139 Replies to “FBI Launches Formal Investigation into the Kelly Thomas Beating”

    1. Kelly deserves justice! This is a step in the right direction but sadly guarantees nothing In today’s society. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the watch commander somehow “recorded over or misplaced or forgot to record” the video taken from the camera at the transportation center. With the recent sequence of coverups from the FPD how can we trust the men who WE PAY to protect us from criminals like their own men who MURDERED an innocent man. I’m also really tired of hearing how kelly was buglarizing cars, I personally seen this man almost every morning and every afternoon on my way to and from work nearly everytime I had seen Kelly he was wandering around looking for cigarrette butts I would occasionally give him a cigarette and he would always thankme kindly and go back to looking at the ground. I would bet everything I own that Kelly was scouring the parking lot form cigarette butts and some paranoid person seen him walking through the lot and decided to be a good citizen and call the police, boy I’d really hate to have that phone call on my conscience!!!! Kelly was no drunk or drug addict he never smelled of booze he just smelled like he didn’t shower These police officers know all the homeless in fullerton especially Kelly because of his location at the transportation center which is probably one of the most patrolled areas in downtown fullerton.

      1. I listened yesterday in total disbelief and can only pry that these cops are all charged with murder. It is obvious from looking at the picture here on KFI there was something that seriously went wrong with these A-hole cops. I also listened to the video and listened to his cries for help while being beaten to death by a group of out of control cops. I want the names of this group of dogs be aired. I think giving out their names and addresses will if nothing else put the fear of God in them

      2. I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years. this type of behavior by anyone is unacceptable and even less if a law enforcement officer is involved.they need to be arrested and any superior officer who offers an excused should be fired. This is a black eye on the many of us who took a vow to uphold, protect and serve. I hope this is not washed under the rug by letting time pass. it makes me sick to my stomach

        1. Thank you Louis. If I was an officer myself this would bother me tremendously. Most of the officers I’ve encountered have been fair. They work in the public eye and are scrutinized as a result. Now with this incident out in public view it will make your job harder still.
          If I was with 5 others and they beat a guy to death while I stood and did nothing I’d end up in jail just like them. There needs to be accountability for all 6 of them.

        2. I appreciate your service as a LEO and I am in agreement with you that the behavior demonstrated in this case is unacceptable. We have to continue to shine the light in these dark places, hold people accountable, and give them consequences for unlawful behavior. It bothers me that it causes some people to overgeneralize and begin to hate and distrust all LE, just as it bothers me when people stigmatize the mentally ill. We have to continue to look at what we are doing, why we are doing, and how we can do it better.

  1. I can’t wait to see footage of these 6 thugs hauled off in handcuffs on the evening news. Great job Shawn! You got my vote!

  2. Well done! At least one OC politico has got some huevos. Good job Mr. Nelson. You’ve got my whole family’s support! That’s three conservative voters and three self-avowed liberals!

  3. This is awesome news, I am so please that the FBI is now involved and will be doing an unbiased investigation. This is just what the Thomas family needs to get to the truth.

    1. I can’t even bring myself to watch the video…my 18 yr old daughter watched it and cried when she heard him calling for his dad..then told me “don’t watch it, mom it will give you nightmares”

    2. Don’t get too excited about the FBI doing the right thing. Keeping Kelly’s case in the forefront and the heat on the FBI is the only way Kelly is going to get any justice!

  4. Saw reference to beating death on Fox Business News and listened to John & Ken this afternoon. Good going Friends for Fullerton. But for you, this would have been swept under the usual rug by the local cop/public enployee/city hall corruption machine.

  5. Thank you Shawn for this. Outside of my college years, I have lived in Fullerton my entire life and love this city. I own property here and pay taxes as do my parents and in-laws. Kelly Thomas’ death at the hands of the FPD has pissed me off beyond anything in recent memory. It is now becoming apparent that this is being, at best, swept under the rug by the police chief. Thanks to your help, FFFF, KFI and now the int’l media, that will not happen.

    This is the third, and most awful event in recent FPD history that now has me concerned about the quality of policing and our safety in Fullerton. First, we had officer Kelly Mejia stealing an iPad at the Miami airport, then officer Todd Major stealing who-knows how much…Oh yeah, then there’s the complaint against Gary Tong…

    We need to put intense pressure on the city council, mayor and police chief to purge the FPD of these officers who committed this murder. That’s what it is. Murder.

  6. Just got off the phone with Nelson. The story of him calling the Feds and how easy it was to get this going was pretty amazing. Hopefully he’ll tell the story on John and Ken tomorrow.

    1. Don’t forget that Shawn Nelson solicited and accepted the Fullerton Police Department Association’s endorsement in his campaign for Fullerton City Council (2006). FPD gave him $$$$$$!

      Oh yes, and John and Ken–those advocates for the homeless, the mentally ill, and the downtrodden poor. Over the years, how much have they done to help such people? (Nothing.) How how much have they personally pulled out of their own bloated, shock jock wallets to assist individuals on the street, such as Kelly Thomas? (Not one penny.) They, like most of the FFFF ilk, enjoy frothing and spouting out contempt for any tax-funded program or volunteer program that is designed to aid such individuals. The “compassionate conservative” plan has been to eliminate programs for the mentally ill and discharge them from state institutions onto the streets (Reagan in the 80s) but then kick them out of town by sunset (Fullerton in 2011).

