Fullerton’s Mixed Primary Results

Recall Bull

Bulls**t or not, Josh Newman got crushed by the voters in the mid-term primary which is currently sitting at nearly 60/40 in favor of Recall (though the totals will change slightly). Newman’s supporters seem to be caterwauling about how (D)s only show up in Presidential races and low turnout caused Newman’s electoral demise but to that I say “so what?”.

If your electoral success is predicated upon people who are too lazy to mail back an absentee ballot more than once every four years I don’t have much sympathy in your loss.

Josh Newman could have easily survived this recall had be run as the man I interviewed on my podcast but instead he ran into the arms of Brown/deLeon and got the shellacking he deserved. A little less contempt for voters and a lot more explaining of facts/reasons would have gone a long way but alas that’s not how he rolled. His staff is now unemployed owing to his arrogance.

It is true that I likewise lost in the recall. Current results have me at about 12% of the vote across the 3 counties. Obviously I would have preferred a better showing but if this is the way I go out I’ll take it because removing Josh Newman was more important.

SD29 Primary Results

I’ll suffer through L2 if it means humbling a man who lied to my face at his swearing in ceremony. My bet is that Newman will be back in 2020 but for now he has 2 years to consider this an abject lesson in how Representative Democracy works in California. You don’t raise our taxes and then insult our intelligence without some consequences.

In other election news two of Fullerton’s own, and yet worst, appear to have made it passed the June 5th Primary in contentious races: Doug Chaffee & Young Kim.

In the still being counted Supervisor race, for the seat being vacated by Shawn Nelson, Chaffee is ahead of Kerr by a few hundred votes for Top2. Kerr may still have a shot to knock him out of it but it seems unlikely. It is also likely that provisional ballots could swing left and Kerr/Chaffee could knock Shaw out so I wouldn’t want to be sitting in Shaw’s seat right now.

Chaffee as Supervisor
Really? Doug for Supes?

In the big money race for Royce’s seat we see that Kim managed to absolutely STOMP local boy Shawn Nelson with the help of DCCC attack ads and other (R)s splitting the vote.

Young Kim over Nelson
The End of Nelson?

Young Kim owes Huff and Libertore a round of drinks for their hard work in keeping Nelson out of Royce’s seat and then the (R)s will likely need to apologize to Nelson after Cisneros stomps Kim should she agree to a debate.

There were only two people running for Assembly so they both advance and that race stays uninteresting until November.

Did you vote in any of these races? Are you happy with the election results? What did the voters get right/wrong? What do you think we should expect in November?

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  1. I’m not sure that Shawn Nelson was ever really in this race. I do know that Gil just dropped $4 million of his lottery winnings for this job.

  2. yhI agree with the 39th congressional analysis. I am amazed that a Republican made the final vote – for anything.

  3. nice to see a new posting!
    Recalling Josh Newman feels like a great sense of relief. His campaign posters calls himself a good person, (implying that others are bad) … but my casual observations around Fullerton did not impress me. I noticed while waiting for the Hillcrest Park ribbon cutting ceremony he was the only polictician to Jay walk from Ralphs parking lot. I also noticed vertern on one of his mailers as quoting the same word bull**** that he used that was probably really his choice of words. The “goodness” of Josh Newman on a more serious note brings to mind one of the 2nd greatest injustices Ive seen in politics. The gross increase in taxation of gas and registration in time of great surplus… the first greatest injustice being the unfair unconstitutional and immoral penalty of the Obamacare mandate…. which also was repealed. I would like to see him fly his blimp again however… just not running for politics.

  4. I’m happy the tax payers called bullsh*t on Newman’s bs and sent him packing. I don’t think he’ll be back in 2020. If he does he’ll be a two time loser. Remember, he barely beat Suckhee Kang to make it to the 2016 run off.

    As for the Supervisors race, it appears with every update, Shaw’s lead keeps the same percentage of votes increasing that the other two bozos in the race are getting. Let’s pray it’s Shaw vs Chaffee in November. It will be fun to watch the ultra Hypocrit Chaffee get as misleading as one can be with his mail. I’m expecting he’ll even run TV adds.

    Next update in less than an hour

    1. Get over it Matt.

      You never addressed me in person using my legal of Joshua so to be upset that I ran with the name even you use when talking to me is laughable and sad.

      1. Actually, I am careful to try to keep the distinction in mind, even if I sometimes forget.
        So, how about 2020 for you too? You already have name recognition, a committee, and you did pretty well for no mailings. I would suggest contacting the Democratic clubs to try for endorsements and build your organization and fundraising. And endorsements from elected officils, of course. You have a good head start now.

  5. When Josh Newman conspired to change the rules of his recall election after the signatures had already been turned in, he demonstrated his utter contempt for the people who he was supposed to represent and the rule of law.

  6. It wasn’t as much that the DCCC hits took Nelson down as it was Royce’s simultaneous bowing out and endorsing the empty dress Younga. Maybe she was threatening to #MeToo the little fellow. Or maybe the voters just like small things that love war and do what their loser party tells them is good for campaign donations.

  7. The DCCCC ads had a huge impact. They worked against Nelson because even though it was clear what they were doing the attacks were accurate. You could argue they were dishonest in the sense that nobody at the DCCC gives two shits about pension reform, but the actual attacks were accurate. The DCCC hit Kim too but they did it the same way, trying to claim she wasn’t a true conservative and it has no impact because her supporters didn’t care. Also the DCCC probably actually wanted to run against her so they held their fire with her.

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