Whitaker Re-elected to OC Water Board

This is water…


Last night the City Council voted to appoint Bruce Whitaker To the OC Water District Board of Directors. The term of the previous incumbent, Ahmad Zahra had expired at the end of 2020.

The vote was 3-1-1, with Whitaker, Jung and Dunlap voting for Whitaker; Zahra nominated and voted for himself; Jesus Silva decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and abstained.

Why is this man smiling?

It was not for lack of trying to keep this paying gig that Zahra relinquished his job. No, Indeed, for a line of scripted commenters tried valiantly to praise Zahra to the Heavens, why, Good God! The man practically invented water!

Too much scotch, not enough water…

The funniest commenter was none other than Fullerton’s Mistress of Disaster, Jan Flory, who joined in to share in the hosannas for Zahra. She read her script okay, but it included her statement that Zahra had actually authored articles about water,,,for the Fullerton Observer.

Whitaker was clearly the better choice. The water board has jurisdiction over the aquafer on which we sit. The district has massive financial reserves paid by us in ad valorem taxes. And in the past decade the OCWD has been at the center of a massive rip-off called Poseidon, a desalinization scam meant to provide more water to OC county for the purposes of south county development.

Unlike Zahra, Whitaker will not posture on the board for publicity and to be able to pretend some imagined expertise. He won’t use the agency to promote his own agenda and his own political prospects. And Whitaker is not currently charged with crimes by his own police department; nor is he under threat of recall by his district constituents.



15 Replies to “Whitaker Re-elected to OC Water Board”

  1. Wow, first Mayor Pro Tem, then an arrest record revealed, then a recall, and now no more water board. Ahmad is on a role. Listen for the wailings of victimhood.

  2. Bad man has bad things happen to him. Sounds about right. Nice to see new kids on the block not falling for old tricks.

  3. Congratulations to Fullerton City Council person Whitaker. He is a good man trusted to do what is best for the good people of Fullerton. Whitaker will always have my admiration and respect because his actions showed he sincerely cared about his constituents. While City council members Dick Jones(?) and Pat McKinley indulged in ribbon cutting for the new, improved dinosaur, Fullerton’s library, Whitaker attended the funeral of Kelly Thomas and offered his condolences to the Thomas family. He was the only one who broke ranks with the then evil Fullerton City Council. As for the remnant of the bad old days, Jan Flory, she only serves as an example of what isn’t a good city council person. Fight on for us, the good people of Fullerton, Mr. Whitaker.

    1. I agree 100% Vern. Since you and I are both rather left of center, it speaks volumes about Whitaker’s character that the both of us love this small government republican so much. I very often don’t agree with him, but I respect him, and that’s more than I can say for most Democrats, current and past, on the Fullerton City Council.

  4. Says alot about Ahmad that the two democrats on council had no confidence in him. Silva abstained and Jung voted for the other guy. Maybe Ahmad should think about doin a better job

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