      Thus, the FPD’s politics is similar to that of the local conservative businessmen and Republican city politicians (and the KFI audience) who want the mentally ill and homeless to be made invisible. In fact, the Fullerton PD has more than likely been pressured to get the homeless out of sight (and out of mind) because they’re scaring 20-something customers away from DTF gin mills.

      By the way, isn’t Shawn Nelson a co-owner of a SoCo saloon? The Continental? Once with Sean “Where’s Waldo” Francis. Who was Nelson’s former campaign manager? Who was best buddies with John Cross, the FPD Association leader who was fired for brutality?

      1. mariadejesus, your wining is getting real old. Shawn Nelson is the most righteous local politician in recent times. Your jealousy of Nelson is shining through your comment. Take a hike!

        1. Respond to the facts presented in my post about Nelson. Don’t confuse them with jealousy. You’re the one with the man-crush on Nelson, not I.

          PS. If my “wining” is old then it must an excellent vintage.

      2. Nelson Has nothing to do with the Continental Room, or any Bar. John Cross was not fired for brutality, he was fired by a corrupt Captain Greg Maze who was gunning for chief and Cross would not support him, John was the President of the Fullerton Police Officers Ass. Politics……Signed Waldo

        1. John Cross (and his partner Gregg Nowling) were giving the dept. a bad name and creating a situation where other bad cops would feel they could also get away with anything. The most serious complaint against Officer Cross involved the beating of a handcuffed young black man in the elevator of the police station. Stopped for playing his car radio too loud, the young man was arrested after giving a false name to police. The beating was caught on tape and witnessed. Cross was demoted, but not dismissed.

          Other complaints over the years included: an insurance kick-back scheme involving the Police Association, which cost the city money (Cross was president at the time); repeated failure to turn on his DAR (digital audio recording) device as required by law. The device records what happens during an incident with the public. It prevents corruption, as well as protecting both officers and the public in contested cases; failing to follow up on a case of a potential suicide; and other incident of conduct unbecoming an officer.

          The final straw came when he failed to contact dispatch when an intoxicated off duty sheriff was brandishing a weapon near a local business. Although no shooting incident occurred the outcome could have been very different. Because it was not reported to dispatch the incident was never fully investigated, allowing a crime by law enforcement to go unpunished.

          Police Chief Pat McKinley (now retired) fired Cross in August of 2007. Cross immediately contested but the arbitrator held up the termination.

      3. keep it coming maridejesus because we the people must acknowledge the good people do but not let it cloud the facts. None of us are perfect and exposing our and others frailties makes all of us more humble and thus more attached to reality. I respect shawn nelson’s efforts, and hope he reads this blog so he may know that his past sins may be forgiven if he does the right thing now and in the future(forgive my religious nanlogies, I react to your name mariadejesus

      4. Methinks we may have an avatar of 4SD Observer on our hands here. Hatred of Nelson, use of the phrase “FFFF ilk,” pops up when the Yellowing Fullerton Observer crowd has its chickenshit hypocrisy exposed.

        In any case please pulleth thy head out of thy rectum.

        1. there still exists a yellowing observer following. I thought Fullerton Stories siphoned off what was left of faithful readers of the Fullerton(yellowing)Observer. Anyhoo, the FOol only writes updates to Coytes Hills because sharon Kennedy’s ghost wrter Professor Buck cares more about the plight of coyotesnd nature trails than people

        2. Where in my post is there a statement of hatred directed at Shawn Nelson?

          The facts are that: while a member of the Fullerton City Council, he was very proud of receiving endorsements and contribution$$$ from the Fullerton PD Union. Statements and photos demonstrating his strong relationship with the FPD was printed all over his campaign flyers and mailers. One of the Fullerton cops with whom he was particularly friendly was John Cross, the union boss. Cross was fired from the force by the then police chief (McKinley) for a list of misconduct charges that included brutality.

          Don’t confuse facts with hatred.

  7. As an Anaheim resident im horrified.. Im sickened by the 6 cowards in the Fullerton PD! Animals! Hope they lose jobs..

    1. Lose their job?!?!?!?!?!? They should be tried for MURDER. Geez. Lose their jobs????? Yeah, that’ll teach them.

      1. Janie says: “Lose their job?!?!?!?!?!? They should be tried for MURDER”.
        No kidding, absolutly! Charged with Murder, with special circumstances since they are supposed to be be “Protecting and Serving” the public, not Murdering them!

  8. I cannot believe that action was taken so quickly. Terrific news! Hopefully this will send a strong message to public servants and remind them that they are not above the law..

  9. I am so pleased and relieved that Shawn Nelson has taken this step. God help us all when the thugs mascarade as our protectors. They brutally beat to death a helpless man suffering from schizoprenia and they actually thought they could get awaywith it. This beggars belief. I’m at once shocked, disgusted and absolutely furious that these animals would do such a thing to a hamless defenceless man.

    I hope the FBI also nail the socalled DA and the cover-up queen of a police chief.

    With all that said my stomach is still sick! Sick! Sick !!!!!

  10. the fullerton police cheif should resign and the officers shouyld be prosecuted as well as the cheif for conspiracy to hide a crime. my son has problems but a heart of gold im so very sory for this young mans father. i personaly would have hunted these cowards down and sent them to hell where they surly belong you primitive worthless cowards

  11. I listen to John and Ken from afar in Hawaii. This story broke my heart. My deepest condolences go out to the Thomas family. This murder furthered my concerns about the way the police now see themselves in our society, ie judge, jury, and executor. The Douglas Zerby case in Long Beach last year is another example. The cops are rarely held accountable for their actions anymore. It is heartening that the FBI may get involved, but I would not hold any celebrations yet. Our society grows more corrupt by the day, with the government on one side, and we “mere” citizens on the other.

