If You Weren’t So Dumb You’d Know The Right Thing To Do

Accountability? It was never on the agenda.

And so education is the key. To that end our esteemed City Council voted 4-1 last week to pay some sort of “consultant” $129,000 between now and the November election to educate us all about why we need to vote for a new 16% increase in city sales taxes.

That’s right. A few minutes earlier, in the wee small hours, the council voted 4-1 to put a sales tax increase on the ballot. Then they added their little Maraschino cherry right on the top.

The government is not allowed to promote a ballot issue. Of course this prohibition never stopped agencies and school districts in the past. In fact they do it all the time. Wasting $129,000 gives them cover, they believe to promote their shake down. Well, we already know the “educational” pitch:

Lookit all the goodies we will get! Of course we should be getting all this stuff anyhow, if our city government were capable and honest instead of feeble, self-defensive, and in too many instance just corrupt. For years as our reserves were eroded every year Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory and their feel-good choir insisted that the budgets were balanced, projects were well-run, and infrastructure was prioritized. We all knew those were lies and now that we are scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel it’s obvious to even the most oblivious observer.

For years Fitzgerald and company kept pouring money into the “public safety” sack, a move that endeared them to their union supporters but that jacked up payroll and pension costs while delivering zero increase in public safety. Our famous police department continued to nurture illegal behavior in its ranks and the City did its utmost to cover it all up.

Well these worthies have a tough row to hoe given the mood of the public and the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. They’d better have a back-up plan because there’s little chance the electorate is going to want to protect the business-as-usual gang in City Hall. The completely hollow and cynical promise of oversight and audits isn’t going to persuade anybody.


22 Replies to “If You Weren’t So Dumb You’d Know The Right Thing To Do”

  1. I guess this means Fitzgerald is definitely out. Who’s her replacement stooge going to be?

  2. How many city employees took a pay cut?

    We know the part-timers were laid off, but other than that, did they get penalized like the private businesses did?

    1. They told us Domer and the managers took some kind of cut, but even if true that would all be given back, and more, if a tax goes through.

  3. Does that Nicole Bernard still sit around all day doing who knows what and making $150,000 a year? And they want to raise taxes to support that?

    1. Those that think $150,000 is to much should go to transparentcalifornia.com > Cities > Fullerton and you will see that in 2019 it shows Nicole M. Bernard received $221,158.95 in salary & benefits.

    1. Of course it’s a thin line. So thin that they’re going to go over it. But who’s going to stop them?

  4. Boy, that ballot proposition is about as stacked as anything I’ve ever seen in my life! That whole laundry list of benefits could have easily been replaced with two words: “Fix everything.”

  5. I’m sure the fire union goons had a hand in crafting that ballot language given how frothy the hero worship oozes from it and they’re already salivating over all those extra dollars headed their way now….they’ve already started shopping for new RV’s, boats, vacation homes and down payments for new side businesses. Outsource EMS and there will be no need for a tax increase. Problem solved.

  6. I would support a smaller tax increase solely for road improvements, even though I would hold my nose doing it (thinking of my fillings rattling out of my mouth while driving on Euclid between Malvern and Bastanchury yesterday). The laundry list mentioned is way too broad and vague for most people to support. As most of you realize, new taxes rarely go away.

  7. Until ended by voters? Well who the fuck is going to get this on the ballot? Not the bureaucrat lovers on the council, that’s for sure.

  8. See La Palma. See La Palma City Staff and City Council members lie to voters and say it is to save our police. See the La Palma Police Officers Association fund the campaign and lie to residents too. See 61% of La Palma voters get fooled by the lies and approve the tax increase. See the lying La Palma City Council spend all the money on employee salary increases and pensions. Don’t be a fool. Don’t be like La Palma.

    Oh ya, remember when you hired Mike Sellers, one of “La Palma’s finest” to be your Police Chief? How did that work out for ya?

  9. I feel like a sucker for voting for the increase in fuel taxes and motor vehicle registration fees. I was under the impression that the revenue would go to fixing our roads. I see no evidence of road repairs since the measure passed. I think that the commercials supporting the measure were fraudulent.

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