Fullerton 2022 Map Quest

The 2022 effort to create new districts stumbles along. Last week, the Commission set-up to make a recommendation to the City Council met to discuss the several maps that had been submitted. The complete lack of public participation was evident – only a handful of maps were submitted.

At the end of the meeting a 5-2 majority favored Map 114 – the demographers tweak of Commissioner John Seminara’s Map 106. Then they added Maps 111 and 112 as worthy of Council consideration. Take a look at Map 114. The dark lines show current district boundaries:

Map 114 making pre-eminent good sense.

Map 114 isn’t perfect, but it is informed by Fullerton’s clear major street boundaries and respects both ethnic and physical communities of interest. It cleans up the idiotic Tentacles of Interest foisted on the voters in 2016 by our former Mayor-for-Hire, Jennifer Fitzgerald. There would no longer be district contortions so that council members could each have an interest in the public money vortex knows as Downtown Fullerton.

Two of the commission members – former City employee Kitty Jaramillo, and Jody Vallejo preferred Map 110 a bizarre amalgamation for District 3 – a long, thin district that stretches from Placentia Avenue to Euclid Avenue connecting neighborhoods that are physically remote and that don’t share any obvious connection. The adherents of this map apparently banded together into a committee of some kind to concoct this hot, wet mess, proving that more heads are not necessarily better than fewer. Check out this acid burp:

The people who defended this map claimed that it is the “College map,” joining CSUF and FJC with their surrounding neighborhoods as a dubious “community of interest.” The further rationale for its support was that “many people” had participated in its creation. This map violates several basic tenets of district-making, to wit: creating a district (3) that is not compact; splitting the trans-57 community of interest into two separate tribes; and throwing together neighborhoods almost 4 miles apart in a weird, horizontal embrace.

How anybody could justify this District 3 is still beyond me. The demographer tried to make it less ridiculous by whacking it back by a mile (Map 112), but it still looks unsupportable by reason or logic. Here is Map 112.

So what gives? Commission member Tony Bushala dialed in to proclaim that Map110 (and by extension, Map 112 was motivated by purely political consideration, not the Voting Rights Act and the Fair Map Act that govern this process, and would have none of it. He didn’t elaborate.

The train of thought was weak but it sure was short…

And then it hit me.

Map 110 (and by extension Map 112) was submitted by a group of people committed to keeping Jesus Quirk-Silva, the current liberal, dim-witted D3 councilman in office. The other recommended maps – that removed the gerrymander that put him in the office – would leave him with no place to run in 2022 and out office!

Hence the desperation by this “committee” that wasted a lot of verbal gas doing what it not permitted by the FPA – protecting a party or a politician.

Oh, well, the maps go to the City Council on Tuesday the 8th, where outrage theater, liberally sprinkled with liberal handwriting will be featured on the playbill. Expect long lines the usual weepers, new and old, show up to promote Map 112. Will it work? That depends on Mayor Fred Jung who by now must be getting a shitload of unwanted importunity coming at him.

Of course there is nothing stopping a council majority from devising its own map, drawing on others, or cooking up a whole new one. But as it stands now, Map 114 is the one supported by the Redistricting Advisory Commission.

25 Replies to “Fullerton 2022 Map Quest”

  1. I think you are 100% correct. The Democrats are terrified of losing their boy on the council. That’s the only logical explanation for this “college map” nonsense.

  2. Keeping the intelligence, education, wisdom and dedication of Jose Silva, plus his connections to his powerful Sacramento-savvy wife are paramount to getting Fullerton back into a solid, problem solving mode. To me and others in the do-good community this is indeed paramount community of characteristics worth preserving in office.

  3. Thanks for stating the obvious that the members of the redistricting committee couldn’t say out loud.

  4. Jesus Quiek Silva has a major conflict with this vote.

    Cant wait to hear him ramble on bout why we need a district to represent FJC & CSUF. Popcorn time!

    1. Good point. It will be fun to watch him babble about how the best map is the one that saves his worthless ass. Equity. Community of interest. Equity. Blah, blah, blah.

  5. As a lifelong Democrat, and someone very much on the left of things, it’s very clear to me, and any honest thinking person, that specifically in Fullerton, the majority of graft, corruption, and blind support of the police, is done by the Democrats. I don’t know how things used to be, but this has been true for the last decade. A bunch of self-righteous twats who want to talk about bike lanes and composting but do nothing about truly reforming the city government.

    1. Like Sharon Quirk and Jan Flory and Pam Kelvar? Weren’t they on the front lines of the Kelly Thomas protest?

  6. They were all in fact behind enemy lines. All three of them. I had voted for all of them before this at one point, so fuck them, and fuck me.

    1. Bax-

      You have a SHORT memory brother. SQS, was there OUT FRONT. Very clearly you have never had cold toes. The socks she asked to be donated kept THOUSANDS of toes lukewarm.

      It’s NOT lost on me that the guy who PUBLICLY spoke out against map 110 DOES’NT EVEN LIVE IN FULLERTON:

      From the Voice Of OCEA:

      David Zenger, a former 20-year Fullerton resident and a founder of Fullerton Heritage, called map 110 an “abomination.”…………

      To boot this dude writes for the PRO- SQS blog (AKA the BERN-OUT Blog), where they love GAS TAX Josh.

      1. Sharon Quirk has never been out in front of anything. She’s a vacuous coward. Her husband is a vacuous idiot. And we are getting rid of him.

        The only guy who spoke against 110 hit a home run in my opinion, whatever blog he posts on.

      2. David Zenger is a well-known business owner in Fullerton. You should try the hot dogs from his cart. Usually he is somewhere on Lemon.

  7. It starts with grifters like water weasel Adan Ortega spilling some of his ill gotten gains into the coffers of the two clowns Jesus Quirk and Zahra. The clowns then mobilize their shills to create “public interest” groups to bolster their bullshit agenda. The shills then brainwash the boohoos with fake talking points and send them up during public comments. The circle jerk is completed when the 2 clowns cite the boohoos comments as public opinion which represents the entire community.
    You can witness this live on TV (Spectrum channel 3), or in person at council chambers tonight when they attempt to save Jesus’s ass from being redistricted into oblivion by pushing for a gerrymandered map called 112.

  8. Fullerton doesn’t have a single competent, effective member on its city council. Fullertonians are dyslexic when it comes to sound leadership and management.

  9. Hahaha. The few boohoos that popped up kept arguing for map 110 – as if it had a chance. Their last trick was to call D3 the renters district, even though north of Chapman there isn’t a single apartment between State College and Harbor. One geezer chimed in to talk about the sorority on Berkeley as a “college” type facility.

    1. That was bad, but the stupidest comment was from some ACLU woman saying their District 3 was about historic houses!

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