  12. so sad i dont even reconize america as i knew it to be as a child just maybe we the citizens really need to rise up and bring about change..all forms of our goverment and policing forces are so out of touch with us regular americans.. and i am very conservitive..even our president is fed up with the complete destruction of the usa i am willing to give it all up to get our country back and most people are too when are our elected and paid for civil servants going to realize this. did you know the goverment has plans to shut us down by military force regular americans protesting in the streets– sounds like a third world state if you ask me..

    1. Do you have a link for the use of military force to shut down protests? Not busting your chops. I am interested in what information you have.


      1. Pete, wish I could remember the exact site. Obama was talking about his desire and need for a civilian national security force similar to our military in number and power.
        It brought to mind the extra-military armed force Lenin (NKVD predecessor), Hitler (Brown shirts), and others used. Also that Obama has a way of saying something almost as an aside, but really meaning it…like nationalized health care and wealth redistribution during the 2008 election. Hope it is a misplaced concern.

        1. I think it was the site where you read about death panels and how he was going to take everybody;s guns. We did manage to pull off the redistribution of wealth, though. It was redistributed straight into Lloyd Blankfein’s Swiss bank account.

  13. Myself and others across the country that have been watching this are very happy to see that you have requested the investigation.

  14. Thank you Shawn Nelson.

    Clearly, the Fullerton Police, the Fullerton City Council and the Orange County District Attorney lacked the credibility to invesigate this responsibly.

    Hopefully, the Frederal Government will investigate this and the responsible parties (whoever they are) will be held accountable.

  15. i hope that those police who did this get the same treatment as a civilian “murderer. i hope they roth in hell……….

  16. Was the watch commander that night really zooming in on the details of the beating using the City cam? Where’s the copy?

  17. I’m sure this was an easy decision for the F.B.I. to get involved. All you have to do is take a quick glance at this story and realize a huge injustice was done here. I hope for justice for the Thomas Family. Thanks FFFF, KFI, John and Ken, and Mr. Thomas for having the foresight to photograph his son after the beating, this was key.

  18. I just wonder if I wouldn’t be hunted down and thrown into jail if me and 5 others beat and killed a homeless guy. How many months were police looking for the beaters of Brian Stow, the giant fan? So why do these animals -caught on tape, witnessed by a bunch of people get to beat a man mercilessly who then dies as a direct cause of that horrific beat down get to not only keep their jobs and work as normal but get sheilded by top management? its like the mob boss and his mafiosa running the town. I just hope the FBI arent dirty either. My heart is heavy tonight, this is terrifing-I can only imagine what the family is feeling now-thank God Kelly can’t feel anymore pain -may all those involved and all those who tried to cover this up be exposed and dealt with harshly.

  19. Looks like another Rodney King beat-down!These poorly trained knuckle-dragin thugs give all us law enforcement Officers a black eye.Their are good Police out there These are Bad Apples who should be suspended immediately and held accountable for their actions

  20. Our gratitude and kudos to Shawn Nelson for taking this action. But I have one question. Why did it take nearly four weeks, if it was so easy, for Mr. Nelson to finally go to the FBI?

    The reason is that Mr. Nelson knows that this action is going to be great for his political career even though he basically just stabbed one of his major political supporters (the FPD) in the back.

    As far as I am concerned this should have been job one to get to the bottom of this from the minute Kelly Thomas was harrassed, brutally beaten, tasered and killed by six FPD officers for really no justified reason. Taking four weeks to tell us that going to the FBI on this was easy is unacceptable. You need to be a little faster on your feet, Mr. Nelson.

    1. I don’t exactly idolize Nelson but I this criticism is unwarranted. It would have been very easy for him to do nothing, like everybody else in elected or appointed office is doing. It has taken this long to be evident that nobody in Fullerton Govt is going to do anything, that the DA is predictably dragging his feet, and now that some Sellers crony is going to handle the farce ‘investigation’. Yeah, and OJ is looking for the real killers on the golf courses of America.

      I think Nelson deserves nothing but praise for this.

      1. That’s right, never be afraid to praise a politician you dislike when he does something good.

        Otherwise you forfeit the right to rip on a politician you do like when they fuck up.

        Both happen frequently if you pay attention.

      2. Criticism of a public official is never unwarranted, especially when it’s a guy like Shawn Nelson, a political corpse-fucker who gets a hard-on at the smell of opportunistic politics (see: his vote on Coyote Hills last year).
        Nelson is grand-standing on this issue and, as much as I fervently applaud and admire Friends of Fullerton’s coverage of this, by linking the FBI inquiry with Nelson–without actually looking into it–it’s merely giving the guy great press when the reality might be far different. And hopefully, someone will investigate that.

        1. And with that said: Friends of Fullerton, you’re doing exemplary work in helping keep this horrific story on the collective radar.

  21. It seems there is a trend of this behavior within the FPD and I hope the other incidents are also investigated. According to a post on the following link there are 3 separate events that occurred within 1 week and if you read the rest of the comments related to this video it states that it is some of the same officers.


    “My brothers and I were lynched by Fullerton PD early morning on July 4th….less then 48 hours later, Fullerton PD killed Kelly Thomas! Then six days later, they did this to you and your friend! I see a trend here!! Hit me up…we need to get together and protest and show your video and our pictures! WE GOT FUCKED UP!!! And we got fucked up due to mistaken identity!!

