There’s a SlideBar for Sale

A bar just came on the market in Orange County, and it looks and smells a lot like Fullerton’s infamous SlideBar. Check it out.

The listing says it’s in Orange, CA, but the description matches Fullerton loudest chugghub to a T. I’m told the photo matches the Slidebar interior, too.

I wonder if the new owner will still be able to blast amplified outdoor music into the surrounding residences without a permit.

14 Replies to “There’s a SlideBar for Sale”

  1. Here’s my favorite part:

    “Huge 1400 SF Patio With Southern Exposure Permitted for Alcohol”

    I would LOVE to see the Conditional Use Permit authorizing alcohol consumption outside with live entertainment inside, including the right to blare music into the neighborhood unrestricted.

    1. Yeah, someone needs to take a look at the cash intake at the door and over the bar.

      Methinks someone owes some taxes on income not being reported :-O

      1. Nah, if you’re trying to sell your business based on expected future cash flows, keeping cash out of the books is stupid.

    1. This type of listing specifically requires a city and county. Don’t be retarded. They intentionally didn’t put Fullerton anywhere in the ad so his drunk patrons wouldn’t find out.

  2. There is also an unrelated listing:

    “Brea Law Firm For Sale”

    Description, Practice has the unique history at having NEVER, NEVER, EVER won a case, an argument or any other endevour attempted. Until recently this practice was managed by a FAT, NAKED, LOSER, WHO BLOGS, INTERFERES IN CIVIC ACTIVITIES….ESPECIALLY IN CITIES WHERE HE DOESN’T LIVE and as a result hold NO RESPONSIBILITY. He is a Fat Slob, Loser, with NO PAST, NO FUTURE.

    Now, This Fat slob, loser, used to run the practice from his kitchen table out of an upstairs apartment in Brea, CA (which in this sole practicioners words is: “Only feet from Fullerton”. Now it has brighter hopes, the practices NEW office (still a kitchen table) is being subsidized by ADULT CHILDREN, so you really don’t have to do ANYTHING for real.

    This business opportunity is great for a FAT, LAZY, LOUDMOUTH, who has ZERO to offer society.
    Perfect for anybody wishing to get KICKED OUT OF PARTY POLITICS.

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