Ahmad Agonistes

At Tuesday’s council meeting District Five representative Ahmad Zahra finally addressed the issue of his arrest and the subsequent charges of battery and vandalism levelled by the District Attorney. Well, sort of. What came out of Zahra’s mouth was a classic expatiation of painful vindication, meant, I guess, to justify the fact that his record had simply vanished.

Oh the agony! We were informed of a contentious divorce; of a mother “at-risk”; of veritable victimhood that was a distraction from the community serves he provides; of an “archaic” justice system; and of course his “clear cut” vindication.

Zahra OC Register Battery

It’s pretty hard to swallow the woeful mush from this arrogant little clam, whose demeanor on the city council has made it very easy to entertain a ring of plausibility to the charges. Something made his own cops arrest Zahra; and something caused the DA to charge Zahra. Obviously some deal was cut; or some witnesses persuaded themselves, or were persuaded, that testifying was not in their best interest.

Mr. Zahra can pontificate, preen and wander around Fullerton taking credit for others’ work until next year when his one and only job is on the line. Then the fun will begin.

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    1. In most 1st time domestic violence cases, the victim either recants or dismisses the case. This should not be of any surprise

  1. There is a type of personality that ALWAYS presents itself as a victim. It may be partly due to paranoia but it is ALWAYS connected to malignant narcissism.

  2. No matter how you slice it, this “brand” took a bad hit portside. C ya in 2022, tough guy.

  3. What time on the city council meeting video did he make the comments? I kinda skimmed through the meeting but didn’t find it. I’d like to know exactly what he said.

    1. The meeting was all jacked up. Whitaker couldn’t be a bus conductor.

      He said that shit during “council communications” right after public comments. Some woman called in and lit him up.

    2. Meeting video link here (may not work): https://fullerton.granicus.com/player/clip/1318?view_id=2&redirect=true

      Caller’s comments at about 4:40:00

      Zahra’s explanation at 4:53:45

      Says court records are sealed. This is usually only done if it is clear cut to the Judge that the allegations against a defendant are untrue. It’s impossible to know without reading police reports, which normally are available after a case is closed, but not when a case is sealed. I’m no fan of Zahra, but honestly, if the records were sealed by the Judge it is highly likely he did not do what was alleged.

      1. Uh huh.

        FPD doesn’t arrest Norby: Announces it to the press.

        FPD does arrest Zahra: Command says nothing and the judge makes it go away.

        Forgive my skepticism, but this is total bullshit.

        That body cam needs to be released, otherwise this is yet another coverup in a long, long chain of FPD fuck ups.

        1. The FPD did arrest Norby. Anyway, Goodstink wasted no time tipping off the Voice of OC and providing a mugshot.

  4. So glad that he was not qualified to adopt a child. Otherwise he would be divorced with a child, moved three times in as many years. Anger issues. Woman hater. Doesn’t respect anyone..and an ego that is out of this world. No child needs a mother/father like that.

    1. Hey Zahra, nothing personal but you are a baby man that was voted into that HOT SEAT.
      You have the same F’ing problem most employees have in this town. YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT CORRUPTION!!!!! If there is nothing to be seen then show us. STOP HIDING YOU CHICKEN, I call you out, Prove it to the YOUR BOSSES, (No, Not The Union Thugs) Show us the video. Spitzer has done nothing to show he deserves to be DA. He cannot and will not be trusted without proof.

  5. Poor Ahmad. Everyone is out to get him. He is hated by fellow council, the public, the cops and his own family. Such a victim. But when an aspiring politico is hated by the cronies of his own party, his game is over.

  6. If I were in any way in charge of anything in this city government and was falsely accused of a crime.
    I would make everything transparent. BEFORE ANYONE HAD TO ASK. This strange character has more demons in him. I think he shapeshifted when it was his turn to speak after public comments. Go back and watch it, listen to what he says. He suggest that asking about the criminal complaint is being political, as he is ACTING victimized. Doesn’t he know he is on city council.(Hello!)
    He should understand that means being held to a higher standard. He cannot pick and choose what he wants to show Fullerton. Especially when it comes to these types of charges, the Scandal filled FPD and the unproven DA.
    It now feels as if someone was paid off to make it go away. Files are Sealed. He made sure to let us know.

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