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Just keep saying it.
Just keep saying it.

On a post today at the dismal Liberal OC blog (almost as self-righteous and irrelevantly noisy as Red Klownty) our old pal and sanctimonious prig Matthew J. Cunningham shares these gem-like comments, reiteration of charges he made against me a few weeks ago.

Great post, Dan. A portrait of Pedroza’s true, amoral nature in action.

Among other things, it clear Pedroza is an accessory to Bushala’s violation of Section 18320 of the California Elections Code.

Written By Matthew Cunnningham on November 19th, 2009 @ 9:37 am
Written By Matthew Cunningham on November 19th, 2009 @ 9:38 am

Well folks, Cunningham seems to think if he keeps repeating something maybe somehow it will turn out to be true. It is very clear that my ownership of the Daly for Supervisor URL is intended to make a clear and unadulterated political statement: Daly is a career politician. Too bad Cunningahm can’t seem to grasp this pretty simple point. This is protected political speech and is in no way intended to shake down or extort anything from Daly – which is the intent of the law. Of course “Jerbal” never bothered to inform his readers that he has his own interest in the matter: his godfather John Lewis has gambled big trying to get the Democrat Daly’s vote on the Board of Supervisors, and Cunningham has been running interference on that issue since early in the year; what’s good for Lewis is good for Cunningham, especially in light of his cowardly refusal to support Chris Norby in the 72nd election.

Anyway, the Lewis URL is not for sale: I’ll be putting it to good use myself, thank you very much!

In closing I would like to reflect upon the irony of moral outrage from aself-interested hack like Cunningham who is perfectly satisfied to turn a blind eye to perversions of justice and decency perpetrated by his pals in the Diocese of Orange, the behavior of Mike Carona, the promotion of a candidacy by a woman who didn’t live in our district, and most recently his running cover for his buddies on the Fair Board (and their lawyer Dick Ackerman). Gosh they were just so generous with the food, drinkies and tickets!

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    1. Matthew, it’s common knowledge that you banned Tony Bushala on your blog, yet he allows you to call him a “hypocritical coward” on his blog.

      You can call Bushala a coward because he lets you, but its very transparent who’s a hypocrite and a coward and who’s not.

    1. NAMBLA? I had to look that one up. Seems like a likely favorite spot for those priests you’ve been covering up for. So you’d know a lot more about it than me.

  1. Matt, how many times does this need to be spelled out for you.

    The election code clearly states that these rules on domain names only apply to ballot measures, not candidates. Furthermore, election code does not trump 1st amendment rights to the freedom of political speech.

  2. Tony, you made me look at LibOC’s whiner post about OJ (again!). It looks like everytime they get sick of posting with no one commenting, they resort to posting about OJ and finally get 17 responses. Unfortunately, out of the 17 posts in the comments section, you’ll find the very same whiny failed bloggers having their tempest in a teapot over Pedroza’s blog.

    I clicked thru a couple of links and of note is the fact that back in April, Art was averaging some 900 visitors a day. Fast forward to today’s numbers and he’s north of 1.6k visitors/ daily. AND he gets new posts from veteran readers more and more frequently than ever before – signs of a growing community showing interest in participating in OJ topics.

    I think it shows has sad and desperate some of the other “local” blogs are – fringe right and fringe left – teaming up against their common “enemy” The Orange Juice. Whatever. Shows just how much adoo about nothing is over there.

  3. Jerbal,

    There is a concept you just dont seem to understand, and as a result, you are destined to be a marginal player in politics nand struggle to get any worthy client to use your services.

    Those of us on this blog do not make money from politics. We do not “represent” clients for the purpose of getting contracts or entitlements. In other words, we do this for fun not for a living. We have nothing to loose.

    You on the other hand are going to need to support a family now and in the future using the political scene as your marketplace. In other words, you have plenty to loose. You may be right as to any one of the issues you are constantly whining about but any potential client of yours is going to be able to verify very quickly that you are constantly fanning the flames of an army of people with nothing better to do than oppose any cause you are for.

    Now if you were in the position of say a Mike Schroder with independent financial engine in your real job I suppose you can make all the enemies you want but that is not your situation. Do as you please but your constant willingness to engage in confrontation without the possibility of benefiting speaks volumes to any potential future clients.

    I dont care for your comments and your approach but I too have a family and I just hate to see a guy make a bad situation worse. Let it go! Do your blogging on your own site and ignore these guys. Nothing good will come from you tangling with them.

    1. You are wrong, Hollis. Most of the time that guy ISNT right about issues. In fact he carefully avoids real issues by switcheroo and verbal sleight-of-hand tactics to change the subject. This probably impresses people who are even dumber than him (i.e. republican politicians) but it can’t even fool amateur bloggers.

      Jerbal was too chicken to endorse Norby. And he kept dodging around the facts of Ackermans lack of record experience, and worst of all, the fact that she lives in Irvine. Shameful.

      On the other hand Bushala should be happy Jerbal is around. I’m sure he’s driving up web traffic!

      1. #8 I apologize if I wasnt clear. Its not that I think the Jerb is right but even if he thinks he is, how in the hell is a guy that sells community poutreach type services going to survive if he has an army of pissed of people waiting to ruin any job prospect he may stumble in to?

        1. True. Maybe he figures he can get along kissing the same tired old backsides. Considering the clients that’s some pretty sad puckering.

    2. “Hollis” or whoever you really are:

      If you think I blog for a living, you are nuts. That’s just it with you, Bushala and the rest of the pipsqueaks around here: you like being ignorant when it comes to me. None of you knows me, has spoken with me, or has any idea what I do or why I do it.

      “I dont care for your comments and your approach but I too have a family and I just hate to see a guy make a bad situation worse.”

      Well, that’s precious. You don’t don’t have a critical word for the mendacious character assaults Bushala and his pals make against me, but you don’t “care” for it when I fire back. Keep your phony sense of decorum.

    1. Hey Larry, call Matt and ask him, all it takes is 5 minutes to make a phone call, I’m sure Matthew would love to hear from you.

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