Anyone know what to know a defining feature of shitty politician?

They never, ever, apologize.

Enter, Paulette Marshall Chaffee. Over the past week, FFFF’s crack investigative pool embarrassed Pilfering Paulette into suspending her campaign after posting not one, but two separate videos of Mrs. Chaffee taking down political signage and driving away with property that isn’t hers.

Hat tip to Sharon Kennedy at the Fullerton Observer for getting a statement from Chaffee:

“I have too much respect for the people in this community to put them through this clearly toxic campaign. therefore I have decided for the good of the community to suspend my campaign for Fullerton City Council District 5.”

Really? Too much respect?

Let’s consider that. Pilfering Paulette has “too much respect for the people in *this* community to put them through this clearly toxic campaign”, but not enough respect not to steal.

Not. To. Steal.

She has too much respect for this community, but not enough to not pretend to live there. Anyone want to guess how long it takes before Pilfering Paulette moves back to her mansion on Marion? Paulette could have run for City Council in 2020 to represent the neighborhood where she and her husband actually live but chose not to, because why? None of the candidates who actually live south of Chapman can speak for themselves?

Oh yeah, lots of respect for this community. Tons. Takes a lot of respect to move out of a 4000sq foot estate and into a 600sq foot condo just to run for City Council. That’s real sacrifice.

I mean she probably paid cash for that condo. Do you have any idea just how hard it is to write a check these days? R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Take a look at the last part of Mrs. Chaffee’s statement.  She’s suspending her campaign for the good of the community.

You hear that Fullerton? Pilfering Paulette is doing you a favor! She stole and now she’s a great big freaking martyr, sacrificing herself to benefit you, but that’s why she came down from the Hill in the first place, isn’t it?  Who else was going to save District 5 if she didn’t come all the way down to run in the flat lands herself?

There’s something we all need to understand about Paulette and Doug Chaffee.  Paulette got caught, twice, stealing signs that weren’t hers. Think about just how unbelievably self absorbed you really have to be get into this kind of problem.

  1. You have to pretend to live somewhere you don’t
  2. You have to run for office
  3. You have to piss off someone badly enough to spend money and make signs
  4. You have to stop what you’re doing to go and steal a sign
  5. You have to be willing to commit a crime
  6. You have to actually follow through and steal something
  7. You have to be totally oblivious to the idea that you might get caught
  8. You actually have to get caught
  9. You have to do it again

Her response to being entirely and solely responsible for putting herself in this ridiculous situation?

Not, “I’m sorry”. Not, “I was wrong.” Not, “I’m ashamed. ”

Her response is these people who caught me are toxic. It’s their fault. They’re the evil ones. I’m a martyr, I’m a victim, but most of all, I am still better than nearly all of you.

Meanwhile, Doug is still on the campaign trail, pretending none of this ever happened.

I mean come on, if Paulette doesn’t have to apologize, why should Doug?

Does anyone out there really feel that Doug doesn’t think his wife is a martyr? That Doug doesn’t think his wife did anything wrong? That they’re not really just better than you? That he can just ignore this and make it go away?

I guess it’s a good thing the City Manager and the Chief of Police work for Doug. Would be a real shame if Pilfering Paulette had her case expedited for potential interference in our free and democratic election process.

35 Replies to “CHAFFEE QUITS”

  1. Very good article, but Doug would never talk to Paulette like he’s doing in that gif you posted.

  2. Well at least she didn’t ramble on about some ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ or some other drivel. Husband/wife teams are never a good sign of a healthy political class… right?

  3. Wow, you threw the whole book at her. Such a great article, but let’s leave the carpetbagging signs up anyways just to piss her off.

    1. I saw a city truck and a guy in orange vest removing one at bastanchury and malvern just this morning.

  4. Hmmm… you drink too much you can end up in the Supreme Court and you steal to get a good job? We live in a very Morally Advanced Society…

    1. I liked beer. I still like beer. Lots and lots of beer. Squi and PJ say “hi.” Paulette says “bye.”

  5. The signs stay up. The mail will be delivered. There is no rest for the weary. Why? Because Pilfering Paulette’s name remains on the ballot.

    Also, now it’s Doug’s turn!

  6. What would happen if she gets the majority of the votes? Her name is still in the ballot. I think the majority of District 5 residents still don’t know this story.

  7. For those of you who reside in district 5 , take a look around, nothing has been done in this area for years, it’s neglected, run down, outdated, full of rehab and drug houses, free clinics, worn properties, and hundreds of homeless , crime etc. been progressively getting worse, residents need to start taking responsibility. It’s not a political party issue, it’s a community issue. Step up, do your part.

  8. The focus now should be on Dementia Doug and his phony dealings. This is whole thing is proof on why they need to go away. If he has no concerns about any of this, doesn’t address any of this, that should show the voters just how serious his values are.

    Take a look around Fullerton, he has been Mayor a few times like he is now. The place is a mess! City staff, PD, the roads…this guys doesn’t do ANYTHING other than kiss the babies and cut the ribbons to the new bars opening downtown for the lousy Chamber. What a hero!

    Bu-bye to the Chaffees!

  9. Since Paulette is essentially dead politically, right next door to Fullerton in District 1 Buena Park is a Huntington Beach Carpetbagger, Sunny Park who moved into the district last year with the expressed desire to unseat incumbent Mayor Virginia Vaughn. She is claiming the district as the Korean District and has raised more than $200K of out of town money, even going as far as using Sharon Quirk Silva to pull strings at Caltrans to put up a marker at Beach and Malvers designating it as “The Korean Business District”. She’s also a shady attorney just like the Chafees. You guys up to bring another one down?

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