    TheOCsouthsider 3 days ago in playlist Corrupt Authorities (Pigs)”

    1. every one of those cops, no ALL Fullerton cops should be drug tested for steroids. and fired if dirty on steroids or any unauthorized drug.

  22. As an American and a US Army vet im sick!! These animals that did this need to pay.. I keep replaying in my head Kelly crying for his father and it drives me crazy.. Enough is enough. The Fullerton PD will fire those officers involved.. We will force the so called Chief of Police ro resign.. It will happen.. Or they will have to kill alot more people.. Including this pist of Army vet..

    Anyone in Fullerton PD wana email me, bring it! s4delta@yahoo.com

  23. And cops wonder why they’re hated. I like to think that most cops are good but these days that thought is almost gone.

    People need to stand up against crooked pigs

  24. Praise the Lord, and let this be a lesson to all. More anger management training(a lot more) and psychological testing is needed in all police departments everyone. If they want our respect, and expect me to teach my special needs child to respect them, like I have been doing, then they need to take accountability on their end when things like this happen. This is beyond a tragedy.

  25. Yeah, I would like to know why it took Nelson 3 damn weeks to act if it was “so easy” to launch an investigation with the FBI=wonder if all the public outcry had anything to do with it, hmmmmm? his name would be mud too if he ignored this and he knew it-explain Nelson explain

  26. That was the sickest gang beating we have ever seen, he was just fighting for his life like his father said, it would have more humane to just have shot him.

  27. If there were 6 guys on my back, electrocuting me, slamming my face into the pavement and hitting me on the head with a flashlight, I’d be struggling too. Add on the fact that this guy was mentally ill and didn’t know why he was being piled on and this story becomes truly sickening.

  28. The Death of Kelly Thomas murdered by the Fullerton Police Department!

    The Fullerton Police Dept. is corrupt. For many years I was a very close with the department, It was one of the best in Orange County, then with the promotion of corrupt captains and the only good captain leaving to become a chief in another State, “Chief Geoff Spaulding”, we all saw the writing on the wall after Captain Geoff Spaulding left, Firing of good officers with years of experience (Officers J.C.& G.N.) because they were not drinking buddies of these corrupt captains, and would not support one of the captains for chief. Captains drinking and acting like the same drunk 21 year olds their officer’s arrest for being disorderly in the same Fullerton downtown bars. Drunk driving in their/Our city owned Police cars. Captains having extra marital affairs with bar maids in the Downtown Fullerton bars.

    I personally witnessed with 100 other people, 2 drunk captains (off duty, but they drove to heroes bar 125 W Santa Fe Ave, in their city cars) getting in a fight with each other at Heroes Bar, it started as a pushing match and ending up with the Heroes bouncers breaking it up and everyone on the floor with broken glass, spilt beer, and of course peanut shells all over them.

    I have been away from the City of Fullerton for over a year and I believe these captains have since been retired, but they have promoted their drinking buddies up the ranks and set the tone for the next many years in that Department. Now with an absent chief that no one ever sees (does he even exist?) the only hope that department has is Captain Dan Hughes. The current chief should be fired, he’s only there to collect a double pension raping the tax payers of Orange County, Call Chief Seller’s office 714.738.6825 and see if he at work, 9 times out of 10 he’s out of the office and enjoying his beach house in Laguna Beach. Citizens of Fullerton should demand Capt. Danny Hughes be immediately promoted to Police Chief! Citizens should call the city Manager and voice their complaints 714.738.6311!

    This Beating of Kelly Thomas is a very sad way for our great citizens of Fullerton to discover how mismanaged and dangerous the Fullerton Police Department really is. A man is dead because of a out of control police department! I say to all the citizens of Fullerton, If not Danny Hughes becoming chief, then Start with a new chief and do a major house cleaning from the top down! The D.A. already has its sights on the Fullerton Police Department and they way things are going I would bet the States Attorney General will be next. Guess who’s paying the lawsuit coming on this one? You the tax payer if you live in Fullerton! Millions of dollars will be paid to the Thomas family strait out of the city’s general fund, you know the one that keeps the streets clean and the parks green, Glad to be 8000 miles away from “Fullerton Metal Jacket”!

      1. Well, just this week, I gutterballed in front of a student. She told her parents and the whole thing is out of control. I told Phil about it earlier this week.

  29. BAD journalism,
    If this is true, great. But, is it true? Where is the corroborating source? All of this hinges on one guy’s words: Shawn Nelson. Where is the affirmation from the Justice DEpt, or anyone at the federal level? And Nelson sends a letter and–the very same day–the Feds pick up the investigation? The Register followed your lead, as the Register should. But it’s story, as well, lacks a second source. I’m not saying Shawn Nelson is a liar–although he is an elected official. but this REEKS of political grandstanding. I hope the Feds come, though, and my first suggestion to them is: STAY THE HELL OUT OF SOCO. IT SUCKS!!!!

    1. There are no “journalists” here; only bloggers.

      You are free to wait around for corroborating sources as long as you like.

      1. so bloggers don’t consider themselves journalists? This isn’t a frivolous question. I would think at some point, anyone interested in informing people about anything (as your site obviously is) would want that information to be as accurate and detailed and substantiated as much as possible. Just because someone doesn’t get paid to write, doesn’t mean they can’t be a journalist, can it?

        1. Mr Boo,

          Why don’t you give us an ACCURATE portrail of what actually happened. Im listening.. Try to prove to me how those 6 animals had probable cause to beat a man to death. A man that was crying for his father… I don’t think anyone could give me a plauisible reason for what happend.

