Daly Stumbles Over County Campaign Finance Rules

Just keep quiet, stupid. It'll blow over.

The Tom Daly for 4th District Supervisor campaign is not getting off to a great start. You’d think the County’s number one bureaucrat would be able to follow the County’s campaign finance law. Well, you’d have another think coming.

Daly ran afoul of those regulations when he accepted a $200 contribution in December from the Sharon Quirk For Fullerton (#1263645) campaign committee. The law,  Sec. 1-6-9 of the County’s Municipal Code clearly states that one campaign can’t contribute to another. Here is the code:

Sec. 1-6-9. – Prohibition on transfers.

(a)   No funds may be transferred into any County candidate or elective County officer’s campaign committee from any other campaign committee controlled by a candidate. No contributions shall be accepted by any County candidate or elective County officer or their controlled committees, from any other committee controlled by another federal, state, or local candidate or officeholder.

(b)   No County candidate or elective County officer and no committee controlled by a County candidate or elective County officer shall make any contribution to any other County candidate or elective County officer or to any committee supporting or opposing a County candidate for office. This section shall not prohibit a County candidate or elective County officer from making a contribution from his or her own personal funds to his or her own candidacy or to the candidacy of any other candidate for elective County office.

(Ord. No. 3862, § 9, 6-23-92; Ord. No. 02-012, § 4, 12-17-02)

Now this doesn’t look very good, does it? The County’s Chief Paper Pusher seems to have gotten his ream in wringer.

Good Grief! What’s next for the Daly Cavalcade of Campaign Comedy?

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  1. Maybe Chris Jones(Daly’s fake campaign manager becuase Lewis is the real guy) can answer under the name of three different people and explain this.

    I have a better question. What makes Sharon Quirk think those that have supported her wanted her to then give the money to someone else.

    Never judge the generosity of a person by how generous they are with other peoples money.

  2. I hope that Tom Daly is doing a better job of protecting your vital records back in downtown Santa Ana than this.

  3. Based on the forum last week, Tom Daly appears to be the only person thst believes you can e-file documents.

    Since this is untrue and news to Daly, I suggest you post his comments from the forum along with a link to the Clerk Recorder web site. Tom needs to learn how his department works and “it’s never too late to be smart”.

  4. Sorry to break this to you Grover, but that provision was tossed out by a judge back in 2004. Brett Franklin sued then-Assemblyman Lou Correa, saying his transfer of about $300K from his Assembly committee to his Supervisor committee violated this provision.

    The judge ruled against Franklin and the provision has been legally dead every since.

    So much for you “gotcha.” It helps to pay attention.

  5. “Grover Gets an F”, you need to pay attention. Grover is not questioning Daly’s transfers. The ordinance clearly prohibits accepting contributions from other candidate controlled committees. Like the money Sharon Quirk gave him from her campaign committee. Nice try at spin on your part.

  6. #4, I thought about the example you cite, too, and remembered very well the Correa situation.

    Of course this is about a campaign taking money from somebody else’s campaign – not a career politician transferring money from one account to another. The ordinance is crystal clear on the former instance.

    This strikes me as a very casual and cavalier mistake. Which is the real point of the post.

  7. I have been reading this blog for several months and I’m impressed. It seems like nothing gets by FFFF.

    The fact that you hold government officials (Republicans, Dems, bureaucrats) accountable for what they say and do is what our city, county, state and country needs.

    Do you accept donations?

  8. I have friends that works at the Clerk-Recorder office. They tell me that Tom Daly is always hiding in the back office with his dumb ass pet Renee Ramirez. The department MORALE is terrible and people hate coming to work.

    Also I was told that Renee Ramirez has been going around asking staff if they are on her side for the election. I think this violates and imtimidate people at work.

    Someone needs to interview some of the staff and file a complaint.

    Tom Daly is a pig always flirting with some of the young girls and they all feel so uncomfortable when he asked them to meet him in his office.

    They told me that they are afraid to file a sexual harassment complaint because they don’t want Tom Daly to treat them like shit or fired them.

    Tom Daly you are a DISGRACE and a BIG WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY. I hope you lose your upcoming election whatever office you decide to run for and please take your unqualified assitant Renee Ramirez with you.

    Renee Ramirez you will lose your election because you are a fake and a back stabbing liar.

    Renee Ramirez a few of your staff in accounting told me that when Darlene Bloom was there, she asked you to do the Budget and Business plan and you told her you didn’t know how to do it.

    She had to bring in a Manager to do your job and she assigned you to be in charge of the Clerk functions. Stop lying to the people especially when you are running for election.

    The truth will come out soon about your lies and qualifications!!!!!!

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