Did Jennifer Fitzgerald Just Admit to Illegal Lobbying on Behalf of Jamboree Housing?

Recently Jennifer Fitzgerald circulated to her closest supporters- via her Curt Pringle & Associates  email account – her opening salvo in the 2020 election, an email entitled “2019 – A Year of Resolution and Re-commitment”.

Plus a few people she thinks are her closest supporters. Whoops.

There’s a lot to digest here, and the amount of mendacity, outright falsehoods and terrible policy proposals would take multiple posts to unpack.

But one particular boast stands out above the others:

No, not the one about the budget (although it is absolutely galling how she can still claim she balanced the budget two years after the City admitted we have a serious structural deficit and four years after members of the public started noticing). Instead, look at her claim that “Looking back over my six years of service on the Fullerton City Council, I’m proud of newly constructed affordable housing communities with… Jamboree Housing.”

So what’s the problem? Well, as Curt Pringle & Associates admit on their facebook page,  Jamboree Housing is one of their clients. Which means that Councilmember Fitzgerald just bragged about breaking the law.

That’s the one.

Two important caveats. First, I know from attending most council meetings over the last four years that Fitzgerald has avoided voting on any agenda item involving Jamboree Housing’s low income housing development since obtaining residence at CP&A. However, Government Code Section 87100 doesn’t just prohibit an elected official from making or participating in making a decision in which he or she has a financial interest – any attempt by an elected official “to use his official position to influence a governmental decision” is also illegal.

Second, and probably more important, this is could be yet another example of Fitzgerald misleading her voters about her accomplishments (and possibly CP&A clients, given that this email was sent via jennifer@curtpringle.com)  and taking credit for something she had no role in, or claiming she accomplished something she did not.

“Hey, it was balanced for a few seconds!” – Jennifer Fitzgerald, probably

So which is it? Did she break the law and influence a decision that she had a clear financial interest in or does she just have a chronic aversion to telling the truth and chose to brag about her influence and effectiveness to Fullerton voters as well as potentially CP&A’s clients?

A quick poll of FFFF staff seems to indicate that “both” is not entirely out of the question as a possible answer, but maliciousness is in the eye of the beholder.

11 Replies to “Did Jennifer Fitzgerald Just Admit to Illegal Lobbying on Behalf of Jamboree Housing?”

  1. “I’m proud of how our Council deliberated this issue and found common ground in the end with our appointment of former Councilwoman, Jan Flory.”

    Should really say: “I’m proud of how I manipulated two idiots to appoint someone who has agreed with 100% of everything I have ever wanted to do on Council, thus removing my position in a lame duck minority to an unchallenged majority.”

    May have been the single dumbest vote for progressive Dems in Fullerton in 85 years. Gotta hand Fitzgerald points for ruining them on this one.

    1. Yep, except that while Silva is a bona fide idiot, Zahra is not. Just greasy and manipulative. He reminds me a lot of one-time councilslug Peter Godfrey – he stood for nothing, had no courage, and not much of anything else, either. Come to think of it you can add Clesceri and Leladd Wilson to that very same list. They’d go with staffa every single time unless Linda Lequire cracked her whip.

      1. Hahahahaha! She’s “proud” of how the council deliberated and came up with her desired candidate…Flory, the Mistress of a Thousand Governance Misfortunes. Why are the roads bad? FFFFsters place your laser focus on the unfortunate mugs of Flory and Fitzgerald.

  2. What about her work on ACCOC?

    Fullerton pays thousands of dollars a year to be a member of this association. Does Fitzgerald use Fullerton taxpayer money to advance her financial interest in Jamboree and other Pringle clients while claiming to represent Fullerton at the same time?

  3. An ever BIGGER problem: remember when Fitzgerald volunteered to represent Fullerton at the big SCAG party at Rancho Mirage because “I am going there anyway for work”?

    Can ANYBODY possibly believe this totally conflicted crook isn’t using Fullerton (especially shaking down developers) to further her own nest-feathering?

    I don’t because I know for a fact that she gins up campaign contributions for others from Fullerton business interests.

    1. No, and we can tell you she’s been out to the SCAG meeting while officially representing Fullerton (including Fullerton paying for things) in prior years.

      Look, we know and you know the FPPC and District Attorney do not care. She knows, too.

      i’m sure she’ll have a new sycophant for us to digest in 2020. Gotta pass on the graft and trade to the next generation of revenue generating public-private check writers.

        1. Another useless political hack coughed up by…

          Works for the totally corrupt Andrew Do, and thinks it’s a recommendation.

          1. You may be right. She picked this zit as a finalist for the CC (fake, she wanted Flory all along). I was added as an afterthought.

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