          For me its simple.. Police officers who are above the law who know they have the backing of corrupt police leaders… BUT THIS END NOW!.

          Fullerton Police will be forced to change…

          1. Tony in Anaheim:
            You’re an idiot. Read my post. I’m not calling into question the purported facts of the Kelly Thomas beat-down: I’m merely asking an f’n questions about this blog: at what point do you hold yourself to a higher standard of substantiation and fact-checking. I think it’s a valid question. Unless you’re a fucking idiot like you.

  30. Shout out for Shawn for manning up to Fullerton PD that murdered a defenseless man with an obvious disability and for challenging the complicity of our very own fullerton city council with their efforts to hide or minimize the crime committed by their police force

  31. I’ve had occasion to see Mr. Praets roadsow at training in the past. He preaches getting ahold of persons who are injured at the hands of police very quickly and offering them money to stop future and more expensive litigation. He, in effect, is the police departments ‘bag man’ paying people for their silence. The FBI should look into this practice as well !

    By the way, I’m a policeman, for decades and I love my fellow policeman. Unfortunately this case speaks for itself. That five officers could be involved in a beating of someone to this extent refelcts on a culture of predation by the FPD.

  32. The FBI has a history of being much less corrupt than any other law enforcement agency. Sure they have corruption, but I know in a case like this they will be honest.

    Also did you know that FBI agents make far less than the FPD thugs and are far better educated. A little envy might make them work even harder.

  33. Much thanks to Shawn and this site for drawing attention to this injustice. Without you, it’s obvious that this story would have died a quiet death and the officers responsible would completely escape any responsibility for their actions. Please stay on top of this and keep us informed of developments as they arise.

  34. im glad this was turned over to the FBI. However, i hate to remind everone that this has been going on in the black communtiy for years. Excessive force has always been justified when the victim is black or brown & though it broke my heart when i heard about how savagely kelly thomas was murdered i was not at all suprised. I hope his family finds peace but, whether or not they find justice is still up for grabs.

  35. I am HORRIFIED to hear and to deeply understand that this abysmal Crime has been buried, as if it never happened. And, the people that took part in this crime and the people that are burying their head in the sand, are all “guilty” as sin.

    These are police officers (people) that we are supposed to be able to trust and respect. And, when our children and grandchildren have doubted that they are out there to do good, have tried to support and tell them they are good.

    WOW…when things like this happen and “corrupt actions” follow, it leaves no room for trust and respect. Trust and Respect is earned…just wearing a “badge” doesn’t earn it…and now the guilty ones with a badge…have ruined the trust and respect for all the others who wear it. Truly SAD!

    “A Big Thank You” to Shawn for taking the action needed…and in your position will be taken seriously…Thank You!

  36. dozens of witnesses afraid to try to sop them from beating this guy for fear they’d get killed too. and now afraid to come forth to say anything, what is this Nazi germany? Afganastan?

  37. As a long time Fullerton resident with a disabled son I am determined to see justice done in this case. My son will be a young adult soon and I am afraid that one day he will come across a cop like these thugs. It would be shocking if these thugs had picked him up and beat him in some secluded location. The fact they did it right out in front of everybody with NO fear of consequences: now THAT is truly scary.

  38. These cops are a bunch of f-ing Pussy’s hiding behind their badge and guns….Such tough guys right!? This is “Gang Violence” on a Homeless Man…Period.. They used to be above the law…before “youtube” was created ofcourse…God bless social media…Or social Justice I should say!!

  39. These cops probably all had a beer and bragged about how awesome it was beating this harmless homeless guy….Now they can have a beer and talk about how long they will be in jail for…CHEERS TO THAT!!

  40. This is not about what Shawn Nelson did or did not do, it is about this blog getting the facts out to the public and bringing this to light. Kudos! Nelsons letter was late in coming but it is at least some action by the OC Supervisors, the rest sadly are keeping silent.
    Started with Travis and Tony and then Whitaker now Nelson comes forward, come on where are the rest of the “representatives” of the people of Fullerton and the OC?

  41. I have an acquaintance, the friend of a friend, who was married to a cop (who committed suicide) and has a son who is a cop. She believes that every cop walks on water and nothing you say or prove to her otherwise will make her change her mind or even concede that they are not gods in blue. I do not understand how so many people can be so blind to what cops do and get away with while hiding behind their shield the blue line. I don’t know which disgusts me more, the cops doing the beating or the ones covering for them.

  42. So, the FBI is called in. That’s the same as saying a committee has been named to investigate. This is the bureaucratic way of calming people down until memories fail.

  43. My heart breaks for Kelly Thomas’ father. Here is a man caught in the middle of several issues along with a horrendous loss of his son. The homeless issues across the country has been swept to the side and Kelly is not the first to die by police. Maybe he’s the sacrificial lamb whose death will open eyes to how homeless human beings are being treated as non humans. I am writing this from the South. From the looks of the neighborhood where this massacre ocurred this was no slum and even the homeless man who witnessed it and spoke out did not look down and out like some homeless in other towns,cities do. Being homeless is not a choice. With all the foreclosures and other natural disasters in this country this year alone,a whole new group of “homeless” has been created. Kelly Thomas is a man most of the world never heard of,but now as tears fall from any eyes who witnessed how this man was savagely beaten to death by the very people(if they can remotely hold that description) Kelly’s name is synonomous with the epitome of cruelty and a picture of government out control.Many young adults take to the streets due to mental illness of one degree or another.Many times they are medicated by doctors and psychiatrists with mind altering drugs which they are told will help their mental illness. The facts are that these same “meds” are the cause of worsening mental illness.Yet, these young adults want to attempt a form of independence and living with family is not always an option or a choice. So because they cannot function in the jobless society in which they reside,they end up on the street. This is not cut and dry,it has many variables. A parent has no legal right over an adult child without a court document over riding the child’s status of that person’s “rights”. The medical community also will not reveal their medical information without their consent. It’s a catch 22. How do you help an adult child without their consent to losing their rights to govern their own life. I assure you it’s not easy for a parent to intervene in most cases.
    Kelly Thomas is one of many young adults who have had experience with drugs given by doctors. Sometimes these drugs lead to other drugs gotten on the street. Many times it’s a careless medical system that keeps prescribing these mind altering psychotropic,antipsychotic poisons

