Ahmad Zahra Recall Clears First Hurdle

The recall against Fullerton City Council member Ahmad Zahra has cleared the first hurdle and the required number of signatures on the “Notice of Intention” have been verified by the Fullerton City Clerk.

Zahra Recall Verification 3

The reasons for recalling Zahra, for those new to the story, are that he lied to his constituents and that he’s charged with vandalism and battery against a woman. From the copy of the Notice of Intention I was sent:

Zahra Recall NOI as Approved
sounds serious…

Soon the question of removing Zahra from office will head to the voters of Fullerton’s District 5. Ultimately they will decide if a man accused of battery against a women should be allowed to continue to serve on Fullerton’s City Council.

Until then our council needs to decide if he should be allowed to represent Fullerton on boards and commissions going forward. Do we want him as our public face right now in light of his pending criminal charges? Or should we look to public servants to have honesty, integrity and to stand up for what’s right?

I’ll leave that for Zahra to answer:

Zahra IBelieveHer
follow the bouncing ethics…

It’s only fair to expect Fullerton City Council man Jesus Silva, his wife and our Assembly representative Sharon Quirk-Silva as well as the rest of the OC Democrats to #BelieveHer in the case of Zahra’s battery charge against a woman of color. It’s what they told us they stand for after all…

SQS Ford Irony
But just her?

There are a few more procedural hurdles before the fine folks of District 5 can sign the official recall petition to force an election to remove Zahra from office.

We’ll keep you posted as to the ongoing progress of this recall effort to save District 5 from the machinations of their current self-serving wannabe politician.

24 Replies to “Ahmad Zahra Recall Clears First Hurdle”

  1. Sharon Quirk-Silva is a shameless hypocrite. Why should she care if her boy Zahra is out there battering women?

    1. Quirk a hypocrite? Remember her TV interview after the Rincon case came to light? I HAVE DAUGHTERS, etc., etc. Then she did NOTHING. Wouldn’t want to upset the hero Union, would we?

  2. Never forget the brouhaha between Ahmad and Silva. Silva called Ahmad and tried to bully him on behalf of Sharon. All documented by OC Register. Unfortunately the link to article doesn’t work for me anymore. Maybe FFFF can reprint it?

  3. There really is a tweet for everything. This criminal should never be allowed to represent Fullerton. Hope new council has the integrity to do the right thing and keep this sanctimonious drug dealer off everything

  4. The sigs will be a cinch. Then it’s bye-bye to the New Pam Kellar, Collaborator but not contributor.

    And yes, yank this loser from the OCWD that he’s using for income and self-promotion.

    1. Calling New Pam insults Old Pam. Zahra has set a new low for the storied history of Fullerton’s crappy politicians. He will go down as the very bottom of the barrel. A real shithead!!!!!!

  5. How dare you question the jelly-like backbone of SQS. She was a teacher-hero! Free pass on all integrity related items for life! Besides, hypocrisy, duplicity and holier than thou are some of her most attractive personality traits.

  6. Greg Dumband at the OJ Blog claims this is a lie being set up by “unscrupulous” Republicans. Just like when he maligned (and failed) Chris Norby.

  7. Am I correct in my belief that only registered voters in district 5 are able to vote on the recall?

    If so, it’s a shame, because his poor decisions, especially the dispensary issue, affects all Fullerton residents.

    There should be a one mile buffer from all residences. I don’t have an issue if that forces all the dispensaries into one particular area, as residents won’t be affected. Having a dispensary backing up to one of our properties is not something we ever anticipated any reasonable person/councilmember would ever approve.

    1. Although only D5 voters can participate in recall election, it doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t campaign for the recall and make monetary contributions.

      1. Yes, that’s a very good point. The amount of political contributions I made in the last 6 months were more than I had made in all my previous years combined. I think that people really need to get involved in this issue as a warning to the rest of the Council that they can’t place tax revenue above quality of life issues.

  8. I wouldn’t be too fast to sing Whitaker’s praises. He seems more lethargic and useless than ever. If he had any balls he’d have Jones out the door. But he hasn’t.

  9. Santa’s Naughty List is a long one. Ahmad Zahra – very very naughty. Ken Domer – very very naughty. Dick Jones – very naughty. Pink slips for all

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