Lawyer Dick Jones Stands in Bread Line

Staying awake long enough to cash the check…

Well, now that the names of those receiving Trump Bucks as part of the Great Federal Covid Giveaway 2020 have been published, we here at FFFF thought we’d see if we could dig up some local recipients of government welfare, you know, just to see if we knew any names on the list.

Well, Lo and Behold!

Business Type: Subchapter S Corporation
Lender: Pacific Mercantile Bank

Loan Amount: $350,000-1 million
So our City Attorney has fallen on hard times and lined up for a bailout. I really wonder if this is the sort of “business” anybody envisioned when the light bulb went on. Jones has made a fortune dispensing bad advice to cities across Southern California and here in Fullerton he has made a name for himself by suing honest citizens to hide his own errors. On one issue alone, Jones managed to cock up the law, participate in a conflict of interest, and support the forgery of public documents

21 Replies to “Lawyer Dick Jones Stands in Bread Line”

  1. What “hardship” did this big tub experience? His municipal clients are still paying for his time. Maybe he’s just planning ahead for Fullerton’s eventual insolvency.

    1. Good point. Has the fat slug started discounting his billing? Has he stopped charging for covering up his own mistakes?

  2. Jones is just a fucking freeloader sucking hard off taxpayers across the county. After the Westminster pension scandal he ought to have been fired, let alone for all the bad advice he shits out.

    And now this parasite has latched on to federal money that we will be making installment payments on…forever. On the bright side, November will bring 2 new councilpersons and maybe we’ll finally get rid of this corrupt, incompetent mudslide.

    1. Installments? He’s putting that towards his payroll so the loan can be forgiven. He’s not paying back anything.

  3. Some local small businesses that needed PPP didn’t get it, while someone like this sucked down the $$.
    Too many ugly examples of this. Sad.

  4. Democrats tried to put in the oversight to oversee where the money went.

    Team Trump had their own plans.

      1. You’re clearly too fucking stupid to tell the difference.

        So I wouldn’t even rank what you said as a contribution.

        1. I have often told us not to use dirty words but unfortunately we never listen to us. I tell us that vulgarity reveals a small mind, but I can never listen to us.

        2. You’re aware you just made fun of yourself, right?

          Of course not. You’re a moron.

    1. We keep talking until the room is empty. I have warned us over and over about my being an irrelevant annoyance but we just won’t listen.

        1. Or Tom Or Dick Or Harry. Despite my warnings we hate everybody who is not just like me. Or we.

    1. “Please report all fraudulent SBA transactions to the Office of the Inspector General.”

      Which Trump goon is in charge there now?

      1. If I’ve told us once I’ve told us a thousand times to really try hard to make relevant comments while I waste my copious free time blogging. Maybe someday we will learn. But I doubt it.

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