ground following a police pursuit. He was found not guilty.

  27. @58

    So, the officers thrown under the bus are not necessarily the most culpable? Wouldn’t the chief be held liable as a conspirator in deciding which cops get the most blame? Good thing the FBI is now getting involved. Throw every one of those responsible for the murder and (possible) cover up in the goddamn clink. Way to go FPD for fucking your community in the ass!

  28. What is the best kept secret by law enforcement community nationwide?

    Not one of the 19,000 + police bureaus from federal to universities officers have any procedures nor training of what
    officers must do when an officer starts to use unjustified deadly physical force.

    WE THE PEOPLE, researched and investigated for five
    years nationwide and the only law regarding this matter by
    The United States Supreme Court is, a reasonable officer
    may take a persons life. Period!

    Our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement is Oregon
    Law mandated to be in full force July 1, 2008.
    The Oregon Attorney General John Kroger said when he started to run for his office that he supports our program,
    we supported him by endorsing him with mass emailing and
    when he won the election he sent us a letter that he will be working with me “in the days to come” now 800 + days and
    he has not lifted his finger to require the startup of the program throughout Oregon.

    Recently The U. S. Civil Rights division said they started a
    probe on this dire issue with a record of police killings at the
    end of 2010 and start of 2011 at Portland Police Bureau without due cause.


    1. Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement

    2. Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY Dec. 18, 2007

    3. Jerry Atlansky Oregon Senate Hearing 2007

    Contact us for many documents that track our progress.

    Jerry Atlansky, Founder/Chairperson
    United States Police/Oregon State Police
    Independent Citizens Review Board
    Portland, Oregon 97213
    jmatlansky@gmail.com 24/365

    1. They also do not teach in law enforcement academies that We the People have a Constitutional Right to resist an unlawful detention or arrest. The US Supreme Court says so. Read the case: Elk vs US. It is caselaw that is as important as Terry v Ohio.

  29. @ Anonymous, Exactly, re: who is thrown under the bus. The “Good Old Boys” are given this umbrella of protection in exchange for their unquestionable loyalty to the chief of police or sheriff. This is why any of the officer’s involved that are on the Fullerton PD SWAT team will be exonerated by the chief. These officers provide a loyalty the chief would not otherwise receive. This is why these officer’s also find favor in promotions, special assignments and the like.

    As far as the FBI is concerned, they have only been asked to intervene in the investigation. It does not mean they are going to. Remember the key point in this: The victim is WHITE. Federal Civil Rights Violations investigations by the FBI are not conducted in cases of white victims. This is going to be an Orange County D.A. or more likely an Orange County Grand Jury case. This will be prosecuted at the local county level. As far as the chief’s culpability as a conspirator? The chief will not have to ask, as it will be done for him as a matter of unwritten protocol. When he gets the internal affairs package handed to him is when the real crimes begin. If it is not to his immediate liking, he will send it back until it is. Chief’s of police are like judges. They can do anything they want with impunity. Just ask one of them.

    1. Abuse of police powers is often investigated, especillay when it involves a substantial segment of a police agency such as Fullerton.

      Where are the real heros? Warner? Craft? Come on guys, SPEAK UP!

    2. We are dealing with the Peter Principle here. In the Fullerton PD, everyone working there has risen to their own level of incompetence!

  30. From a friend of mine who’s in law enforcement (the state Medical Board) :

    “The Feds should be investigating this as a civil rights abomination: I believe Mr. Thomas was in a protected class being disabled. They won’t play around and are more likely to exact justice.”

  31. First of all the chief looks like an ass with his tail tucked inbetween his legs for not speaking up to the public. Hope u enjoyed your vacation because the rest of your career is probably gonna be a living hell. Leave it up to us Fullerton residents to vote u in or out youll be on the first bus headed west bound back to the beach where u came from. I dont know why u chiefs get brought in from somewhere else. The chief should be a dedicated officer that has been an officer for that city for years, a veteran, one who knows the city, the streets, the community, most of all has respesct and gets respect. For example Sgt. Basham ,he might be short but his heart is alot bigger then yours towards this community.

