Fullerton Cops Label Camera Data Wrong 60% of the Time

It was bad enough when we learned that Fullerton Officers had (have?) no oversight in how they themselves are allowed to categorize videos and schedule them for deletion. Do something wrong like the litany of SB1421 criminal cops? Just change the category to delete the videos and nobody is the wiser.

It was worse that we learned that in the context of Fullerton Officer Jose Paez perving on High School kids and teachers while on the job, including for allegedly shooting video up a 16 year old’s skirt for which he’s being prosecuted.

But it turns out that Fullerton cops label their video files wrong 60% of the time according to Chief Dunn himself:

BWC 60 Percent

“We also learned the way we label data, officers tag the video via an app on their phones, is incorrect 60% of the time.  This contributes to the storage overages and can cause evidence to be missed.”

So when officers aren’t just deleting the videos of their criminal activity, such as Paez did, they’re potentially missing evidence for cases by simply not doing their jobs correctly.

The guys and gals in blue whom we pay the vast majority of our budget to can’t manage to tag a video properly for evidence – when evidence is quite literally one of the most important aspects of their job.

Guess they need more training and raises to justify that training. Bring on Fitzgerald’s taxes to solve this pernicious police problem. Just kidding. We’re paying for software (CAD integration) because a machine is the only thing that can save us from officer incompetence. But we’ll still get hosed with the taxes to pay for their ever growing pensions just you wait.

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      1. Thanks. As I suspected the information is buried in a self-congratulatory preface to a request for money for more cloud space.

        Axon was very “generous” in the same way a drug dealer is generous getting you hooked on his smack.

  1. Making the cops use their personal cell phone to “tag ” and classify the videos was probably not the best idea either. Hard to direct policy on a device that you aren’t paying for….

    1. I believe every officer is issued a phone paid for by taxpayers, but the PD still doesn’t keep track of what’s done on it or they’d know where Paez was keeping child porn.

  2. Did anyone else catch that gem from Dunn? Since they need more storage, they want to transition to the “unlimited plan”. They need more storage, because, among other reasons, “…. the need to maintain our community transparency.”

    Community transparency? What community transparency?

    They might legitimately need more storage, but what they really (REALLY!) need is more transparency. I guess that is beating a dead horse, but we can dream.

    1. I heard IT provided a solution for storage back when they first implemented the system. PD said no thanks, they would rather pay 4x the cost. I also heard before they wanted to transition to unlimited IT recommended a in house solution again and they said no thanks again.

      Follow the money….

  3. Check out the agenda for the upcoming meeting on Tuesday. We’ll be stuffing their deep pockets with 14% of a salary increase 🙂

  4. Did you know Dunn hired an outside consultant to audit their BWC practices and look at their retention policies? Did you know that consultant he hired was a cop from Anaheim PD who had a side business doing this work.

    Did you know IT is now under PD. Did you know they are going through a similar audit to analyze their IT practices. Take a guess what city this new consultant also works at? Anaheim…ding ding ding.

    I also heard that they placed the IT admin on leave and will probably blame her for the “data leak” (The alleged Fullerton Future unauthorized access of files).

    1. Why is it strange and troubling, don’t you know we have the most honest police department in the world? It’s a great idea to have PD in charge of where all the data is. I am sure Fullerton is following the proper retention policy. I heard from my source they also changed their emailed retention. The city no longer has records of a lot of emails.

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