  44. Letter sent to Fullerton County:
    Dear Council Members and Law Enforcement Officials of Fullerton County,

    I implore you to look hard at this case, and do all in your power to get an honest investigation in the matter of now deceased
    Mr. Kelly Thomas. This has gone national, and it doesn’t take much intelligence to see that this is a HOMICIDE committed by some
    of the officers of the Fullerton Police Department.
    I understand that officers risk their lives daily to protect the public, and normally this is the case. I believe Kelly Thomas “more than
    likely” WAS the person involved in the incident the officers went to investigate. HOWEVER, I was not aware the officers were now
    the entire Judge, jury, and executioners for those whom are PRESUMED guilty.
    Even “IF” Mr. Thomas did in fact resist arrest, I am quite sure that 6 officers would have had NO problem detaining and arresting
    an UNARMED homeless person in a proper manner, particularly since a taser was used to help detain the individual.
    I have viewed the picture that has been released of the aftermath of this “HOMICIDE” of Kelly Thomas and it has compelled me to write to you.

    Truthfully I am sorry an officer received soft tissue damage, which in turn compelled the officers in a pack mentality to pound and
    beat a man who had already been rendered helpless by being tased upwards of 3 to 5 times , who is, during these tasings and beatings
    crying out for his Dad for help as they are “MURDERING” him. Survival instinct would insist an individual try to protect himself from death.
    There really isn’t a need for an investigation here other than to build evidence for the prosecution against the involved officers
    for the court proceedings prior to the prison term they will receive for this betrayal of public trust, their sworn duties, and wrongful death.
    There is not, nor could there “EVER” be an excuse for the brut force that was used in this situation, and there are plenty of witnesses.
    There has been way to much of this lately and it needs to STOP, starting NOW. Many truly good law abiding citizens are taking notice of
    the bad judgment being used by our officers across the United States. I have donated to our TPD and Sheriff department for years in the past.
    I am thankful for our hard working officers that keep our streets safe on a daily basis. That is a dangerous position to be in.
    I do not have a traffic or parking ticket on my record, I have never been arrested, and yet this alarms me to an extensive degree.
    That would be an understatement. I am extremely upset these officers are allowed to continue working pending this investigation.
    Officers are here to enforce the laws AND FOLLOW them, NOT to abuse the position they hold.

    Council Members, and law enforcement officials of Fullerton, you now have a duty to the public and the Thomas family to take care of,
    however uncomfortable it may make you.

    Rest in peace, Kelly Thomas. My heartfelt condolences to your Father and Family.

  45. What Im curious about are the wives and kids of these monsters, did they not know or are they monsters too? well, its been 3 weeks im going to say they are animals by proxy -if they didnt know about it when it happened, they know now and stay quiet about it -it would be instant divorce as far as im concerned and I’d be telling the media everything-how could you make love with an inhumane piece of dispicable garbage knowing what the man you married is capable of?

  46. @Nipsey and Mr. Nelson and others… I am glad that Supervisor Nelson took this step….don’t get me wrong. I am also glad about Chris Thompson, the FFFF blog and others that have forced the issue. I am also glad that John and Ken on KFI are picking up the torch and helping make this a major story now. I am also glad that Councilwoman Quirk-Silva, and before that Councilman Whittaker wrote their letters. I am only questioning the time frame. Why did it take so long while this blog and other Fullerton residents constantly were asking questions about this incident.

    I am sick to just find out yesterday that these officers were not already put on administrative leave. i thought that was a given…given the circumstances. Isn’t that standard operating procedure during an investigation of this magnitude?

    My point is…this makes our city look very bad. It would have been nice when John and Ken started telling the story…they could have said…”Our Chief of Police immediately suspended without pay the officers involved until an investigation is completed both by internal affairs and the DA’s office…Or our City Council and Supervisor and City Manager demanded a full investigation immediately…or our Chief of Police has been in constant contact with the public on this matter…or a quick and swift decision has been made..”

    Of course they could say none of that. Our Police Chief in everybody’s eyes that heard the show yesterday is hiding something, our City Council and City Manager and our Supervisor took three weeks to comment and were slow to act.

    Yes, while it was good for Quirk-Silva, Nelson, and Whittaker to make the statements of outrage and a demand of action…it does come off as a bit of political grand standing when it took so long to act.

    Agree with this or not, this is a sad day in the history of our city. After the John and Ken shows on Thurs. and Fri. I am actually embarrassed right now to admit I am from Fullerton and have lived here my entire 52 years of my life.