    1. @The5ZONE: “The chief should be a dedicated officer that has been an officer for that city for years, a veteran, one who knows the city, the streets, the community, most of all has respesct and gets respect.”

      I was going to disagree but then I realized that the last few Chiefs all came from other cities. Maybe you are right…

    2. The Chief really doesn’t care. He’s just addressing what happened on his watch. He wants the cops punished if they did wrong. But in the big picture, he’s already eligible to retire and can walk off into the sunset right now if he wanted too. He might even be collecting pension from his other Chief jobs if he is one of those elite that move around for that purpose.

  32. I am so happy Shawn made this happen… He’s my hero. Wasn’t he on the city council when Sellers was named chief? Blame him and the others on the council at the time.

  33. Fullerton needs more mentally ill homeless people to break into out cars at night. Without Kelly Thomas we may need to import new criminals to fill the void.

    The only reason there is such a stink is because he was a son of a law enforcement officer. If he had been an average citizen this would have blown over. Where was his father? Why didn’t his family help him?

    1. Are you f’ing HIGH? A man who lived on the streets due to a mental disability was murdered by our police force.

      How do these whack jobs get computer access?

  34. The Chief will retire quite comfortably, even if forced-out early. Police and Fire Chiefs in Orange County typically retire in the multiple six-figure range. For life. Absolutely obscene.
    They also are hired post-retirement as “consultants,” getting the kind of hourly and daily rates that are just silly. Some I know command $200 – $300/hour.

  35. @ggh. i do agree, since kellys family is suddenly concerned and devestated over his death, why did they not intervine. yes he was an adult, but if he was as mentally ill as they claim then it seems that he should have been under the STRICT care of a doctor.. fpd will pay out, will see if the thomas family turns up with new cars, houses or vacations… fpd should not get away with this, but kellys family certainly does not deserve a pay check. especially since kelly roamed the streets (as 1 blogger that knew him said) hungry, unshowered and looking for cigarette buds….so where was the family? maybe they could have brought him food, cigarettes or allowed him to come by and shower and get some clean clothes…

    1. Moron, you can not help a schizophrenic! The family tried to help him. Get your facts straight before making your baseless allegations! Fruitcake!

  36. for justice to come back to kelly for being beaten to death….fpd should pay the money and open a facility in kelly’s name that could give aid to the homeless & mentally ill……not pay off his family that didn’t seem to give a crap about their poor, homeless mentally ill son/brother/relative…

  37. This pigs get six figure salaries for life and they act like this? If this happened in nazi Germany, what would have been done at Nuremberg in 1946? This was a barbaric hate crime, and by trying to cover it up, other members of law enforement make themsalves equally guilty. Absolutely disgusting and evil.

  38. @GGH, b nonymous,

    Kelly’s family absolutely cared about his wellbeing and safety, but there are several problems one must consider when dealing with a mentally ill, schizophrenic person.

    1) Kelly’s family took wonderful care of him after he was diagnosed. He received medical care and consultations, psychiatric medications and an unbelievable amount of support from his family.

    2) After stabilizing on his medications, Kelly would feel better, decrease or stop taking them, and then spiral back down to his original state. At this point he would want to leave the house, be out on his own, “under the stars” as family members have said.

    3) When you have a son who is already an adult it is quite difficult to hold them in if they want to leave. His family could have called the police every time he wandered out, but anyone over the age of 18 is legally allowed to make their own decisions – even when it comes to their own mental care and physical safety.

    If either of you need more information on the deep sorrow and compassion Kelly Thomas’ family has for their lost son, feel free to visit any of the following.




  39. GGH :
    The only reason there is such a stink is because he was a son of a law enforcement officer.

    Do you have a head injury? Law enforcement officers aren’t exactly popular around here at the moment.

    To recap, for those who don’t/won’t get it: you can’t force an adult to do anything, short of having them committed to an institution, and some might say that’s not necessarily better than letting them just go free, and it’s often not possible. You know, because you don’t like taxes.

