Tonight’s Radio Show: Norberto Talks About Dick Ackerman Lobbying for the OC Fair Sale

Tonight on the Martha Montelongo Show: Norberto Santana of the Voice of OC(EA) on a story he broke regarding allegations that Former State Senator Dick Ackerman had lobbied his former Orange County colleagues in the CA State Legislature in violation of State law.

Several local bloggers had previously alleged that Ackerman was lobbying for the sale of the OC Fair Grounds, but they were lacking a smoking gun until now. Santana uncovered records that are certainly compromising to both Dick Ackerman and to O.C. DA Tony Rackauckas, who appears to have covered for Dick.

Also on the show, Ron Kaye of Ron Kaye L.A. Blog, and John Seiler of talk about taxpayer subsidies and land give-aways to bring NFL Stadiums to the City of Angels. Tune in on 870AM or at

12 Replies to “Tonight’s Radio Show: Norberto Talks About Dick Ackerman Lobbying for the OC Fair Sale”

  1. Norberto didn’t break anything. But, yes, he’s got the smoking gun.

    And If I were Flackerman I’d be worrying about the State Bar.

    What could Ackerman do if he weren’t abusing his law license and his political contacts?

    Maybe he could get a job in Irvine park naming bald eagles.

  2. Norberto wrote: “detailed legal billings, submitted by Ackerman’s law firm to the Orange County Fair Board and obtained by Voice of OC, show that the former legislator contacted several members of Orange County’s delegation to the state Legislature before and after key votes in July 2009 that authorized the sale of the fairgrounds.” But of course the DA never (or did they?) found that “little” bit of important information.

    And this: “Both Correa and Solorio said the disclosures were “troubling” and would likely trigger further reviews, from agencies outside the district attorney’s office.”

    This should be fun.

  3. Notice on the right side of the page there is WATER as an area of expertise? Yeah, that’s because Mrs. Ackerman is on the MWD and OCWD bords. Sweet deal, huh!

  4. “Mr. Ackerman was a member of the “Big 5,” one of the legislative leaders charged with consulting with California’s Governor on key infrastructure and budget issues.”

  5. The funny thing about Ackerman was that he was just a nobody punk lawyer with a cubicle on Nutwood for years. He made his reputation by being a partisan ‘pug hack (now you know why Fleischman and Cunningham love him so).

    Ackerman became more and more liberal as the years went on until he went completely native.

    In the end he actually came out defending the miscreants like Cathead who instituted the dreadful Utility Tax in1993. That gambit got him public employee union support when he ran against Norby for Assembly in 1995.

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