Off To The Races

The starter gun has gone off!

The 2022 race for the Fullerton City Council has begun.

Per the City Clerk, candidates for District 3 and District 5 may begin to pull nomination paperwork starting Monday, July 18, 2022.

The recent redistricting process threw out the previously gerrymandered election map and established a new District 3.

Side note: a casualty of the new map, Jesus Quirk-Silva, who is now in District 2.

Jesus Quirk-Silva will also be sidelined for two years because the next scheduled District 2 election is 2024.

The largest obstacle in what’s left of Jesus Quirk-Silva’s political career will be running for a Council seat in a heavily Republican favored district.

Jesus Quirk-Silva would also have to run against his current Council mate Nicholas Dunlap, who won his election by a landslide.

Only one candidate has “declared”.

Has anyone heard of Shana Charles?

You kidding me?

Quick Google search shows she is currently a professor in the Health Science Department at Cal State Fullerton. Google second page discloses she ran for Fullerton Elementary School Board in 2018 and failed.

More research shows she also ran for Fullerton City Council’s appointed seat vacated by the before mentioned Jesus Quirk-Silva in 2019, which brought us the unbearable return of Jan Flory.

She also ran for the vacant Trustee appointment for the Orange County Board of Education in 2022, which Tim Shaw received. Is there anything she won’t run for?

We don’t need another Doug or Paulette Chaffee.

District 5 is more predictable.

Man who never saw a selfie opportunity he didn’t take and criminally charged, woman beater Ahmad Zahra is already proclaiming endorsements and fundraisers for himself, so Fullerton is damned to his candidacy. Again.

Feel free to play along to the Zahra Facebook Drinking Game. Take a shot for every Zahra post that features a badly aimed selfie. You’ll be hammered inside of 5 minutes.

Will Sharon Quirk-Silva endorse him when he was involved in a year long legal fight with her and Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia? Zahra wasn’t the one suing Sharon and poor Cristina Garcia. Danny Fierro did.

I make movies.

Fierro was integrally involved in Zahra’s campaign. Maybe Sharon – like Jesus – forgives our sins! Will Lou Correa endorse a criminal? Will Josh Newman endorse a liar and fraud? These and many other questions will be answered in the coming weeks and FFFF will be holding Democrats Newman, Quirk-Silva, and Correa responsible if they choose to support a man who was arrested by the FPD and charged by Orange County’s DA, Todd Spitzer, for vandalism, graffiti, and battery against a woman, Monica F.

21 Replies to “Off To The Races”

  1. I resent Zahra. He stole my modus operandi: wander around town getting yourself credit for other peoples’ work and declare it a collaboration.

  2. Charles is another defund our police, BLM college professor liberal suckass. Not in Fullerton lady! We love our PD!

  3. Holy cow Batman! If Ahmad wins he might try to make another deal with Dunlap for Mayor. Dunlap told him to kick rocks last year. Good times!

    1. Dont u know who I am?? Forget the Police Commissioner, Im the MAYOR! Bow down to me! U WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!

      🙂 Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! 🙂

  4. This Bushala Propaganda blog is back with new aliases. Same losers, different names. You fail to mention the other Democrat running in D3, Arnel Dino, a moron with no job and blind ambition. By conveniently not mentioning him, you’re confirming that he’s the new Bushala puppet and wannabe sidekick to the corrupt Fred.

    1. “a moron with no job and blind ambition”

      Sounds a lot like Ahmad Zahra. Except without all the hysterical drama.

  5. By conveniently not mentioning Ahmad Zahra has no job either. You are confirming that you are another Zahra puppet and wannabe public commenter at city council meetings.

  6. Shana Charles is a socialist pig. Arnel Dino is a liberal half-wit. They’ll split the lib vote and any reasonable conservative candidate will easily win.
    Don’t worry folks, we’ve got it all figured out.

    1. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it doesn’t affect anybody who doesn’t want to hear it. Her beliefs, if enacted in policy are no doubt disastrous.

  7. Interesting that he has a feud with another Dem.

    I wondered why he didn’t support Jesus Quirk-Silva’s attempt to change the election date so he could still run.

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