The $4900 Cigar

The government establishment you scratch my back and I will scratch yours wheel never stops.

This fundraising faux pas is Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s, who is holding a Cigar Night fundraiser at a local Fullerton cigar store.

Sounds pretentious at best and a clear endorsement of old, backroom patriarchy at worst.

This from a so called champion of women’s rights!

What makes this particularly offensive is that the fundraiser is none other than “O Strategies“.

“O” for Ortega or FFFF exposed Adan Ortega, the so called water industry consultant.

A quick check of Ortega’s consulting company website shows team member Jesus Quirk-Silva listed as Local Issues and Engagement Director.

Oh, and Jesus Quirk-Silva is also employed as a current Fullerton City Councilman.

If you recall, Jesus Quirk-Silva fought hard to keep his boss Ortega as Fullerton’s appointee to the Metropolitan Water District.

I guess his employer needed the appointment to keep his sham water consulting/racketeering gig viable and in return, Jesus Quirk-Silva’s wife gets cash for her campaign war chest as she heads into the finals, mano a mano battle against an unknown Soo Yoo.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

Sharon Quirk-Silva should have saved Jesus Quirk-Silva the grief and kept this whole smoking jamboree invite only and not promoted it by posting flyers all over downtown.

She might be just that tone deaf.

It could be she is just that dumb.

Or perhaps she is arrogant and internalizes misogyny.

Would you shell out $5,000 to have a stogie with Sharon?

I mean, what would the anti-smoking Latino mothers of South Fullerton feel about their role model smoking a big fat cigar with the boyz?

I guess we should ask, “What would Jesus do”?

17 Replies to “The $4900 Cigar”

  1. What does this cigar come with? Considering it is in the back room, behind closed doors…. I’ve had some good cigars and I have paid the “Vegas strip price”, but to shell out $5000 for a single cigar is beyond even me.

  2. What about the absolute gerrymandering of her assembly district to get rid of the entire north (conservative) half of Fullerton?
    Take a look at the recently redistricted assembly map. It clearly does not follow the new laws of the redistricting process. Let’s hope it bites her in the ass.

    1. Change. Besides death, it’s the one thing you can count on. Patience, grasshopper. Soo Yoo is coming!

  3. Stupid. Smoking causes cancer.

    The misogyny thing is a stretch. Women can smoke cigars if they are dumb enough.

  4. Matthew 7:15
    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

  5. Promoting Heart disease, Cancer, Lung disease, and Stroke are all too easy for a politician like Sharon

  6. Yes she is that dumb, tone deaf and arrogant. What would Jesus do? He’ll be holding her purse while she chomps on stogies with all the other grifters, influence peddlers, hacks and crooks who’ve bellied up to the Quirk-Silva Klepto trough.

  7. Should voters expect email after email bombarding our inboxes on how urgent it is to donate to Sharon because Soo Yoo will develop Coyote Hills and have Jesus in schools? Having stogies with fat cat corporate donors isn’t deceitful, but it is desperate from an incumbent who hasn’t lost an election since Young Kim. I wonder what Young and Soo have in common that has Sharon so scared?

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