  40. I’ve had occasion to see Bruce Praets roadsow at training in the past. He preaches getting ahold of persons who are injured at the hands of police very quickly and offering them money to stop future and more expensive litigation. He, in effect, is the police departments ‘bag man’ paying people for their silence. The FBI should look into this practice as well !

    By the way, I’m a policeman, for decades and I love my fellow policeman. Unfortunately this case speaks for itself. That five officers could be involved in a beating of someone to this extent refelcts on a culture of predation by the FPD.

    We hurt oursevles when we hire cowards like these. I remember an old time cop telling me, “anyone can beat someone, it takes a man to fight someone”.

  41. @dr. anonymous…. i have watched and tears are shed…..looks good for the cameras…. like i said. to bring this to justice and not allow kelly to have died in vain. open a shelter and as u say, educate people on menatlly ill….it seems fullerton has offered a pay out… if the family is sincere to really caring about kelly and bringing justice, demand that officers involved with be teminated, provide training to police personel in dealing with menatlly ill & open a shelter to help these people………… i understand all to well the rules/regs in dealing with 5150 cases…… but now for the family to care & cry or whatever….. will see if they take the paycheck…and the father who claims to teach at the academy and years of law enforment, he know darn well about a pay… like i said we will see the true motive when the city settles…… i am sick of everyone with their hand out to be paid… kelly deserves the justice and the money but since he is not here, use it for something that mattered to kelly, ie..helping others that may suffer as he did or as it has been said he was a free spirit and live under the stars… well then put it toward an eviormental cause that kelly liked…..not paying his family who didn’t do anything in protecting their gravly ill , schizophrantic, hungry son….if it was my kid roaming, in that condition, iu understand he was an adult and could do want he wanted, but i would have stuck to my kid like glue to ensure his safety…

  42. Best practice ’till the 6 are off the streets:

    Don’t stop for any Fullerton PD.

    Keep rolling until you get into another city.

    Do not allow a Fullerton Police officer to stop you for any reason.

  43. Are you serious. I would always give the officers the benefit. But the photos, well, never again. God forgive them.

  44. I really feel for the family of Mr. Kelly Thomas..But u can’t blam all fullerton officers for what 6 did. We have good officers in fullerton…As for the bad one they will get there day in court..and pay for what they did…

  45. RE: Investigation in the Hands of the Chief’s Buddy.

    Who would want to come forward with evidence, Again, Fox in the HenHouse..

    Does not instil confidence in DA’s Office!!!

  46. So if someone sends a unsigned note it supposed to believed as the truth. What other information is there to back up these statements that were made.

  47. I have had a brief encounter with the OC DA’s office. About 12 or 13 years ago, I received an $ 80 citation for having a dog on the beach, which I pleaded Not Guilty to. They set a court date, wouldn’t accept paying the $ 80 bail, similar to a traffic citation, and then required me to not leave the state until the trial about a month later. I told the court that because of my job requiring extensive travel, I could not do that, and attempted to change my plea to Guilty and pay the $ 80 fine. They refused, and of course, I did leave the state several times in order not to lose my job. For the record, I have lived in OC most of my adult life and have owned a home here fo most of that time. When my case was dismissed, because the animal control officer didn’t show up, the DA put up a fight with the judge, repeatedly calling me a “criminal”.

    That’s the Orange County DA’s office, a joke of law and order if I’ve ever seen one.

  48. Lets taster and Tony Rackauskus at the Ballot Box when he’s up next for elections.

    Do not re-elect this jerk.

  49. Wow I just can’t or don’t understand why all of these officers have not been arrested for murder with plenty of enhancements one they all had fucking uniforms one enhancement abuse of authority, another is willful disregard for human life, depraved indifference all six of those motherfuckers are guilty of murder. The chief also should be arrested for hindering and trying to cover it up. In addition, everyone that got on the bus and who did nothing should be ashamed of themselves they should have been on the phone to the state police and if they didn’t listen then the FBI.

