Confirmed: Fullerton PD Officer Arrested for DUI

Anthony Valle

In case you missed the earlier post, Anthony Valle of the Fullerton Police Department was indeed arrested by the La Habra Police Department for Vehicle Code 23152(a) – better known as DUI.

You can add his name to the long list of current and former Fullerton Police officers charged with some sort of misdemeanor or felony. How embarrassing.

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  1. No comment from the city? You’d think they would warn us that one of their employees has been driving around wasted with a gun.

    1. and you think that’s the right thing to do? I really hope you’re not a cop? There are laws set in place for a reason and if the ones who are here to enforce them can’t abide by them themselves, should be arrested like any private citizen would.

      1. The reality is, if you knew the truth not only would you be able to sleep at night but you wouldn’t believe it anyway!

  2. You’d drink too if you were at the bottom of the barrel of your profession — a Fullerton PD officer. It doesn’t get any lower than that in public safety.

    1. Fullerton is literally taught as the example you don’t want to be as a police department. Truly a shit hole, top to bottom. I can’t wait to see who they hire as the new city manager to oversee this cesspool.

      1. Okay Carla, I hope you’d still keep that same energy if he was driving drunk and crashed into your loved one.

      2. I agree with you! All these people casting stones, let’s pull up their history . And by the way FPD cops are human just like you and I. They are a great police department. I feel safe in my community. Thank you FPD.

      3. We will cast many stones. Shame on you for being an ignorant homer for a corrupt and violent police department.

    2. You have no clue on just how close to bottom they truly are but you think it’s the pd’s fault when it’s actually city hall that dictates everything

      1. City Hall does NOT dictate an Officers’ morals, values, or integrity as a person or to the oath they take as a sworn officer of law. We are all human but they have chosen a career and more so a life style to protect & serve. They’re paid well to do so. They are there to NOT only uphold the law but also to abide by it themselves. There are some careers that are more so a life style choice. Not all are made for it.. People who do chose that are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Otherwise they’re no better than the people they’re throwing in jail. Worse actually. Not only then are they a hypcrit they’re just a criminal with more power granted to them by the badge they carry. Paid for by the.very public they swore to protect and serve.

      2. Yes city hall madates that FPD members robs kids, steals from the evidence locker, swipes an i pad at an airport, molests women in cop cars, files false reports, beats people up, lies in court, kills innocent ment, etc., etc.

        1. La habra wouldn’t have impounded a police car unless there was something more serious like he injured someone

  3. Well it’s refreshing to know that there is actually at least one good cop out there that had the balls to do her/his job. I suspect it was a woman cop who hates men cops because she can’t be part of the “Bro” ass-slapping in the locker room.

  4. A Fullerton police officer causing harm, inflicting injury and damage and putting lives at risk — exactly what all the miscreants in the Fullerton PD Gestapo do every single day!

    I have a dream. One day the FBI will investigate the Fullerton PD for corruption and numerous civil rights violations and some Fullerton cops and city council members will go to prison for their crimes. I have a dream.

  5. The charge listed is for *non-injury* DUI, which doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t an accident involved. If there was an accident, there were no significant injuries and he apparently didn’t flee (hit and run).

    The lack of a listed charge of VC23152(b) likely means he chose a blood test. If there was a breath test and he blew over 0.08%, the VC23152(b) charge should have been added, but for whatever reason some officers don’t arrest for the charge (but the DA still charges it). The (b) will likely be added after the blood test results are available assuming he was over the limit.

    Finally, it will be interesting to see if there are any enhancements added by the DA in the charging documents for a high BAC (super DUI). This is something that can only be added by the DA.

    1. Then why did the FBI come out and take custody of the police car. This is FACT! Why also was the arrested officer supervisor denied going through or removing property from said police car when he asked to do so. And last why don’t you fist fuckers plant your little brains around those questions as I can prove both occurred

      1. You’re trolling. Under no circumstances would the FBI get involved in a case like this, even if it involved a police car. You say you can prove it, please do so.

        1. Better yet. Why don’t you call the chief and ask him if the FBI came and got the car. And why would I want to prove this to you.

          1. Better yet at the next counsel meeting ask them. They’re either gonna say yes. Which I seriously doubt or more likely,”no comment”

  6. You can’t blame Fullerton PD for this. They might have not known. You can’t blame it at them for one sour human. We are all humans and make mistakes. But I bet there’s a handful of you who has once driven buzzed or drunk in your lifetime. Be better than this

  7. Released on citation….
    Every Pig that messes up like this or gets fired for murder or raping women in the back of police cars. NEEDS To be treated as a regular Fullertoon citizen. Kick the shit out of them. Do not listen to their complaints and then they can sue the city, Come on, we know how it works here,


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