Still in one piece…

According to sources in the FPD, a Fullerton cop was involved in a La Habra DUI crash in the wee hours of an early July morning. Allegedly, a city vehicle was wrecked.

I can’t confirm this story, but boy, it sure sounds plausible given the department track record of hiring the best and brightest.

Look for the usual stalls: a never ending “internal affairs” look-see; and equally extended “DA investigation:” and then a lengthy and confidential “personnel review.”

I hate it when that happens…

A few years ago, FFFF reported on a city-owned Parks and Rec vehicle that crashed and flipped in the intersection at Highland and Chapman, an incident of which all traces vanished into thin air. If this tale is true we can expect an equally diligent cover-up, this time perhaps involving the La Habra Police Department.


    1. If you read the Observer, the Register or the city hall press releases, you’ll never find out. But if you stick around FFFF, I bet you’ll learn something.

  1. I’ve seen the last photo before and never noticed the other wrecked car on the left. So what happened to the other driver? With no police report, how could his insurance company pay for the damages? Surely money (in small, unmarked, bills, in a brown lunch bag) didn’t miraculously appear under a picnic table in Hillcrest park to cover the other drivers losses.

    Seriously, there were thousands of dollars damage done to each car, and no police report? Either BOTH vehicles were city owned and the city wanted to cover up the accident (they’re “self insured”, after all) or, to not make the city look bad, the other driver was paid off.

    I’ll guarantee that if the other driver had been at fault, all the details would have been spread all over the self serving police Facebook page, with the “news” written up by our esteemed local news outlet. Probably cut and pasted from the police press release.

    It’s too bad that other driver won’t come forward and tell us what really happened.

    1. I’m sure there was a police report and and insurance payouts. The city can get all of that done while hiding the incident from the public under cover of “active investigation” or “pending litigation.”

      Our weak city council enables this behavior.

  2. How are the Fullerton cops going to make the La Habra cops cover it up? The hero “brotherhood” is BS.

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