Arson at the Melody Inn?

We here at FFFF over the years have pointed out the Florentine sidewalk theft and more recently the sham of city oversight in Florentine’s decade+ refusal to install fire sprinklers. Those stories led a reader to send us a video that may make that fire sprinkler issue way worse in context. It’s a story about […]

A Question from Podunk

Those of us in the cheap seats out in Podunk have noticed something odd and can’t quite figure it out and we’re hoping that some of you friends have some answers. The problem is that Joe Florentine operates a night club in clear violation of the Fullerton Municipal Code and possibly CA Law if not […]

Here’s A Sore Subject

It looks like our City Council is all set to discuss the topic of outside dining on Tuesday. Again. It seems like only yesterday that the council handed over a public sidewalk to the Florentine Mob under the guise of an outdoor dining lease. The ink wasn’t even dry when Florentine started erecting a permanent, […]

Don Bankhead in 2010?

  Don Bankhead has been on the Fullerton City Council so long many say his tenure precedes the discovery of dirt. Well, actually, Bankhead clambered up on to the Fullerton Council dais in 1988, and except for a six-week hiatus between his Recall and his re-seating in December 1994, he has been ensconced there ever since. Since […]