  50. b nonymous :@dr. anonymous…. i have watched and tears are shed…..looks good for the cameras…. like i said. to bring this to justice and not allow kelly to have died in vain. open a shelter and as u say, educate people on menatlly ill….it seems fullerton has offered a pay out… if the family is sincere to really caring about kelly and bringing justice, demand that officers involved with be teminated, provide training to police personel in dealing with menatlly ill & open a shelter to help these people………… i understand all to well the rules/regs in dealing with 5150 cases…… but now for the family to care & cry or whatever….. will see if they take the paycheck…and the father who claims to teach at the academy and years of law enforment, he know darn well about a pay… like i said we will see the true motive when the city settles…… i am sick of everyone with their hand out to be paid… kelly deserves the justice and the money but since he is not here, use it for something that mattered to kelly, ie..helping others that may suffer as he did or as it has been said he was a free spirit and live under the stars… well then put it toward an eviormental cause that kelly liked…..not paying his family who didn’t do anything in protecting their gravly ill , schizophrantic, hungry son….if it was my kid roaming, in that condition, iu understand he was an adult and could do want he wanted, but i would have stuck to my kid like glue to ensure his safety…

    jackass get off your bought and paid for by the FPD high horse why shouldn’t the family get a paycheck along with those six going to prison or death roll.

  51. No wonder Fullerton has a Police Goon Squad! Look at the photo of the Goon Squad Chief, he looks like the type that condones beating up the mentally ill and homeless people! Wow!

  52. Oh! Less I forget! Where is the A.C.L.U.!
    WHERE IS THE A.C.L.U.!!! ARE YOU OUT THERE? You are SUPPOSE to keep these Goon Squads off the streets!

    1. The ACLU created the chaos and dysfunction within mental health. You can not force medication for psychiatric illnesses unless there is a court order. You also can not force someone into a mental institution against their will unless it is a 72 hour hold!

  53. Untouchable Orange County District Attorney Office is a laughing stocks and disgrace to our Justice System. They are protecting each others.
    The most disturbing story is corruption is everywhere in Orange County.











  56. Do the laws not apply to everyone? DAs office best get thier act together and do the right thing here or it come right back in thier faces. Charge these so called cops with the crime they have comitted.

  57. Orange County District Attorney Office is snakes guarding the hen house and never trust them with powerful Police Union behind.
    We treating animals better than our own kind?
    The Fed and FBI are our Only Hope. You have to voice your concerns to CA Governor Ed Brown and U.S. White House.

  58. WE NEED TO DEMAND A GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION, which is made up of citizens with the power to investigate, force police to hand over ALL evidence and documents. We must demand this. Giving it to friends of police is only going to allow them to do more hiding and covering up. The police have already proven by lack of response time THEY are not going to investigate their own. City officials are in the same boat as they are not standing up for the citizens. DEMAND A GRAND JURY investigation http://cgja.org/

  59. witness interview are in interrogation rooms with lots of sneering innuendo and a full police investigation of the witness. lots of in your face questions, and threats about false reports etc. take a lawyer and/or recorder

  60. cicinelli was shot by “a heavily bearded man” as described in the article at that mans sentencing. his mommy also made a statement that her son was terrified and confused about why the mean man kept shooting him when he was down. he has had a hardon for the look ever since.

  61. first i would to say that murder is murder I am tiered of all Officials getting off with slap in hand, I want to see why this homeless man was beaten till he look like ground beef.
    They knew him. is this the new Police State Murder homeless people, are you police or military, your mind set is more on killing I see a change even in the videos of your move. What is this. As we are advocates for children in Foster Care CPS, why dont you go pick those murderers, I have 1 beating of an Autistic boy and one disabled one wrongly accused and beaten put in jail with regular jail people. What was the Lions hour to eat. You work for US WE THE PEOPLE, YOU UNLESS OTHERWISE, ARE NOT TO BEAT, KILL OR ROUGH ANYONE OF US UP. I SWEAR YOU WILL SEE THE SIDE OF JAIL YOU WILL NOT BE LOVED…. DISGUSTING ACTIONS FOR SOMEONE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR SAFETY/.


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