Joe Felz in the News. Again.

I’ll drink to that!

Entertainers and politicians are often cited as saying there is no such thing as bad publicity.

However, former Fullerton City Manager Joe Burt Felz is not a professional politician or entertainer, although his political machinations and his alcohol-induced behavior have been cause for entertainment.

You will certainly recall Felz’s now infamous “Wild Ride” in which the badly inebriated Felz took a wide turn on Glenview Drive, ran over poor Sappy McTree, and then tried to elude the cops on on three tires. His subsequent catch and release by a corrupt Fullerton Police Department is now the stuff of legend – and the cover-up of which is the cause of the City’s egregious lawsuit against Joshua Ferguson and this very humble blog.

Well it turns out Joe has been misbehavin’ and not following his court mandated service. His probation was revoked on December 6, 2019.


A hearing to to review Poor Joe Burt’s violation was held December, last.

Who knows if Felz has ever bothered to delve into the mysteries of Victim Impact Counseling? And who knows if he got, or will get a pass because, after all, judges are just public employees in silly robes? And they always stick together.

24 Replies to “Joe Felz in the News. Again.”

  1. Jesus H. Christ. This slug couldn’t even bother to do his stupid community service requirement. And the city council is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing a case against the people that exposed felz and danny Boy Hughes and the crooked FPD in the first place.

    Disgusting and yet sadly predictable.

  2. So does Joe get to wear a DUI ankle bracelet? I have one. I tell my kids its for arthritis treatment.

  3. What you are seeing here is not uncommon for mild probation violations. You usually get two passes on this type of thing, and then it’s three strikes and an increase in required community service. If it happened again after that, *maybe* a weekend in jail, but that’s iffy at best. It’s not favoritism, it’s our broken justice system.

    1. Possibly the dumbest comment of 2020.

      The man drove while drunk and ran over a tree. He could have killed someone. This is part of repaying his debt to society.

      The idea that a criminal’s activity has nothing to do with “our” business is beyond fucked up.

        1. Incorrect. It’s a public process of justice to give Wild Ride Felz an opportunity to pay for his crimes and become a productive member of society. That’ll be a first for sociology Joe Burt, too.

  4. The dui incident never happened and it is based on lies. The truth will all come out one day!! Fullerton PD for life!!!

  5. So sad , for Joe Felz’s daughter.
    It must be very disappointing knowing that his dad has low or not Ethics at all.
    The fact of having a dad, that drink and drive reckless and has not consideration for other driver’s life. It is sad. Moreover, having a dad that he doesn’t even bother on taken the victims class.
    Uuuugh , what a exemplary Dad, but once a convicted, always a convicted.

  6. Yawn. Big deal. Just paperwork. Not like anyone is doing any jail time anyways. Shit the courts aren’t even doing anything these days. You could murder someone and get 10 days in jail now. Just how Democrats and Liberals always wanted it. Joe smiles as he takes a sip of his cocktail while cashing his $25,000 monthly pension check. Yawn.

  7. Joe (rubber stamp) Felz personifies city of Fullerton’s malignant, political spirit that thrives in its city council, police department and bureaucracies. City managers qualify for this position through their advanced degrees in finance and or public administration and many work their way through the ranks in this office gaining valuable experience that enhances their knowledge. With this knowledge and experience, a city manager makes wise, ethical decisions to best serve Fullerton’s residents and businesses. Joe Felz hung around city of Fullerton’s Parks and Recreation, a no-brainer appendage of this city’s bureaucracy, got his degree in sociology, and with the ease of cream rising to the top of milk, so Joe rose to head city of Fullerton’s parks and recreation. Evidence Fullerton’s civic leaders and its civil servants saw the good people of Fullerton as their private cash cow when Joe selected as Fullerton’s city manager.Transparent California, a website showing salaries of public employees, shows the six figure salaries of its fire and police department employees and six figure salaries of Fullerton School District employees. I guess Joe rubber stamp has no qualms driving city of Fullerton into chronic debt with city of Fullerton’s employees’ salaries and pensions. Joe rubber stamp’s city manager career did not end when he drunkenly drove his car into a tree because his grateful to him Fullerton police tried to cover up his crime to protect him from the scandal and legal repercussions of his irresponsible actions. It was the efforts of this website, FFFF, that created public outcry that forced Joe Felz’s resignation as city manager. As Fullerton’s police officers beat Kelly Thomas to death then tried to cover it up with false police reports, as water rates ridiculously raised only to have revealed these monies not spent in maintaining city of Fullerton’s delivery of water infrastructure, but siphoned into city employees salaries and pensions, in the tradition of Fullerton’s city government employees, Joe rubber stamp merely walks away from the damage he has done to the good people of Fullerton.

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