Appeals Court Slaps Fullerton… Again

Joshua by Spencer
Trying to look passed all of the bullshit the city has thrown at us

Twice now the City of Fullerton has managed to baffle a judge with bullshit and get the judge to issue a prior restraint against myself, David and this blog stopping us from publishing “secret city hall documents”.

Twice now the city has boasted of their win only to be slapped down by the CA Appellate Court.

First they spiked the football during a 05 November 2019 City Council meeting where hack & pretend-an-intellect Ahmad Zahra threw softballs at City Attorney Kimberly Barlow to support their lies & defamation. This was the meeting where they tacitly admitted to violating disclosure laws (The Brown Act) by not properly voting & disclosing said vote to sue us prior.

A week later the Appellate Court sided with us on the publishing gag & slapped it down.

The second time a judge granted a prior restraint the city ran to the North Orange County Chamber of Commerce who pretended to care about the newsworthiness of the case & they issued a Press Release. Said PR was basically just a hit-piece against us with a laughable lie by City Manager Ken Domer who hasn’t once tried to settle this case despite his bullshit postering about wanting to work with us to “bring it to a close”.

That time it took the Appellate Court 10 days to slap the publishing gag down. Not only did they stay the prior restraint – they took over the case entirely by accepting our appeal.

Now we’ll wait to see what happens next as the Appellate Court hears both sides & makes a ruling. Will they side with Fullerton who claims we “plundered” their public, widely available, known about & non-password protected Dropbox Account by virtue of allegedly clicking links that even literally had my name on them? Or will the Appellate Court laugh at Fullerton for trying to bury us with litigation, fees and threats all to cover the incompetence they’ve admitted to in their own arguments?

Time will tell and we’ll keep you updated.

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  1. The local Chamber of Horrors has been a lackey of the city government since Cracker Doc HeeHaw tried to rewrite the great Recall of 1994.

    And Domer? Give that incompetent piece of shit a porch and a banjo.

  2. This ain’t uncharted waters. Anybody who can read and followed Fullerton newz for the last 10 years knows the city has the reputation of a snake oil salesman. The legaleze gurus seem to think it’s a slam-dunk. It’s clear the Fourth has no confidence in the local court. It’s a wrap. Sleep well.

    “May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face” George Jung

    1. Depends who you ask. For Jones and meyer it’s Jones and Meyer. For FitzFlory it’s all about punishing FFFF. For the DA its all about protecting Dirty Danny Hughes.

      1. Heard through the grapevine a re-enactment of Mr. Felz wild ride is forthcoming.. Definitely something most Fullertonians are looking forward to seeing. Especially now since the only thing we can do is surf the internet and distance ourselves from our neighbors.

  3. Keep up the good work-Fullerton lives by a different law, high time this ends the entitled thinking! How much deceit, lying and disgusting behavior Fullerton cops have gotten away with.

  4. The City of Fullerton and specifically the city manager, Ken Dumber, is not a stranger to illegal behavior. Abuse of power and fear tactics are in his play book.

  5. I am willing to bet $5 (its all I have at the moment) that the City’s lawyers (J&M) are NOT sharing everything with the court and with city staff. It wouldn’t be the first or last time for J&M. They have always kept their secrets close to the vest to limit their exposure. FFFF and specifically Joshua Ferguson has pulled back the curtain and is showing what sort of lawyer Kim Barlow really is. And Dick Jones is totally out of the loop and semi-retired. He relies completely on what Barlow tells him. Trusting Kim Barlow will be Dick Jones’ downfall.

  6. That bitch Barlow has no compunction about lying in public hearings about even the most obvious issues. She fit in perfectly with the old Planning/Redevelopment Dept professional deceivers Dudley, Chapulski, Rosen, Zur Shumd, White…… Thanks to gullible Shity Councils who granted massive pensions, most of that corrupted crowd have flew the coop. More thanks to FFFF who gave them plenty of holes to crawl into. The apex of deceit still remains with City Mgr and City Attorney. Their days are numbered too.

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