Does Ahmad Zahra Still Live in District 5?

Movin’ on out?

I really don’t want to write this post because as much as I don’t like Zahra as a person, I don’t want to drag his family onto this blog undeservedly.

But facts being what they are, Ahmad Zahra looks to be getting divorced. I try to avoid family drama as best as possible except in cases where it is relevant to the public interest. In this case, sadly, it is in the public’s interest.


The reason this becomes an issue of public interest is because it isn’t very common for divorcing couples to still be living together and the likelihood is that one of them moved out.

So does Zahra still live in District 5 with his soon to be ex or has he moved elsewhere?

18 Replies to “Does Ahmad Zahra Still Live in District 5?”

  1. The guy who preaches moral values and never met a soapboxes he didn’t make every effort to step on got divorced? Poor Miguel lasted this long. That Torture movie Zahra famously “made” should have been about Miguel.

  2. You know, it’s one thing to disagree with politics and whatnot, it’s a whole other to put someone’s personal business online. You are speculating on someones living arrangements pending personal matters. How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot? Honestly?

    1. Yes, there’s no need to speculate. Ahmad can just tell us where he lives and we can see if he’s eligible to retain his council seat.

      1. He sure can.

        Right after he tells us why he’s being accused of battery and vandalism by the cops he accepts endorsements from.

      1. Which he was a resident of when he was elected and you have no proof otherwise. I didn’t realize this was TMZ… Its horseshit you are being attacked by the City who is clearly in the wrong for your situation, but its also horseshit to talk about someones love life like this. I don’t care how you try to justify it, thats pretty low.

        1. Nice use of the past tense of “was”. You’re making my point for me.

          Anyways, that fuckstick voted to sue me and attack my place of employment to cover up for city stupidity and as such I don’t give two shits what you think is “low”. He and his cohorts wanted to fight dirty and you’re mad I published the truth. Kick rocks, he gets no quarter from me.

  3. You are using the residency issue as an excuse to disclose information you hope will damage and humiliate Councilman Zahra because you disagree with him politically. Your aim here is transparent and despicable. Just own it and spare us the maudlin concern about not wanting “to drag his family onto this blog undeservedly.”

    1. I love it. The left shoves districts down our collective throats for “representation” and then cries when we have a legitimate reason to question somebody’s residency in the district they represent. That I think Zahra is a useless stooge is irrelevant to the facts at hand but go ahead and ignore them because you like his politics.

      If I wanted to humiliate him I’d post all of the sordid details of his divorce which you’ll notice I haven’t done.

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