Former Fullerton Police Chief – Guilty

Former Fullerton Police Chief David Hendricks and former Fullerton Police Captain Tom Oliveras have both plead guilty to charges related to their scuffle last year.

According to the LA Times:

“A former Fullerton police chief and one of his captains plead guilty Monday to misdemeanor charges for starting a fight with paramedics at a Lady Antebellum concert last summer in Irvine while off-duty, an incident which forced the chief to resign.”

Also from the LAT:

“Neither will serve jail time. As part of their plea deals with prosecutors, Hendricks had two counts of battery on emergency workers and one count of resisting arrest dismissed, while Oliveras had one count each of battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest dismissed.”

This is the same charge that Deputy DA Mike Flory was found guilty of a few days ago. Sure must be nice to work for the state – you can punch, choke and hit public safety members (or just hit kids allegedly in Flory’s case) and get slapped on the wrist with “disturbing the peace”. You’d think with all of the pay, benefits and praise we give these people in their professions the least taxpayers could expect is some actual discipline when they screw up but nope. We’re lucky to ever even learn the details when “public safety” members cause harm – just ask Fullerton City Hall as they continue to block every request regarding legally required transparency.

Just another day with Fullerton’s finest.

30 Replies to “Former Fullerton Police Chief – Guilty”

  1. I feel civil lawsuits in the future. The FCC sounds more and more like The DJT “psychophants” – oblivious to public opinion

  2. Let’s do an FPD top brass recap!

    Chief “Patdown Pat” McPension hires thugs, goons, cripples, thieves, pickpockets, perverts, addicts and perjurors.

    Chief “Take A Break” Sellers bugs out under stress, goes for disability retirement.

    Chief Danny “Galahad” Hughes covers up Kelly Thomas murder, covers up drunk driving city manager, wals away scot-free.

    Chief Dave “Diploma Mill” Hendricks gets drunk, beats up paramedics.

    Is it any fucking wonder the rank-and-file is no better than their boss?

  3. Nothing better than getting, the equivalent, of a traffic ticket for battering an on-duty EMT. No loss of CCW. No 10-year firearm prohibition.

    I’m guessing the on-duty EMT (and anyone else who witnessed this event) was going to refuse to testify against these pukes. Been there and seen that happen before.

  4. basically dismal of charges like it never happened.. wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get such a merciful deal

  5. In sum, Chief David Hendricks, and former Fullerton Police Captain Tom Oliveras. They will never be able to get a governmental job due to this record. If I am right. I think when persons has morals , even if they drink. They are able to control themselves. at least this was my belief, until I see this two guys. Are these guys going to end in Disneyland too?
    Anyway, who started the fight. Was the Long Beach Police guy, and the Fullerton officer just followed him on the fight, or was the Fullerton Captain who started, and the LBPD Chief, continue the transgression. Perhaps the Long Beach guy, will comeback to Long Beach PD. to work.

    1. “Perhaps the Long Beach guy, will comeback to Long Beach PD. to work.”

      I don’t think so. I heard he has enrolled in a doctoral program at Andrew Jackson University.

      1. A online university! Ha ha ha. No wonder.
        Online university where anyone can copy and paste all the answers, then when you go to outside to the field, the real life, things are very different. People that they take courses online. The real reason is just to try to be average. Because they didn’t have the grit and courage to finish school in a real school. Well these are the consequences. Perhaps the Human Resources personal from Fullerton can learn their lesson about hiring top cops with a online degree. They continue that trend, FPD will end hiring top cops with a law degree from Mexico. I thought Fullerton HR were smarter. How weird. I will make sure to never enroll in that specific online school.
        Curious, does anyone knows which school oliveras graduated from?

    1. All the LE supervisor clowns at FPD have bogus degrees. This all started when Sellers would pass them out like candy via LBSU in the FPD briefing room with wknd classes. This tradition continues with Katy teaching and passing herself off as a retired cop….. The best training ever given in the FPD briefing room was Mr Irish’s (Corporal Irish) ethics training…. Obviously Corbett didn’t listen and will be cutting a “deal” soon with his attorney Bill Haddon

  6. A good SAT score in a University is 1600. LBSU SAT score is 1014. The results speaks for itself.
    No wonder, why the LBSU official nick name in Wikipedia is “Dirt-Bags” That is the only thing, they assert correctly. Ah forget it, after seeing this two guys on this blog. I feel… I do not want to go to school anymore. So bad I do not have a rich dad to support me. Shit man. I going to have to find a online school.

  7. You mean Fullerton PD didn’t want to post his picture and “ guilty” to their Instagram , Facebook page with some funny , sarcastic hashtags like they do every other criminal caught doing something wrong and found guilty?! Too funny. What a joke. Hypocrisy and double standards at its finest. He must be somewhere celebrating with Felz. On a different note, in a previous post there was a list of current corrupt FPD cop. Anyone know why Officer Jose Paez was included in that post, list? Inquiring minds would love to know….

  8. So, lady and gentlemen, the taken away here is:
    “The that the Attorney of Formal Fullerton Chief Mr. Henndricks and Oliver’s is much better than the attorney of Michael Flory.
    However, I have to give credit to Mr. Flory for accepting responsibility, without a plead deal. After all, it does take balls to accept responsibility, and write a letter of apologize. That makes him different from his mom.

              1. You know Happy, I think they should think about handing out one bullet at a time to FPD warriors. Make them keep it in their pocket like Barney Fife.

          1. You wouldn’t be saying that if it was one of you’re family members under that knife. What a douche bag you are Gilmore.

            1. I only wish those fat FPD fuckers would go under the knife and get rid of all that blubber. Watching them move around is like watchin’ sap run down a tree.

              1. Watching the sap is probably the most dangerous thing you have done. Careful, you’ll get sticky. Again.

            2. Right. Why shoot the woman once when 11 bullets are so much more fun.

              Empty Clip Thayer. never leaves his game in the locker room.

  9. As For Mr. Flory,
    Well SuperDouche is fully your title from here out.
    It’s sick how you parade around like your a pillar of society,
    Yet your the campaign slogan for “white trailer trash”
    Get your shit together for the love of Christ, your old drunk
    Nasty attitude has finally made its way for all the public to view. I wouldn’t put you in charge of a hamster farm never mind the future or punishment of Juvinielles.
    You suck and your just ridiculous you damn maniac.

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