Fire Sprinklers Save Lives and Property!

The family goes way back

And who should know that better than the Florentine Family whose nightclubs at the corner Harbor and Commonwealth, as FFFF recently noted, were out of compliance with their Conditional Use Permit that requires the installation of fire sprinklers.

Yo, this is better’n Joisey. I got me a sidewalk!

This is surely ironic to people who consider such things, since the paterfamilas of the clan, Tony, used to own a restaurant and lounge called the Melody Inn that was gutted by a suspicious fire in 1989 and required the demolition of the oldest remaining commercial building in Fullerton. This in turn, set off a years-long bureaucratic chain of humiliation and Redevelopment folly that concluded with the construction of a hamburger restaurant and other architectural monstrosities.

There is no second floor. Other than that it’s a 2 story building


Maybe it was supposed to be a swimming pool

Now, you might think that someone who suffered such a terrible tragedy as losing a business just a few hundred feet from his current one would be a lot more concerned about a repeat performance in 2019. And you might think the Fullerton municipal government would be a lot more concerned about fire safety and well-being of the Florentines’ patrons.



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  1. Off subject but somewhat related….. anyone know what is going on with our Fullerton Fire Dept. ? In the last 2 days through posts on their Official Instagram page they have been very outspoken and transparent about the lack of support they desperately need from the City. 30 year old replacement engine, loss of 26 Firefighters through resignation or transferring out to nearby cities with more support so we are down firefighters in our city. Can anyone shed light what’s going on there and what yet another thing our City council/ Mayor is failing on big time…,,,

    1. They are Heroes, and deserve, dontcha know? And wouldn’t you know, those overpaid, overpensioned and underworked hose jockeys have the nerve to piss and moan about how underpaid they are. What’s the current unfunded pension liability for the fire department these days anyway? With all the focus on Fullerton’s slovenly police department we forgot all about that other parasitic nematode bankrupting us, the Fullerton fire department.

      1. Lets do an audit of how many hours of false Over Time the Fire Department has STOLEN from the good residents of Fullerton. They think its a joke when they scam hours and inflate their paychecks. Everyone knows it’s happening and we continue to allow it.

  2. I’ve gone to Florentines many times and seen a lot of cash change hands at the door. Isn’t the the city entitled to a percentage of those door charges? I also heard through friends that work there that the bartenders have a “special” way of ringing things up. Anyone else seen that?

    1. isn’t tax evasion a state and federal offense? and isn’t the city of Fullerton entitled to a some of the un-reported revenue?

    2. I have not seen it because I don’t go to shat holes. But, this is something that the FTB should know about.

  3. If Joe Florentine shows his face at City Council or the Planning Commission one more time without first fixing the fire sprinkler issue in his establishments (as in he doesn’t have ANY) or giving back the city sidewalk he STOLE from every resident in Fullerton, maybe Mr. Joe Florentine will do everyone a favor and just move his life to Podunk, U.S.A. Please Joe, for the good of Fullerton, please leave. Now.

  4. The Rhode Island bar fire killed 100 people and hurt 230 more. The Ghost Ship in Oakland killed dozens. What do both of these have in common? Business owners that didnt care or follow basic fire safety rules. And City officials that knew it was happening and did nothing to enforce the codes that they were required to enforse. If the city turns a blind eye to basic life safety, then the city should be held accountable when Florentine has his next fire. Jeez, Florentines previous restaurant burnt down to the ground right across the street. You would think he, of all people, would want to take extra precautions to save lives.

  5. Why are we losing firefighters ❓
    Compare our cities support of firefighters to other cities support of their firefighters.
    I believe fire department is one of the most important departments in any city, and should be treated that way.

    1. “I believe fire department is one of the most important departments in any city, and should be treated that way.”

      They hardly ever fight fires anymore. We need a public paramedic service that doesn’t wreck the city finances.

  6. So, now we don’t like , have issues with our Fullerton Fire Dept. and the firefighters who serve our community? They may not fight fires everyday but there is so much more they selflessly do and provide to our community. Not to mention are the first to respond to any nearby major fires , which this city and state has had , and they’ve shown up. To lose 26 firefighters to other cities because of lack of support and other issues….and, not care or think we don’t need them ?? Doesn’t say much for our community or city. Bad enough we have a failing Mayor and city council. Give the Fire Dept. what they want , deserve, AND what keeps them and their families living in Fullerton. We NEED them.