  47. @Nipsey – And for the record I did vote for Shawn Nelson for City Council and later for Supervisor. Even though I disagreed with some of his postions and comments…I felt he was a good man for both of those positions at the time. But he does have a history of doing things that really look like political posturing. I submit his comments about the Lemon Street Murals as evidence of that. He made some rather insensitive remarks about that then he tried to back track by posting on blogs about how he was a “friend” of the Latino community.

  48. I have been in the Fullerton Community since 1962. As years have passed, I have seen the Fullerton Police Dept. become more militant. They are not the public’s friend, but rather confrontational and demeaning to the people they serve. I have had personal encounters with the Department where they have questioned legal authority of citizenry to exercise rights . They asked me why I didn’t have an attorney for a simple filing. They have agressively pursued and implicated people with NO reason other than than their demeanor and disregard to the public. They are supposed to serve those who pay their salary. This organization needs an overhaul in attitude towards the people thy serve. They need to be investigated. I beleive several of these “Public Servants” will retire as soon as light is shown on them. What a pity. They should be prosecuted! I am not just referring to the officers invoved in the Thomas incident. this cancer is very deep it involves Fullerton PD and the CSUF State Police both agencies have a “Paratrooper mentality”. It is sad we can not feel that the protectors we pay can be trusted with our safety and trust.

  49. The Fullerton PD can be abusive and this may be the tip of the iceberg. Once I saw a girl selling something, maybe cookies, in front of a supermarket in Fullerton. She was sitting on the ground back up against the wall, obviously intimidated, while a huge officer lorded himself over her barking something about why is she lying to him. I’m still angry at myself for not saying something to someone. Once I was pulled over and for the next hour they searched me and my car. But my gripe is with the nazi type attitude the officer gave me at the same time I was 100% cooperative. I’m genuinely surprised I wasn’t falsely accused of something. After they searched my engine my battery went dead forcing me to call a tow truck at a cost of $175 – that was no coincidence. I don’t look like trouble, I’m a 50 year old professional driving a white SUV. A single taser jolt to a 135 lb homeless man should take enough fight out of him to safely put the cuffs on. Mr. Thomas, don’t take the money until there is a full investigation, which won’t happen any time soon. And my condolences – I may have bought your son food a couple times. Friendly suggestion, give the money to the Orangewood Children’s Foundation Guardian Scholars program in a trust under your sons name.

  50. You people that believe the FBI will do anything are being rather naive. Considering the FBI was involved in sending 1000’s of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels, considering the FBI has not arrested BUSH, CHENEY, ROWE, PERLE, WOLFIVITCH etc. for the illegal invasion and murder of Iraqi civilians, nor arrested Mossad agents for installing Thermite in Building 7 and the Twin Towers for the 911 incident…nor prosecuted any of the corrupt politicians on the top ten list at Judicial Watch, FBI prosecuting cops for murder of a homeless man is a far FAR STRETCH.

    Sorry folks, unless one or more of us frag those 6+ sob’s, justice will be dealt lip service…and NOTHING MORE THAN LIP SERVICE. Mark my words.

    1. You could at least be accurate whilst demeaning federal agencies. Those guns had nothing to do with the FBI, it was the ATF as in Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco

      1. You’re mistaken, dude. It was a multi alphabet soup cluster fuk. It is YOU that need to get your story straight, clown.

  51. Seems like the Fullerton police are training their officers to behave as if Americans have no rights..
    What are we, just cattle that pay our fines and taxes, fight thier wars and the plice like wolves pick off teh weak and unprotected.. They are sick and Satanic and not part of MY AMERICA.. They are terrorists and should all have thier genitals chopped off.

  52. I’m shocked and disheartened that so many of you are quite prepared to throw 6 Fullerton police officers under the bus without knowing ANY of the facts.

    There is no question that one or more officers completely overstepped their bounds. However, can anyone say with any certainty that it was all 6? Did they all arrive at the same time?

    Mr. Thomas was no hero. He had multiple arrests, and presumably resisted arrest. However, it would seem that at some point he could have been cuffed before all of that damage was inflicted.

    My point: Let the justice system do what needs to be done. Let’s not prejudge what we do not know.

    1. “Let’s not prejudge what we do not know.”

      What planet are you from? We know a homeless guy got his skull crushed by at least one FPD cop as several others let him do it – after he was on the ground. We know the spectacle was viewed by personnel at HQ. We are told that the cops watched the video BEFORE they synchronized their written reports.

      We have seen and heard the EYEWITNESSES moments after the assault and before police interrogators could intimidate them.

      Of course if the police want to clear their good names they have only to release the video so we can all see what happened.

  53. @Kirk Sr- Im shocked and disheartned that this happened at all, Im shocked and disheartned that that poor man was subject to torture at the hands of people that are paid out of taxmoney, Im shocked and disheartned that now the Thomas family is left to have to think about their baby boy calling out for his daddy to save him before he was killed, Im shocked and disheartned at all the eyewitnesses who were subject to the trauma of seeing that and not being able to intervene or save that man for fear theyd be next, Im shocked and disheartned that I and everyone else is subject to the trauma of having to view videos and pictures of a man whose face looks like it went thru a garbage disposal, Im shocked and disheartened that the 6 animals were still on the streets working as usual as of last friday because the chief and everyone in the FPD was covering up. No one is jumping to any fucking conclusions, this man -though no saint, did not deserve to have his face whacked over and over again in the cement and with a tazer gun, and did not deserve to be drop kneed in the face twice or tazed 6 times for ? and this is all on tape. what conclusions are you referring to? As far as Im concerned, no one came forth from the FPD with any info regarding this that makes every one of them, accessories to murder. go look up accessories to murder if you dont buy it

  54. That department is full of officers with no self control, and I have personally been a victim of their poor police work. My incident didn’t end violently but they were trying to provoke it. This department is even known by surrounding P.D’s as being inept clowns prone to unnecessary violence.

