A Hill. Wrapped in Plastic

A few weeks ago while at a local eating establishment in the Downtown area a gentleman stopped me by name, which isn’t always a good thing in malcontentville, and asked me to inquire about the plastic sheeting up near the YMCA.

You may have seen it while driving North on Harbor Blvd:


So ask I did. Here is the recent answer according to some undisclosed source at the Public Works Department as communicated by the Clerk’s office:


“Plastic sheeting the slope on Harbor Blvd is done with City staff and costs about $12,000. We have been sheeting the slope for 6+ years.”

I’ve not sent in followup requests for invoices or details about this particular project but I’m sure if somebody wanted to do so the city would be happy to explain why spending at least $72K for this particular issue/area is the best solution and has been the best solution for over half a decade.

What say you friends? Is this project worth $12k/year for who knows how long?

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  1. How much would it cost to plant that generic erosion control/ground cover stuff you see everywhere, just once. Once established I don’t think it is ever irrigated.

    1. Guessing less than $20K to remove the plastic and place erosion control matting and ground cover in its place, but too simple and cost effective.


  2. Driving up and down Chapman East of Euclid if you notice all the overgrowth from homes along the creek. The city either hires a tree service or city workers clean up the creek, trimming the trees which are on private property. The owners allow the trees and plant to grow crazy wild while we have to pick up the tab for their neglect. The city needs to bill the owners for the cost.
    I think it is bullsheet they get a freebie and a pass for being lazy, they know the city will clean it up for them.

    How much has the city spent on these neglectful owners over the years?

    1. Good question Mike. I’m no expert on California tree law, but if your neighbors tree is over your property line you are allowed to cut the branches at your property line. You can bill your neighbor or take him/her to court and try to get a money judgement. Good luck collecting!

      Now on the other hand, if you have a tree that’s encroaching in the “public right of way”, the city’s Code Enforcement can force you to cut your tree over the public right of way.

      1. It costs a lot of money for the city to declare each tree a public nuisance and go through proceedings against each homeowner. It’s cheaper for the city just pay $50 to trim the tree.

    2. “How much has the city spent on these neglectful owners over the years?”

      Zero. That’s the County Flood Control Agency. Ask them.

    3. Chapman or Malvern? The creek runs along Malvern. I don’t think The city doesn’t own the creek so I don’t think they deal with that. But I agree with you- people need to handle their own shit.

  3. I recall a council meeting where the City ( presented by Don Hoppe) allocated funds (could have been $72k) to “stabilize” that slope a few years ago. He gave the impression that it was a permanent thing. What a trick! The Maintenance Dept scores every year.

  4. NO sidewalks on either of Harbor to get to St. Jude. So if they do something this would be a good time to add sidewalks.

    1. The reason there’s no sidewalk at that stretch of Harbor is because the grade is so steep it would not meet ADA requirements.

        1. If a ped needs to get up to St Jude the best route would be along Sunny Crest Dr to the East. This is the bike route as well. A nice bike/ped path from Brea Dam park up to the pavement along the top of the dam would be amazing though, right?

  5. They need to build an elevated sidewalk, to accommodate pedestrians, disabled. But as it is potholes continue to grow, streets have cracked asphalt.

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