      1. Hmmmmm….. but, at the same time we need them to annually check our local businesses, newly built apt. and ensure they are up to fire code, have fire sprinklers….. in other wards , COMPLIANT. We need them to call when homes, businesses, brush, are on fire or to save lives when people, families, kids are trapped in homes…… oh yeah, and to INVESTIGATE the cause of fires. Hmmm, what else….. respond to car crashes, flooding, and you know any other emergency this city may have that involves HUMAN LIFE……but, yeah, fuck the fire dept. Your comment is stupidity at its finest.

        1. “have fire sprinklers”

          Floretine doesn’t have fire sprinklers so I guess the slugs ain’t doin’ their job, huh?

          1. So if city officials aren’t listening or turning a blind eye and it’s clearly a danger not just for the business …but, surrounding businesses and patrons ….is there a outside agency where a complaint/ complaints can be made so the business is checked by a unbiased party that will ensure they are in fire code compliance?

  7. “…but there is so much more they selflessly do and provide to our community>”

    What a load. There is NOTHING selfless about what they do. They are paid, and very exorbitantly for what they do. And they protect their gravy train by meddling in local politics.

  8. Funny the trolls on here that can’t have any kind of meaningful , productive dialogue just come on here to talk shit, be negative , and can’t see the positive things about Fullerton. Or, the value of certain public servants in our city who do selflessly serve our community , schools, kids, etc. Same negative comments from the same trolls on every other post on here. If you don’t like Fullerton PD, Fullerton Fire Dept. , the city and only have complaints without resolutions to make our city better and more positive for the whole community….then please, MOVE OUT OF FULLERTON!

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t put my name on that either.

      Look asshat, we want our community TO BE BETTER.

      If you’d like the same old less than mediocre crap that got us the very worst roads in Orange County, please move and take five or your idiot friends with you. We’ve done it your way for decades.

      We deserve better.

    2. I don’t want to move.

      I just don’t want to get killed by a drunk driver who spent four hours drinking from a stolen sidewalk at FloJoes.

    3. No! No! You can’t criticize! You have to be positive! POSITIVE!

      Seriously? We have to give you a trophy for every single obvious problem that gets pointed out in this city?

      1. Exactly . You said it yourself. Pointing out the problems. Instead of pointing out the problems how about taking your concerns, complaints where they will actually be heard. Have a voice somewhere meaningful where you can express not just your concerns but offer solutions as a community member. Run for city office, apply to FPD, apply to Fullerton Fire Dept, or any other organization that helps to oversee and ensure our community gets better. If you can’t find one…… start your own. Otherwise just another whiner , complainer, person bitching without ever putting their complaints to action.

        1. “… how about taking your concerns, complaints where they will actually be heard”

          And where would that be. Go toi the City Council and you will be called a liar by Flory and Fitzforsale or ignored by Quirk Silva and Whitaker. Good luck with that, maroon!

        2. There is no place that cares.

          That’s the point. You complain, they ignore you. You bring more people, they limit the time you can speak. You bring even more people, they limit the time the group can speak.

          They only care about their money. That’s the only reason this place exists.

  9. For everyone complaining, bashing others thoughts and opinions, name calling, criticizing….how about providing intellectual dialogue , resolutions, and maybe even what you’ve personally done to have a voice within Fullerton ? What you’ve actively done within the community to make it better ? What city meetings you’ve proactively attended to address your concerns…..and, what answers you’ve received? Tired of important posts regarding our city and the same idiots who just go back and forth , belittle, bitch, complain with other posters/ comments but NEVER provide resolutions and how to move forward.

    1. Nobody is paying me $200,000 a year plus benefits to provide “resolutions” whatever that means. Go talk to Jennifer Fitzforsale.

      1. Resolution – answers, solutions , plan, decision , proposal…. the action of solving a problem , dispute, or contentious matter.

        1. And what does our $230,000 per year city manager “resolve?” Shut up and go rub noses with the corrupt/incompetent council. They just love their running dogs.

  10. Can’t have any meaningful dialogue on here. The beavis and buttheads post their stupid one line sentences without ever addressing the actual post and what can be done to make the city better. Important post = sidetracked by other comments = important post never addressed.

    1. Then go somewhere you can have “meaningful dialogue.” I recommend the Fullerton First facebook page.

    2. “…important post never addressed.”