  55. Fed and FBI is our only hope. Never trust Sheriffs or District Attorney Office in Orange County or Fullerton Polices.
    Thank you God for listening to prays.

  56. When we see a strayed animals on street, we take them in, care for, and find nice home. Kelly is only a drifter so let him rest in peace.
    Ron Thomas and his family are ready to accept a generous $900,000 offer from Fullerton City until you spoiled everything. Why create more works and waste more tax money?
    Remember, Ron Thomas was an Orange County Sheriff. Once a cop, always a cop.

    1. I would not call being Beat to Death “Resting in Peace”. You posted this same blabber before as though Kelly’s death is not worth wasting time on. Take a bottle of pills or a rope and a chair so that we do not have to waste time reading your ingnorant posts and I will gladly let you rest in peace. Afterall there is no value in life acording to you.

  57. Who do you call when the police are committing murder? Cops seem to think they’re above the law but they are supposed to be servants of the people and their paychecks are being paid by ordinary citizens. It’s time some of them got that through their thick skulls.

  58. u all act if this is new , if its a black guy or hispanic guy you look the other way but if its a white guy it hit home and this is where u see shock and we . some argue its an aberration but for those of us who are people of color we hv seen this as long as ive been alive (54). that said i don’t believe its racial rodney king said its like they are the gang dress in “Blue” . how many times hv you supported the police not knowing the facts and only releying on what the police say? the police are not at fault ,we are for blindly believing them , they know they can get away w/ murder it happens every day.

  59. Great News for O.C. District Attorney Office, Fullerton Polices and City Councils. Congratulation.

    A federal jury convicted five current or former police officers of civil rights violations in the deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina, but decided they were not guilty of murder. All five officers were convicted of charges stemming from the cover-up of the shootings. The four who had been charged with civil rights violations in the shootings were convicted on all counts.
    However, the jury decided that neither fatal shooting was a murder.
    Prosecutors said police shot six unarmed people, killing two, on the Danziger Bridge less than a week after the 2005 storm. Officers also were charged with participating in a cover-up to make the shootings appear justified.
    Defense attorneys said the officers were shot at before they returned fire and acted reasonably in the face of a deadly threat.
    Convicted were former officer Robert Faulcon, Sgts. Robert Gisevius and Kenneth Bowen, Officer Anthony Villavaso and retired Sgt. Arthur Kaufman. Faulcon, Gisevius, Bowen and Villavaso were convicted in the shootings and with taking part in the alleged cover-up. Kaufman, who investigated the shootings, was charged only in the alleged cover-up.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore Carter said in closing arguments that police had no justification for shooting unarmed, defenseless people trying to cross the bridge in search of food and help mere days after Katrina struck.

    “It was unreasonable for these officers to fire even one shot, let alone dozens,” he had said.
    Faulcon said he was “paralyzed with fear” when he shot and killed a 40-year-old mentally disabled man, Ronald Madison, as he chased him and his brother, Lance Madison. Faulcon shot an unarmed man in the back, but he testified that he had believed Ronald Madison was armed and posed a threat.

  60. Does anyone have any recent information about the alleged FBI Investigation? Why has the California Govornor sent in the CBI?

    FFFF I love what you started. Please don’t let it die on the vine. Regular updates, PLEASE.


    1. Don’t tell me you actually think there are that many results about this story, search results include any pages with those words on them…jeez

  61. Concerned ……..((#2)),,,THANK YOU…for writing the information about Kelly……I believe you 110%….I have seen people like Kelly doing the same thing…in the same situation……I can not wait for the MURDERER’S to go TO HELL for what THEY ALL DID to this human being.I think of Kelly everyday….the bastard’s will be in HELL for what THEY ALL DID!!!

  62. Suzane, I too think of Kelly every day, and his family, especially of his dad because of Kelly’s last words. I’ve great admiration and respect for Mr. Thomas standing up to Fullerton City Council and the corrupt FPD.

    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world. Is for enough good men to do nothing.”

    Clearly while the FPD is rife with ‘good’ men & women willing to do nothing, Mr. Thomas (a former Deputy Sheriff) is not willing to join the ranks of cowards.

  63. I live in the State Of Virginia and the Kelley Thomas story is big news back here, it made the papers, the evening news and has been talked about on the public radio and tv circuits. Fullerton Police has now taken precedense over that rat Joe Arpaio back here. We pray that you people of Fullerton will not let this incident go unpunished. If for some reason you may need a good attorney, contact John Goldwater in Scottsdale, Arizona, he specializes in rat cops.

  64. I’m becoming a cop hater because of the cops that don’t enforce the law on their own.
    Any cop that knows information of other cops committing crimes and doesn’t report it is a criminal as well.
    It is truly sickening to see cops act this way. Sick, sick, sick!!!!!!!!! sicko cops!

  65. How could this man, so desperately in need of help be left homeless to be killed by monsters posing as policemen? We are supposed to set a world example and yet our streets are full of homeless Americans, many traumatized by mental illness or war experiences. So much research is available in mental disorders today but our “pols” are only interested in keeping or getting a cushy job for themselves. They seek only to please the cash flowing their way from their lobbyists and care only about the lobbyists. We have lost the wonderful country our Founding Fathers fought for.

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