72nd Assembly Watch: Final Candidates List

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Art Pedroza over at the Orange Juice blog has written a piece about the candidates in the Special Election Primary to fill the vacancy left by Repuglican darling and now disgraced Mike Duvall. Read about it here.  

Art notes that in the absence of a Libertarian candidate Norby should be picking up some votes from that quarter. Well that’ll be about 8 votes.

Pretty soon we’re going to be getting a flood of election mail and it ain’t gonna be pretty, soon.

Ex-Chief Lines Up With Ackerman Clan

Friends, we just received this entertaining e-mail from a devoted reader: 

So there I am in my kitchen, washing dishes on a quiet Sunday night when my phone rings. Who is is? The last person on Earth I would ever expect. Fullerton’s former Chief of Police, Pat McKinley. The guy who wasted untold hours “designing” a dumb police “vest” that, upon retirement he could sell back to the people of Fullerton. The zombie who let all his pals in downtown Fullerton create havoc and stick US with the bill. Oh yeah, that wonderful public servant.

How'd you like to buy my vest? Again.
How'd you like to buy my vest? Again.

 Well, actually, it’s a robocall, and this slacker starts peddling Linda Ackerman for Assembly!  Well I guess they all have it wired the same way.

If I needed any more encouragement to oppose the carpetbagging woman from Irvine, this was it: a guy who milked his job in Fullerton for over 15 years as the City went to the dogs as he worked on his lame-ass vest that the City bought with their Obama stimulus dollars! 

Thanks for the e-mail, Friend. This is really sad news for Fullerton. What it means is that McKinley has cut a deal to peddle his backside with Ackerman and Royce to run for our City Council himself next year – with the support of the Usual Suspects. Well, that cat’s out of the bag!

Just what we need. Another ex-public employee negotiating with the public employees! Some Republican!

Ackermans Shack Up With Fullerton Family

Will it include kitchen privileges?
Does it include kitchen privileges?

Well, we got it straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Linda and Dick are renting and occupying a part of our house.”

The high-rolling Ackermans (who are getting thousands in campaign contributions from lobbyists for the Mrs.’ carpetbagging run for the 72nd State Assembly seat) are renting a part of a house in Fullerton’s Raymond Hills. Good thing their amigos have a big house! But seriously, does anyone actually believe they’re going to be living there, despite their “landlord” emphasizing the word “occupying”? 

Would there even be room in the driveway?
Would there even be room in the driveway?

Actually the whole thing is a bit creepy, if you ask us, and the less we think about it, the better off we may be, although we can’t help wondering whether the Ackermans have taken out renter’s insurance.

But, really: how dumb do they think we are? The answer must be: “very.”

Ackerman Hosts Lobbyist Party in Capital

One of our Friends sent of the tidbit from the Capitol Morning Briefing:

(Linda) Ackerman for Assembly 2009 (72nd AD), reception, donation levels $3900, $2000, 5:30 p.m., Spataro, 1415 L St. Contact: 714 731 2233.

It seems that the carpetbagging object of our disaffection is having a fundraiser tonight at Spataro. Never heard of the place? That’s because it’s in Sacramento – right across from the Capitol building. What a place for the squadron of capital lobbyists to descend, en mass, and start their, er, investment in Mrs. Ackerman.

Okay, if you want milk, you go find a cow (we’ll let you figure out which is which), but really, wouldn’t it have been nice if Mrs. Ackerman held an event in her own district, at least to show the flag?
$3900 buys you a lot of good government!
$3900 buys you a lot of good government!


 Oh, that’s right. She doesn’t live in our district, and it looks like she intends to finance her way to Sacramento – from Sacramento; where Dick Ackerman met a lot of monied interests in his tenure up there.

From here you can get a great view of the lobbyists at Spataro!
From here you can get a great view of the lobbyists at Spataro!

 But, Mrs. Ackerman, sooner or later you will actually have to show up in the 72nd!

Overcrowding in Raymond Hills!

We have all heard about multiple families living in a single dwelling – a problem that is increasingly plaguing Orange County. Well, apparently the problem is encroaching “up on the hill” where folks like Doc Jones are doin’ all right.

Who gets to sleep up top?
Who gets to sleep up top?

It seems that the Ackerman clan has finally found itself a suitable address in Fullerton, on Lindendale, that will qualify the Missus to run for the State Assembly in a district where they don’t live. Only problem is that somebody else already lives there! We checked out the address and the abode already has inhabitants. Now, that’s not very good, is it? Bad for property values!

The sham candidate from Irvine who is dodging the clear intent of California’s Constitution is supposedly shacking up with another family. Eeeew! A phony candidacy decorated with a phony residence. That’s consistent, at least. What’s the matter? Didn’t Dick want to spring for a first and last month’s rent?

