We Get Mail: Spot the Problem

This just arrived from one of our intrepid Friends via Facebook.

Mr. Oates is running for Fullerton High School Board.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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  1. #1 by Diana Prince on October 17, 2018

    No problem here. It is the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, La Habra, and Buena Park High schools are part of it. As well as Fullerton, Sunny Hills, Troy and Sonara.

    • #2 by Anonymous on October 17, 2018

      Should he be on campus with the principal? That seems like a big problem

      • #3 by Intrepid Friend on October 17, 2018

        There’s one!

        At least four more to go!

  2. #4 by Longtime Lurker on October 17, 2018

    FFFF has some great content and really digs in on some issues, but then pisses upwind on petty stuff. In this case, petty to the point of ignorance.

    • #5 by Gopher on October 17, 2018

      Are are you sure?

      • #6 by Longtime Lurker on October 17, 2018

        Am I sure that “English Major” is picking apart grammatical errors? Yes.
        Am I sure that when a dog barks at the wind people stop listening? Yes.

        • #7 by English Major on October 17, 2018

          Oh come on, it’s just a little fun. He’s running for school board!

          It’s not like he stole something.

    • #8 by just a guy on October 17, 2018

      Another dissatisfied customer. Shut er down, boys.

  3. #9 by Homophones on October 17, 2018

    My pal the Principal believes strongly in certain principles.


  4. #10 by I'll play... on October 17, 2018

    These (students)…?

  5. #11 by I'll play... on October 17, 2018

    are are….

  6. #12 by Flat earth society card carrying member and administrator of the flat earth informer on October 17, 2018

    Besides his handler’s obvious poor command of the English language, the problem is that it is not Chris Thompson in the picture. We will see very soon if Oates is for real.

  7. #13 by Compton on October 17, 2018

    So a candidate running for school board Is meeting with local school administrators and touring campuses, seems like a fairly non controversial issue.

    • #14 by Anonymous on October 17, 2018

      How’s Harry Sidhu worling out for you?

  8. #15 by Brother Shamus on October 18, 2018

    He misspelled PRINCIPAL. Could have been autocorrect, could have been an oversight or just crappy spelling knowledge. People need to pay attention to detail. If they can’t while running for office then GTFO. Engineers and scientists are held to a very high standard and there are consequences for ineptitude. Why don’t administrators or high school board candidates pay attention?

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