      Well, the post was about Florentine’s not having fire sprinklers as required and the City knows all about it and deliberately looks the other way. It’s because Fitzforsale & Co. have been bought off with a few shiny trinkets. The fact that the Fire Department and the planners have been completely negligent is the point of the post as pointed out by those you say have sidetracked the post. It’s my post and it wasn’t hijacked – except by you.

  11. We have attended city meetings. We have voiced our concerns about enforcement to Ted White and ALL Elected City Council Officials. However, it falls on deaf ears when Elected Officials are on the take and city staff takes direction from the elected officials. There is no question that the City of Fullerton has had a long history of corruption and mismanagement (How many police chiefs have we had in the last 10 years and WHY?). Why are certain businesses getting harassed and others get a blind eye when they are in gross violation of building code, fire code and life safety codes literally putting peoples lives in jeopardy. This blog is here to shine a light on the issues that the city officials and their cronies do not want you to know about. Solutions have been provided: Enforce the law. Enforce the Code. Keep People Safe. The city police dept., Fire Dept, Building Dept. and Planning Dept. need to do the jobs that they are getting paid to do!

    1. The latest is that Ted White is running cover for the corrupt Florentine Family – under oath, even. He’s going to regret that even in no-accountability Fullerton.

      1. Since Ted Whites oversees Fullerton’s building, safety , code enforcement ….. what are his replies , responses to complaints, concerns the community has in regards to this specific business?

    2. Thank you for your comment. Many in Fullerton community do not know of these violations and probably a million other hidden things that goes on within the city. Came across this blog and now trying to get better understanding because many of us do not know all these little things going on within our city. When city officials fail to provide answers, solutions, when there is clear violations , known corruption going on amongst city officials, businesses….. is there a outside agency that can be brought in or other means to shed light on problems , concerns so these pertinent issues are addressed and city officials forced to start listening to the community and addressing concerns? The Fullerton Observer is a nice little community news read but would be even better if someone organized something similar to expose , address, shed light all these issues concerning our city. Power in more people knowing exactly what’s going on…. and, truthfully, most people in our community don’t know the corruption, violations, etc. going on in our city.

  12. I always love how the stooges always challenge “complainers” to come up with solutions for problems caused by government.

      1. More than 1/2 is the normal salary ….what salary amount specifically is “ sickening”. Also, are these all Fullerton government workers or general public included as well?

        1. The sickening part is the cost of fringe benefits is equal to or greater than the base salary. That’s not sustainable and it’s going to bankrupt this city. To say nothing of tacking on another six-figure helping of OT, much of which was earned through gaming the union work rules, and a side of arrogance to go with that whine over being “underpaid.” Sickening indeed.

  13. Florentine doesn’t own the building the guy that owns the Matador does. It is the building owners responsibly to install the sprinkler systems when required by government agencies. Florentine was obviously compliant at one time. Now that this has changed the property owner is responsible. Does anyone know that the property owner has been trying to evict Florentine so he can move the Matador there? He does not own the building that the Matador is in. The building owner has been harassing Florentine and calling the fire department on him for over occupancy etc… This is the same owner that bought the properties on this corner and double everyones rent Forcing Black Hole records and Stray Cat costumes out and down the street. Forced the clothing company around the corner to reduce space and will be Picking on all of the businesses as their leases renew. and BTW Florentine did not steal the city sidewalk its not there building. You guys need to pick on the right asshole. I for one have boycotted the Matador

    1. “BTW Florentine did not steal the city sidewalk its not there building.”

      Then why did Florentine stand up in public and say he did it and he did nothing wrong?

      No, we’ve got the right asshole alright.

      1. Fullerton is corrupt….connections, favors given, favors owed, somebody knows somebody who knows somebody….. same circle of people. Need fresh people running and voted in to get rid of the corruption that clearly runs deep.

    2. “It is the building owners responsibly to install the sprinkler systems when required by government agencies.”

      Then why does the CUP says the “applicant” must install fire sprinklers? The applicant was Florentine it was incumbent upon him to make sure they got in one way or another. Go back to your Rotary brothers and peddle your shitsicle to them.

  14. Dear Mother of a Fullerton Fireman:

    Can you give us some specifics? Lots of people say that the people who post on FFFF don’t know what they’re talking about, but almost never give any examples. Please give us some specific examples.

    Thank you

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