What's the big deal? it's not like I plan on spending any time there!
What's the big deal? it's not like we plan on spending any time there!

Even if She Moves is Ackerman Eligible to Represent the 72nd?

Allan Bartlett in younger days...
Allan Bartlett in younger days...

Our old Friend Allan Bartlett has posted a provocative piece over at the otherwise dreary Red County blog here. The thrust of it is that Linda Ackerman doesn’t appear to be qualified to serve in the State Legislature for the 72nd District. How come? Allan cites this problematic language in the State Constitution, in Article 4, Section 2(c), to wit:

(c) A person is ineligible to be a member of the Legislature
unless the person is an elector and has been a resident of the
legislative district for one year, and a citizen of the United States
and a resident of California for 3 years, immediately preceding the

Well, Linda Ackerman has been living in a secret gated community in the 70th Assembly District for almost a decade. Hmm…

But Fullerton has never been out of my thoughts...
But Fullerton has never been out of my thoughts...

We’ll have to see what the election lawyers have to say about this.

Ed Royce Punks Fullerton. Again.

A good defense starts with an offensive record
Come on Ed. Time to step up!

For years our Congressman Ed Royce has been screwing the people of Fullerton by supporting and promoting a crew of utterly lame-ass Republicans for City Council gigs. Judging by appearances, this biblical succession of intellectual and philosophical dwarfs was meant to thwart Democrat victories, and at the same time none of these zeros had any potential for challenging Royce in the future.

How else can one explain the likes of Dick Jones, Julie Sa, Mike Clesceri, or Leland Wilson on Fullerton’s City Council – all promoted at one time or another by Ed Royce? We won’t even bother to address the issue of the pro-educrat RINO zombies on the Fullerton School Board that Royce has supported.

But now he’s really gone too far. Although the news has been oddly hushed up, he has apparently endorsed Linda Ackerman to succeed the scum-suck Mike Duvall – whom he also endorsed. It was reported here by the OC GOPs other uber slime-blob, Adam Probolsky (he got a gun from Carona, too). Does it bother Royce that Mrs. Ackerman has no experience, no record, and no residence in the district? Maybe that explains the fact that this endorsement has gotten little air play – Ed doesn’t really want us to know about it. Especially when a real small government Republican, Chris Norby, is in the race.

Adam Probolsky and Mrs. Ackerman share the joy of Republicanism for Fun & Profit

We are sick to death of Royce trying, and succeeding, to stick us with this series of ciphers under the pretext that anything is better than a Democrat. The constant interference in local politics is annoying enough; but to do so with an eye for his own self-interest is selfish and irresponsible, even for a politician and, frankly, more that just a little cowardly. Come on Ed. Time to start stepping up and doing the right thing by your constituents.

72nd Assembly Special Election Watch







Dear Friends, if you visit this handy OC Registrar of Voters webpage you can follow the status of who’s doing what:


As you can see, at this point only three would-be candidates have picked up their nominating papers: Chris Norby, Sharon Quirk-Silva, and Jane Rands. They are registered Republican, Democrat, and Green, respectively.

So where’s the candidate we’ve been talking about lately, Irvine’s own Linda Ackerman? Well, according to the rules you can’t take out your papers if you don’t live in the district. As stated on the ROV website:

Any candidate for Assembly must be a United States citizen and be a registered voter and otherwise qualified to vote for that office at the time nomination papers are issued to the person;

So we believe we can safely assume that Mrs. Ackerman has yet to find a plausible fake residence in the 72nd district – of which her Irvine home in a secret, gated community is not a part.

Well you can't find a nice place in a dump like Fullerton overnight!
Well you can't find a nice place in a dump like Fullerton overnight!


Shhh! it's a secret!
Shhh! it's a secret!

Earlier today we shared an amusing youtube clip fashioned by none other than Jon Fleishman, OCs most notorious GOP boot lick (if you don’t count Jerbal Cunningham). In it he visits the Ackerman Family McMansion within a “secret gated community” in Irvine. Irvine?! A few hours later that clip was removed from public access. Gee, we sure wonder why!

Mrs. Ackerman wants to be OUR elected representative in Sacramento. And she lives in Irvine? Well, clearly the Ackerman clan is going to have to dummy up a fake residence somewhere in the 72nd Assembly District so that the missus can qualify to run for office.

Heh-heh. I'll be back in Irvine by Thanksgiving.
Heh-heh. I'll be back in Irvine by Thanksgiving.

But really, what kind of a decent candidacy can possibly be based on spite and mendacity? That question sort of answers itself.

Well, We Know Where They Live!


Check out where the Ackermans really live! And they seem to think we want the Mrs. representing us!


A “secret gated community.” In Irvine!

And we thank OC GOP hack and former Mike Carona flack Jon Fleischman for all his hardwork producing this 2007 holiday greeting!