More Fair Follies: Supes Told To Avoid Fair Board

$19,000 doesn't go as far as it used to. Damn Democrats.
$19,000 doesn't go as far as it used to. Damn Democrats.

I came across some choice nuggets in a Daily Pilot article about the OC Fair Fiasco. Apparently the DAs office is at least going through the motions:

the county district attorney is investigating the activities of the fairgrounds’ board, said Susan Schroeder, public affairs counsel at the D.A.’s office.

Well that’s good news – unless your name is Ackerman. At least there’s no overt stonewalling. But in a move that should be just as alarming to the Fair Board, County Counsel Nick Chrisos:

now has instructed the five supervisors to not interact with members of the Orange County Fairgrounds’ board of directors, Supervisor John Moorlach confirmed in a phone interview Thursday. Brooke De Baca, a county spokeswoman, said Thursday that Chrisos could not comment because of attorney-client privilege.

“This has been one of the more heart-rending directives that I have received, as many of the Fair Board members are long-time dear friends,” Moorlach said in an e-mail sent out Wednesday.

Moorlach wouldn’t say more or explain what was behind the counsel’s directive to the supervisors.

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  1. Is this the same Susan Shroeder that is married to Mike “I am an expert in the recall od deviant Republicans” Schroeder? There is a smell……

  2. Oh crap….more Jerbie droppings over athe the D.A.’s office….Jerbal droppings are noxious to the nose let alone having to dodge them

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