Flory Puts Grudge Over Law

Brown Act

Well, it took precisely one meeting for Jan Flory to bring her bitter, mean spirited and petty nonsense back to the dais. And we have Ahmad Zahra to thank for that return. With the claim of experience and I quote, “no scandals”, as her selling points before being anointed I suppose it’s once again up to us malcontents to knock those talking points down.

In what was clearly a Brown Act violation the council voted to shank Bruce Whitaker and remove him from the Orange County Water Board and replace him with Zahra before Whitaker’s term has expired.

Gee, it doesn’t look like they agendized that…

The City Manager was contacted about this possibly illegal action and “after further consideration” from the city attorney they’ve repealed the illegal action and put it back on the agenda to make sure they shank Whitaker legally. Let us be honest here and admit that The Other Dick Jones™ never gave this any consideration in the first place. Man, not even one meeting with Flory back and the law has already been thrown to four-winds over the pettiest of nonsense. So much for experience and lack of scandals – something we’ll be talking more about in the coming days.

This move to go after Whitaker was payback from 2016 pure and simple.

It stems from Flory being bitter because after she left council in 2016 she wasn’t reappointed to the Orange County Water District board despite bringing a group of FlorBots to city council to lobby for her. The council voted at that time to appoint Whitaker under the premise that Flory was no longer on council by her own choosing and a sitting council member should represent the citizens of Fullerton on the advisory board. This was a decision I supported at the time and stand by today. Flory at last week’s meeting lamented her being removed “mid-term” from the board which is absolute revisionist history but alas now she’s playing up being a victim with a false narrative. Oy.

Add this to Fitzgrald’s willingness to take a stab at Whitaker at any time over nearly any issue and Zahra’s complete lack of guiding principles and this is what Fullerton gets. It’s gross, it’s petty, it was illegal and it’s going to be the new normal.

Despite neither Whitaker or Zahra being mentioned in the agenda and Zahra only being mentioned in the agenda materials relating to Flory appointing people to boards, hence the Brown Act violation and repealing of the outcome, Whitaker was removed and Zahra was put in his place.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be what they did last night…

A cynical mind would wonder if this is what Zahra was promised in exchange for selling out the citizens of Fullerton in the Flory appointment farce. Being that the OCWD appointment wasn’t on the agenda, outside of it being listed as something the council (not Flory) appoints one would be hard pressed to believe that Whitaker’s removal wasn’t planned in advance. Silva having a well written and prepared statement also points to this being pre-planned which ALSO likely means a serial meeting was held – also violating the Brown Act. Good luck proving all that, but it’s the way things are done in Open and Transparent Fullerton – just ask Zahra how many candidates he met with privately during the vacancy process for proof of this concept.

A backroom deal over the OCWD seat would certainly explain Zahra’s immediate about face and willingness to throw transparency and openness out of the window in support of the bitter bureaucracy booster and “scandal free” Flory family.

Well, they are The Heart of the City!

It’s rather sad as Zahra seemed like a man of principle for precisely one meeting. Since then we’re seeing more and more evidence that he has no integrity and this last Tuesday continues to confirm that he’s a man of little character and a whole lot of bluster. While he works to build his legacy and name recognition we’ll be here to keep you appraised of his and his cohort’s shenanigans and malfeasance. We’ll also keep your appraised of “scandal free” and “ready to go” Jan Flory’s performance.

22 Replies to “Flory Puts Grudge Over Law”

  1. Poltical murder… shanking… mean spirited and petty nonsense

    Sounds awful. You and Ryan really should dial up the scary analogies though. Maybe a political rape, or a political beheading. Political violation. Be best guys.

    What happened? One guy in an appointed position got removed because there was a change in control. Pols settling scores even, I can grant that.

    Politics ain’t bean bag. I guess they didn’t follow the Brown Act formalities. Easily fixed. Not going to change the result.

    “It’s rather sad as Zahra seemed like a man of principle for precisely one meeting.”

    Instead of listing the politicians who have disappointed you, maybe you could save time enumerate the politicians that haven’t.

          1. This being Fullerton, you can’t be jailed or fined for breaking laws either – if you’re one of the anointed.

    1. “I guess they didn’t follow the Brown Act formalities. Easily fixed.”

      Really? How do they explain the fact that they have already discussed and decided an agendized item, yet another Brown Act violation, hmm?

    1. Unfortunately, the passage of the Protect Josh Newman Act has completely neutered the ability of the public to reign in this kind of abuse.

    2. Classic Fullerton! Lots of sound and fury but in the end NO ONE really cares! It sure seems that the new council member is trading on his win. It would be great to see LOTS of people pointing out the difference between his rhetoric and self aggrandizing actions.

      Unfortunately, his position is secured due to his ‘virtuous’ attributes. I think I’m going to puke.

      1. “It sure seems that the new council member is trading on his win.”

        You know what that’s called, right? Politics.

        1. Absolutely, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Our virtuous councilman is nothing more than a political hack.

          Didn’t take long for that to come out. “Now that we know what you are, it’s simply a matter of price.” Mr. Whitaker on the other hand does, to his credit, stand by principles.

          1. “Mr Whitaker” is a republican.
            Everyone on both sides knows what this is about.

            What do they say in DC? Elections have consequences.

            1. I guess. Identity politics on full display by Mr. Zahar. Does district 5 get ‘dirtier water’. than the rich folk up the hill? He sure seemed to be saying that.

              We’re in for a rough ride

  2. I received a disturbing campaign email from Fitzgerald today that bragged about her balanced budget. What’s wrong with this lady?

  3. So I am given to understand, legal extrodinare, Greg Diamond has begun to attzck Gin Flurries detractors. He’s back to calling them NAZI’S and Jew-Baiters (I didn’t know Gin Flurry was Jewish????), but it suffices to say, Genius Greg says what we all KNOW:
    “He was under a lot of pressure to vote for a Democrat, giving Fullerton’s Council its first majority since … ever? He could have chosen someone from the party far worse than Flory, but I won’t name names.”

    Jesus Silva is on the take for the Democratic Party handle pullers, He can’t risk his wifes pension and political future, so according to Diamond, a former official KNOWS, But he says he WON’T NAME NAMES. WTF?????
    Jesus according to Greg Diamond is guilty of Malfeasance and perhaps criminal behavior. Greg DIamond, again, claims to K-N-O-W, that Jose traded away his vote for personal benefit. So who is to be believed? Greg Diamond and handicapped, partially retarded, unemployed ex-officio OR Jose Silva, the elected representative who has said Greg Diamond is a LIAR, and an “EXTREMEIST.

    Gee, what’s worse?

  4. Well it appears one of Zahars buddies and benefactors, DPOC Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneu hand some choice words for a woman of color, Irvine council member Farrah Kahn.

    Aledgedly, upset with her for suggesting a Republican serve on some sort of low level community board, he called her a “Fucking Evil Bitch”.

    When asked, Ahmed replied: “He’s Right, we don’t need homophobes, whites and bad actors”.

    Nice job councilman.

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